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Windows 10 for Phones vs iOS 9: Features Compilation and Comparasion

Question: Please fill me in with the latest information about Windows 10 for Phones and iOS 9: features of Windows 10 for phone and iOS 9.

I am interested in the topic of Windows 10 for phones vs iOS 9. As Windows 10 OS is going to run on the Windows phones due to Microsoft's "One Platform" policy, I think it means some huge changes on Windows phones. Meanwhile, Apple has unleashed iOS 9. Can anyone tell me the features of Windows 10 for phones and iOS 9? Thanks in advance.

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Windows 10 for Phones vs iOS 9: Features of Windows 10 for Phones
As we all know, Microsoft is ambitious to gather their ace resources and bring great and comfortable user experience to all the platforms with the announcement of Windows 10. Therefore, the features of Windows 10 for phones (Windows 10 Mobile) are identical with most of the ones that have been unveiled for and will be savored by PC users.

Features of Windows 10 for Phones No.1
The Windows 10 for phones brings to the users, for the very first time, a start menu on the phone.

Features of Windows 10 for Phones No.2
Also, the Windows 10 phone is expected to be a device which can fully function on voice commands with the help of Cortana. (See Cortana and Siri).

Features of Windows 10 for Phones No.3
The new OS is going to be heavy on cloud technology and cross platform sharing shall be made easier than ever before.

Features of Windows 10 for Phones No.4
Windows 10 for phones also comes with a great sync facility between the PC and the phone where the users can make or receive calls via the PC. They can also read the text messages and send them from the computer or the consoles.

Windows 10 for Phones vs iOS 9: Features of iOS 9
Before the release of iOS 9, rumors about iOS 9 were here and there, though there was no an official confirmation of 2015 release. Finally, Apple released iOS 9 in September 2015, along with iPhone 6s. In addition, the iOS 9.3 was released in Apple March Event. Read the following part and check what features come with iOS 9.

Features of iOS 9 No.1
iOS 9 brings major improvements on built-in apps of iPhone and iPad. For example, News app now puts all the stories you are interested in, all in one place.

Features of iOS 9 No.2
iOS 9 enables iPad users to do multiple things at the same time.

Features of iOS 9 No.3
Siri also gets enhanced. Siri in iOS 9 can search a broader set of subjects for a wider range of answers. Moreover, it can understand you more accurately and exports answers more quickly.

Features of iOS 9 No.4
iOS 9 makes updates become easier, makes battery life longer and also improves security by strengthing the passcode and by making it harder for others to get unauthorized access to Apple ID account.

I hope my answer will give you a good advice when you consider which one is more suitable for you.


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