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How to Solve the Freeze or Crash Problem When Ripping DVDs?

Is it my DVD ripper or my hardware that goes wrong?

I've been working recently on ripping the DVDs my brother got for Xmas to MKV, so we can use the HTPC to watch them. I'm using FairUse Wizard 2 to rip them. However, every time halfway through the process the Windows freezes and I have to shut down the computer by holding the power button. The problem persists after I reboot the hardware. Is it my hardware not up for the process of high usage of ripping DVD or just my DVD ripper that goes wrong?

Best Answer:

Depending on the description about the freeze problem you offered, it is a little hard to make a clear diagnosis of the crux of the problem. Of all the problems that happen while ripping DVDs, freezing and crashing are the biggest two reflected by DVD ripper users.

If you suffer from a freeze of Windows or crash of DVD ripepr while ripping DVDs, the reason behind it might be due to the low configuration of your hardware. Specifically speaking, you should have a reliable CPU and RAM, which has a great impact on whether the DVD ripper can work normally and how fast the ripping can be. For example, I saw a netizen claiming that he encountered the same problem as yours a few days ago, and here is his hardware's configuration: an older AMD Phenom 9955BE, 4GB of Patriot DDR2800 RAM and a WD Green 500GB HDD. If your computer doesn't have a higher specs than that, it is highly recommended that you spend some bucks on a new CPU or RAM.

If replacing with a more powerful CPU and RAM still can't solve the case, you might look at it from a different perspective: the software. First off, make sure the DVD ripping software you are using is supportive of the Windows system. It is well known that some of the DVD rippers are not perfectly compatible with Windows 10. Second, find out the DVD ripper on your computer whether is the latest version because it is highly likely to fix the bugs and errors found on the older version that led to the crash of DVD ripper. Third, try to use DVD ripping software that is best optimized for Windows and sports a feature to flexibly set CPU use, which can greatly reduce the burden on CPU by sacrificing some time.

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