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What's the Best 4K Monitor? Any Differences Between 4K & HD Monitor?

Q: Please advise what is 4K display monitor, and also show me the differences between monitors with 4K resolution and regular HD resolution.

Just considering buying a 4K computer monitor for gaming and movies, and hoping to know more about 4K display monitors before buying one. And any 4K monitors to recommend? Additionally, please also tell me the differences between 4K display monitors and the regular HD monitors.

4K Monitor
4K Monitor

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What's 4K Monitor?

To start things off, 4K resolution monitors have 4096x2160 pixels which are about 4 times higher in pixel density than regular HD 1080p. So, 4K monitors will display pictures more sharper and lifelike, which brings you more stunning experience for gaming, movies and sports, etc.

Any Differences Between 4K Monitor and Regular HD Monitor?

The differences between 4K monitors and regular HD monitors lie in the specs, usually it's higher for 4K resolution display:

  1. 4K monitors require faster refresh rates: at least 30Hz, and 60Hz or up will be more ideal. That's because under 4K resolution display, higher refresh rates is necessary to render smooth movement.
  2. 4K monitors' connectivity for HDMI need 1.4 and even 2.0 in some models, which is also higher than regular HD monitors.
  3. 4K monitors' Displayport require 1.2 connectivity.

If you're also asking about the sizes of 4K computer monitors, well, conventionally 4K monitors are a bit larger than HD monitors, which can range from 28" to well over 40" according to different models. It is easy to imagine that 4K resolution displays more details so it'll be much easier to appreciate on a larger computer monitor. Just recommend some nicely reviewed 4K monitors: Samsung U28D590D 28-Inch UHD monitor, ASUS PB287Q 28-Inch Screen LED-Lit 4K Monitor, HP ENVY 32-Inch 4K Monitor, etc.

Bonus advice: you can also download YouTube 4K videos with WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe for playing on these 4K monitors.


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