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8K Video Camera: Price, Release Date and Specs

What is 8K video camera is? How much does it cost?

I am a crazy amateur photographer. I just bought a 4K video camera, Sony AX100E, two weeks ago. However, I was told the existence of 8K video camera, which piqued my interest a lot. So please tell me something related to 8K video camera, like its price, release date and specs.

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The appearance of 8K video camera is inevitable due to the non-stop technology development and the enormous advantages 8K over 4K. In short, 8K, aka Full Ultra HD (FUHD), enjoys a resolution that four times that of 4K, forming the total image dimensions (7680×4320). Therefore, video cameras capable of shooting in 8K unarguably have the upper hand than 4K video cameras in details, color, sharpness, etc.

8K Video Camera Specs

As one of the few companies that announced to cash in on the 8K trend, Red showed off 6K and 8K version of Weapon video camera in NAB Show 2015. The 8K sensor will be 40.96 x 21.6mm (larger than the current Dragon sensor and slightly larger than the Vista Vision format) and will be able to shoot 1.896:1 8K (8192 x 4320 pixels) at up to 60fps. It can also shoot a shorter 2.40:1 aspect ratio at up to 75fps. If you want to watch the content shot by your 8K video camera on smart devices that are not supportive of 8K playback, you may need a 8K video converter.

8K Video Camera Price

The price you pay for this 8K video camera is not low. You'll need to order the company's 6K Weapon Woven CF "brain", or bare camera for a cool $49,500, then add another $10,000 for the 8K sensor upgrade. That makes $59,500 by our counting, plus whatever your accessories, storage and lenses cost.

8K Video Camera Release Date

According to Red, those who order the 8K unit now will be sent the 6K Weapon when it starts shipping in early July, and will then receive the 8K upgrade when it begins shipping at the end of this year.

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