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What is TS Transport Stream Video? TS Format Wiki

Transport stream (TS) is a standard format specified in MPEG-2 for the transmission and storage of audio, video and data, and commonly used in broadcast systems such as DVB and ATSC. It is also a video stream file format for storing video on DVDs. Transport stream specifies a container format encapsulating packetized streams, with error correction and stream synchronization features for maintaining transmission integrity when the signal is degraded.

The connection of Transport Stream to Program Stream is as follows. Firstly, PS is designed for reasonably reliable media, such as disks, while TS is designed for less reliable transmission, namely broadcast. Further, Transport Stream transmissions may carry multiple Program Streams.

Some Important Elements of a Transport Stream TS:

Packet - A packet is the basic unit of data in a transport stream.
PID - Each table or elementary stream in a transport stream is identified by a 13-bit packet ID (PID).
Programs - Transport stream has a concept of programs. Each program is described by a Program Map Table (PMT) which has a unique PID, and the elementary streams associated with that program have PIDs listed PMT.

Important Elements of TS

Program Specific Information(PSI) - There are 4 PSI tables: Program Association , Program Map, Conditional Access, and Network Information. The MPEG-2 specification does not specify the format of the CAT and NIT.
PAT - Stands for Program Association Table. It lists all programs available in the transport stream.

PMT - Program Map Tables (PMTs) contain information about programs. For each program, there is one PMT.
PCR - To enable a decoder to present synchronized content, like audio tracks matching the associated video, at least once each 100 ms, or PCR is transmitted in the adaptation field of an MPEG-2 transport stream packet.

TS Video Converter - Play HD TS Video on Different Players and Devices

What is TS video converter? Since TS video format can also be accepted natively by a very limited number of player apps, programs or hardware, a TS video converter can make HD TS video more compatible.

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe can convert TS to MP4, HDTS to MKV, TS to AVI, TS to FLV, WMV, TS to MPEG, TS to iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, Samsung, HTC, Windows Phone, Suface Pro/Book, Chromecast, PS4, and so on at the world's fastest transcoding speed without quality loss thanks to built-in hardware accelerator.

Otherwise, you can try to play TS directly through some popular video audio player like VLC. But if VLC doesn't read or play some HD MPEG-2 TS videos, you can give 5KPlayer a try.

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