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What is 4K TV and should I Buy a 4K TV Now?

Can anyone tell me what is 4K TV in details, and suggest whether I should buy a 4K TV now or would better wait?

I've heard lots of friends of mine talking about 4K television. Just wanna know more details, such as 4K TV resolution, 4K TV screen sizes, available 4K TV content, 4K UHD TV, etc. Additionally, I wonder whether it's necessary to replace my old Sony FHD with a 4K television immediately? If yes, can you also suggest the best 4K TV in the current market? Appreciate your suggestions.

Best Answer:

In fact, 4K television, or more often known as Ultra HD (UHD) TV, is not that a fresh concept for tech-aware ears. Generally, it refers to the next generation of high definition (HD) television pictures quality, which displays around 4 times pixels that your current 1080p TVs can do. To be more specific, 4K displays 4096x2160 pixels while Full HD only 1920x1080. What does this mean? More pixels means more information carried, which makes the pictures more vivid and sharper. All in all, it brings more awesome television watching experience and more fun. Will this be charming enough?

Regarding buying a 4K TV set at present, I suggest you think twice. The good news is most of the major TV manufacturers, including Sony, LG, Samsung, Sharp, TCL are producing 4K TVs from entry level to advanced models now. You can absolutely choose out an awesome one, or the best 4K TV to you. But the bad news is, there's scarcely 4K television content available in the current market, except renting/buying from Sony, Netflix, and Amazon. So, you decide.

PS: if you decide to buy a 4K TV and wanna watch more 4K content on it, then, WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe can help you download YouTube 4K videos. In addition, you can use it to free download 8K videos from YouTube.

More details about 4K TV if you're interested:

Screen size: At least 40 inches. It's natural that 4K high quality pictures requires larger screens to display.

The distance you should sit before 4K TVs: Close enough. That's because sitting closer allows the same sized screen to fill more of your visual field, which yields greater immersion.


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