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Should I Buy Samsung 4K Curved TV and What Are Pros and Cons of 4K Curved TV?

How can I know it is worth of my money to buy a Samsung 4K curved TV, and can anyone suggest the pros and cons of 4K curved television?

Well, I watched a few 4K video samples and the 4K resolution really rocks! I know 4K TV now costs a pretty penny but I still want to get it. I'm looking at Samsung 4K TVs and noticed that Samsung provides 4K curved TVs. The problem is that I've not tried a Samsung 4K curved TV yet, how can I know it is worth of my money? Can anyone suggest the pros and cons of 4K curved TV?

Best Answer

True to its name, the curved 4K television has a bent screen. There is no doubt both curved 4K TVs and 4K TVs that don't use curve screens can deliver stunning 4K UHD picture quality. By far, the most different between these 4K UHD TVs is the curved screen. Knowing general pros and cons of a 4K curved TV below could help you decide whether you should buy a Samsung 4K curved TV immediately.

Pros: A 4K curved TV provides more immersive images, as the bent screen draws you deeper into the luxurious picture you are watching. The 4K TV boosts the sense of depth making 2D picture look like 3D. Another benefit is that the curve of Samsung 4K TV can reduce more reflections more than flat ones.

Cons: The price is objectively more expensive than flat 4K TVs. A simple Samsung 4K TV comparison: Samsung 4K UHD HU9000 (curved TV) vs. Samsung 4K UHD HU8550. When they're at the same size for example 65 inches, the curve TV currently costs over 1,000 more than the non-curved Samsung 4K TV. It's known that the curve limits viewing angles, means the screen should be bigger.

If you don't mind the price of Samsung 4K curved TV, 70-inch or more is a wise bet. Being aware of the size of 4K TV, we usually watch it only at home, but you can use a video converter and convert and play 4K, even 8K videos on iPhone, iPad, Android devices wherever you go. This top-notch video converter provides you No.1 fast conversion speed by supporting multi-core CPU and most advanced hardware acceleration technology like Intel QSV, Nvidia CUDA/NVENC, etc.


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