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What is 4K Resolution? How does 4K Work for Better Picture Displaying?

Can anyone explain 4K resolution in plain words as "4K resolution" entry in wiki is too professional?

I just have problems in understanding the term 4K resolution in wikipedia. How many pixels does it have? And please also tell me how does 4K work for displaying better pictures. Thanks.

Best Answer

According to Wikipedia, 4K resolution is basically a term in the field of digital television and digital cinematography which refers to the resolution of an electronic display. It has two resolutions: 4096×2160 and 3840×2160. The name 4K comes from the horizontal resolution on the order of about 4000 pixels, which is roughly 4 times as high as the well-known High Definition 1080p. As you may know, pixels are used for storing picture information. The more pixels means the sharper and more vivid the pictures will look. 4K resolution display will surely bring you more awesome viewing experience, no matter on the computer monitor, TV set (e.g. 4K TV) or cinema big screen. 4K and 4K videos are definitely trend in future. Besides, you can also convert 4K videos for playing on iPhone, iPad, Android with a 4K/8K video converter to expand the uses of 4K technology.

4K & UHD - Also referred in Wikipedia, 4K and Ultra HD (UHD) are interchangeable, though strictly speaking, they are different by resolution. 4K has 4096x2160 pixels while UHD has only 3840x2160 pixels.

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