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How to Fix YouTube Not Responding Error

It focuses on discussing why YouTube is not responding and how to fix YouTube not responding error for playing YouTube videos with any browsers on PC/Mac and portable devices smoothly during the COVID-19 home quarantine.

- Every time I access a YouTube link using IE11, the message saying "YouTube is not responding" pops up (both PC and my phone)…any solutions?
- While I am using Firefox, every few minutes YouTube stops (no responding). I have uninstalled and reinstalled many times it but YouTube is still not working. Please give me some suggestions.
- I updated my Safari yesterday but I found that YouTube doesn't respond correctly. When I try to play a video, it directly go to the end immediately without showing anything. How can I fix it?

As most of people are forced to stay in quarantine and self-isolating owing to the COVID-19 crisis, YouTube has become a spiritual playground, leading a great pressure for the internet connection and YouTube server. Many YouTube users come across YouTube no responding error as no image displayed, no audios, freeze and so on during playing a YouTube video on IE, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and other browsers on PC/Mac or portable devices. You may simply have troubles like what happen on Sep 11, 2019, namely video not loading at 1440p/1080p but you know your internet can handle it. Or you search something, YouTube brings you the list but you cannot play the video, and even YouTube not opening after you upgrade your operating system. If unfortunately, you are bothered with the same problem, this article is here to explain why YouTube is not responding and how to fix YouTube not responding error.

Download YouTube Videos to Solve YouTube not Responding/Working Problem

WinX YouTube Downloader - Free download any SD/HD/4K/8K and 3D videos containing movies, music, sports, and more from YouTube letting you watch videos without YouTube not responding/working or any other errors.

Part 1: Basic Checks to Erase YouTube Not Responding Problem

Why YouTube is not responding? There are several possibilities result in YouTube not responding/working problem.

  • Cache is the most probable cause which may clog up YouTube so that images and audios cannot output swimmingly.
  • On the other hand, there may be some bugs of your browser to play a YouTube video.
  • What's more, some third-party programs for example Adblocking software, Adobe Flash Player or some incompatible player software installed on your PC/Mac or portable devices may cause YouTube not responding error as well.
  • Certainly, poor network will lead to unexpected stop or unload problem during playing YouTube videos.

Yes, you may attempt to get a YouTube not responding solution by searching on Google. But if you have no idea of how to grab the best from a diverse of answers, the list below summarizing the most useful tips of how to fix YouTube not responding error will give you a hand.

1. Delete browser cookies and history.

For IE and Firefox, open tools menu - Options – Delete history, clear recent history or remove individual cookies.
For Google Chrome, click Customize and control meun - History - Clear browsing data.

2. Update Adobe Flash Player or switch a browser.

Please make sure that Adobe Flash Player, a plug-in for video playing on browsers, is fully compatible with your browser. If not, update Flash Player to latest version or switch a browser to play.

3. Uninstall third-party add-ons.

If you have installed any Adblocking software or conflicting players on your PC/Mac or smartphone/tablet, disable/uninstall it and then restart YouTube.

4. Use a different network.

If you are troubled with YouTube not responding error on smartphone or tablet, please try to use a different network. If YouTube is still not working, reboot your devices or update to latest system.

Part 2: Free Download Videos to Prevent YouTube Not Responding Error - [100% Clean and Safe!]

As is known, factors of YouTube not responding are uncertain, which means that maybe all above solutions cannot perfectly fix the error. Instead of playing video online, why not free download YouTube video to avoid YouTube not responding problem and play videos on PC/Mac/mobiles without any interruptions?

WinX YouTube Downloader is a powerful free program available to free download any YouTube videos, movies, music videos, game guide videos etc, varying from resolutions 360p SD, 720p/1080p HD, 4K/8K UHD and formats MP4, WebM, FLV, 3GP in a flash. In addition, it is completely clean and verified with adware/spyware/virus free.

How to Free Download Videos with WinX YouTube Downloader?

Step 1. Open WinX YouTube Downloader and click the first + link-shaped button on navigation bar.

Step 2. Copy and paste URL of the YouTube video which is not responding during playing to address bar in the pop-up window. Then, click Analyze button.

Step 3. A couple of seconds letter, video title, duration and full versions of this video in different resolutions, formats, sizes, codec will be presented. Select the version you prefer, for example 1920x1080 MP4 and click OK.

Step 4. Click Browse button to set target folder for saving video and hit Download button to start YouTube video free download.

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Free Download YouTube Videos

Disclaimer: Digiarty Software does not advocate downloading or copying copyright content for any commercial purpose and suggests referring to the copyright laws in your countries before doing so.


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