#WinXDVD Superhero Monthly Event

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

Fast rip & backup old, new movie/TV series DVDs to MP4(H.264) with original quality.

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Choose Your Superheroes, Win Action Figures & DVDs

    The win rate of your team is !

    The most chosen are:

    • Superhero Figures X 10
    • Movie DVDs X 15

    Team Superhero

    Member 1: Agile (1/5)
    Member 2: With Equipment (2/5)
    Member 3: Supernatural (3/5)
    Member 4: With Strength (4/5)
    Member 5: With Alien Ability (5/5)

    Team Supervillain

    Got Any Juicy Gossips?

    • I once was injected with serum that transformed me into a werewolf.

    • You know the Science of Batman? It also teaches students exactly how they're wasting their parents' money.

    • Although I'm a god, I don't have fly ability. I fly by throwing my hammer.

    • Talking about fly, I was created by the inspiration of a fly.

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