How to Copy and Transfer Music from iPod (Touch) to PC | 3 Methods

3 Methods to Copy and Transfer Music from iPod to Windows (10) PC

"I recently got a new computer with Windows 10. I‘m trying to copy music files from my iPod Touch to the new computer. Any ideas?"

There are still a great majority of music lovers keeping an iPod to listen to favorite songs on the road or while exercising. And, it’s indeed a big need to copy music files from iPod to computer in order to make a copy of precious collection or mix/edit tracks via professional audio editor for sharing online. Here, we sum up 3 methods with the purpose of helping demanders transfer music from iPod to Windows (10) PC efficiently.

>> Method 1. Via Windows Explorer
>> Method 2. Via iTunes
>> Method 3. Via WinX MediaTrans [Smartest Way]

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Method 1. Copy Music from iPod to PC via Windows Explorer

iPod can be used as a disk drive to store and transfer data files. Enable disk use of iPod and then we can get iPod music transfer to PC through Windows Explorer. Now, follow the steps:

1. Connect iPod to PC and open iTunes.
2. Go to Edit > Preference > Device and then check "Prevent iPods, iPhones and iPads from syncing automatically" option.
3. Back to iTunes main interface. Click iPod icon and select Summary.
4. Scroll down Options panel and check "Enable disk use".
5. Enable "Show hidden files and folder" in Windows Explorer.
• Windows 10/8: Open File/Windows Explorer > View > check Hidden itmes
• Windows 7: Open Windows Explorer and click Organize button on toolbar. Select Folder and search options from drop-down list. After Folder Options dialogue box appears, select View tab and click Show hidden files, folder and drivers. Click OK.
6. Find iPod folder . Double click it and go to iPod_Control > Music.
7. Create a new folder on your hard drive and then copy all songs under Music folder to this new folder.

Copy and transfer music from iPod to PC via Windows Explorer

In fact, all music files from iPod are in scrambled names and orders. You can use iTunes to make them well organized on PC.
Please Open iTunes > Edit > Preferences > Advanced > change iTunes Media folder location as the new folder where you have copied music from iPod and check "Keep iTunes Music folder organized" and "Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library" options > OK. In iTunes, click File > add folder to library to select the folder where to save the copied music. Now, all your iPod music will be transferred to iTunes with correct names and albums.

Method 2. Copy Music from iPod to PC via iTunes

iTunes enables you to sync iPod (Touch) on PC including contents like songs, albums, playlists, audio books and more. How to transfer music from iPod to PC using iTunes? Check the guide below:

1. Plug in your iPod into PC via a USB cable.
2. After iPod is well connected, open iTunes and click iPod icon in iunes.
3. Select Summary under Settings on the left side.
4. Move to Options panel and check "Manually manage music and videos".
5. Click Apply button to begin syncing music from iPod to PC.

What you should know before using iTunes to transfer iPod music to PC:
1. All music files in your iPod will be synced to PC without selection.
2. The PC should be authorized for ensuring a smooth syncing process.
3. Your iPod can be only synced with one iTunes library at a time. If you try to transfer music from iPod to a new PC, you will get an "Erase and Sync" message asking you to remove contents synced from previous PC.

Copy and transfer music from iPod to PC via iTunes

[The Easiest and Smartest] Method 3. Copy Music from iPod to PC via WinX MediaTrans

WinX MediaTrans is new-rising file transfer software for iOS devices, which can copy music, photos, videos, e-books etc, from iPod (Touch), iPhone, iPad to PC and vice versa. It has an intuitive interface leading you to learn functions of every button without guesswork. When going to music transfer, it allows you to copy songs from iPod to PC selectively, from single one to multiple to all. For iTunes purchases songs, it can decode them from M4A/M4P/M4B to MP3 with DRM-free so that you can play or edit them on unauthorized players/devices. It delivers a very stable process so that you can get desired music copied to PC without file missing or quality loss.

FOR iOS >>

Download and install WinX MediaTrans on your PC and then copy music from iPod to PC as following steps:

1. Plug in iPod into PC and then launch WinX MediaTrans. If the connection succeeds, you can get iPod storage information on the top left corner of main UI.
2. Click Music Manager button to enter the page where all music files in your iPod are listed.
3. Select songs which you want to transfer from iPod to PC and click Export button. After all selected songs are exported, the folder which saves copied songs will pop up automatically.

Tip 1:If you want to define a folder where you copy music from iPod to, go to Main UI and click gear-liked button on the top right corner. Select Settings > Options > click pen-liked button in Music line and select a folder.
Tip 2: If you just want to copy and transfer local music files in your iPod to PC, it is no need to install iTunes. But if you need to sync iTunes purchases songs, iTunes is essential. >> How to Transfer DRM Protected Media Files

Copy and transfer music from iPod to PC via WinX MediaTrans

Bottom Line: We highly recommend the third method for you because it offers a much easier way to copy music from iPod to PC. As the best iTunes alternative for Windows (10), WinX MediaTrans can rescue you from various iTunes syncing errors and deliver the most efficient solution for file transfer between iOS devices and PC.

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