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Cortana vs Siri:How is Cortana Compared with Siri?

Q: Can you tell me which one is better since Cortana vs Siri has been one of the most divisive topics?

I was aware of the existence of Cortana as soon as its unveiling last year, but I never gave it a serious thought since I am loyal to Apple products. However, it is confirmed Cortana will plug into iOS soon, so I am curious about the differences between Cortana and Siri and their respective pros and cons.

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Cortana vs Siri
Cortana vs Siri

Best Answer

Though with a much shorter history, Cortana proved to be an endearing surprise to users even in its beta stage. With the confirmation of the imminent availability of Cortana for iOS and the full version of Windows 10 looming on the foreseeable horizon, it is necessary to fully compare Cortana with Siri to see which one fits you better. Due to the lack of space, i will concisely list their respective advantages for you.

Pros of Cortana

Any good personal assistant will keep track of your schedule, reminders and take note of the things you're interested in. When you open up Cortana, it shows you news, traffic and other bits of information that might be useful to you.

Cortana's claim of flight status worked well when you ask it, with the results posted clearly on a card, but Siri returned your query with a Web search, not with an at-a-glance flight status.

When you ask to see a song you don't own, Siri tells you it isn't in your library, but Cortana at least provide links so you can play it yourself online.

Pros of Siri

Siri has done better in understanding of punctuation when composing messages by voice, say: "Hey [comma] how's it going [question mark]," and the voice assistant spells out "Hey, how's it going?" while Cortana takes you literally, adding the words "comma" and "question mark," instead of inserting their respective symbols.

Both of them are easy to schedule for calendar appointments, but you'll have to manually remove them in Cortana while Siri alone will strike appointments from the record.

In terms of converting currency and telling you the time in another city, Siri provided the most context with both of these, adding visual elements of a clock and a currency graph, respectively.

Through concise and plain comparison revolving around the topic of Cortana vs Siri, I am sure you have a better understanding of their strengths and a clearer judgment on which voice assistant is more suitable for you.


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