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Estrella H. Estrella H.
Estrella H. is a senior editor at Digiarty covering all the latest tech in mobile industry for the better part of the first four years, from iPhone, Samsung to other innovative gadgets. And now she's been dived into data backup and management to keep data safe on mobile devices in the recent three years. Outside the tech, she is a songwriter and loves hip-hop.

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Transfer Photos from Phone to Computer [iPhone & Android]
How to transfer photos from phone to computer? Here are detailed guides and recommended tools to help transfer photos from iPhone or Android phone to Windows or Mac computer.
Estrella H.May 20, 2022
Best 3 Free Video to DVD Converters - Convert Videos to DVD
Download best free video to DVD converter software to burn MKV, AVI, FLV, WMV, MPEG, MOV or MP4 videos to DVD disks. WinX DVD Author lets you convert/transfer video files to DVD with few clicks.
Estrella H.May 19, 2022
Download Popcorn Time for Mac – Free Stream Movies/TV Shows on Mac
This post focuses on downloading Popcorn Time for macOS (Catalina and Big Sur) to watch movies and TV shows for free. Plus, it introduces the best Popcorn Time Mac alternative to avoid various Popcorn Time working errors.
Estrella H.May 18, 2022
How to Download Install Popcorn Time iOS on iPhone iPad
How to download and install Popcorn Time on iPad iPhone without jailbreak? This is guide for non-jailbroken iPhone iPad users to download and install Popcorn Time iOS app on iPhone, iPad, etc. Best Popcorn Time for iOS 13/12 alternative is included as well.
Estrella H.May 18, 2022
Download Popcorn Time for Windows Incl. Windows 10/XP/7/8/8.1
This is a tutorial to download Popcorn Time Corona version 0.4 for Windows, so that you can free stream movies and TV shows on Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7 and even Windows XP with the app.
Estrella H.May 18, 2022
Download Popcorn Time App for Android/Windows/Mac/Linux
Popcorn Time for Android is now available for all. What is Popcorn Time? Where can you download Popcorn Time for Android? Does Android Popcorn Time works well on iPhone iPad? We'll give you a full picture of it.
Estrella H.May 18, 2022
iCloud Shared Albums: The Ultimate User Guide
This guide covers all about iCloud Shared Albums (iCloud Shared Albums), including what it is, how to use it and how to solve the not working error.
Estrella H.May 18, 2022
[Updated 2022] Top 6 Free DVD Rippers for macOS (Monterey included)
Here we've reviewed the top 6 free DVD rippers for macOS of 2022. They can help you rip DVD to MP4, MOV, M4V, MKV, etc so that you can play DVD on disc-less Macbook, iMac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and other mobile devices on the go.
Estrella H.May.12, 2022
Top 10 Free 4K Video Converters for PC/Mac – Convert 4K to/from 1080p
Free download 4k video converter and convert 4K (HEVC/H.264) to 1080P/720P to fit your device, downsize bulky 4k for easier sharing, & upscale 2k/1080p to higher 2160p to watch on 4k TV with best quality.
Estrella H.May 9, 2022
2022 Best H265/HEVC Converter for Windows, Mac, Online
The best H.265/HEVC video converter/encoder for Windows 10/11 or Mac is here to help convert 4K/1080p HEVC/H.265 encoded (GoPro) video to H.264, MP4, MOV, FLV, etc. - fast with GPU hardware acclerated encoding and decoding.
Estrella H.April 26, 2022
Why DCIM Folder Is Empty on PC? Quick Troubleshooting Tips
In this guide, we explore the reasons why it says the DCIM folder is empty and how to fix the error. DCIM folder not showing on PC issue can be caused by quite a few things, such as damaged USB cable, outdated drive, etc.
Estrella H.April 24, 2022
6 Ways to Fast Free Convert & Remux TS to MP4 [3 Clicks]
To free convert TS to MP4, VLC, handbrake, FFmpeg, AviDemux, cloudconvert online and more can fast change video TS to MP4 within 4 steps.
Estrella H.April 22, 2022
Download Windows Movie Maker for Windows 7/8/10/11
This article will answer where to download Windows Movie Maker for Windows 11/10/8/7 32 bit 64 bit, how to use Windows 10 movie maker, how to fix common errors of Windows Movie Maker on Windows 10/11, and more questions.
Estrella H.April 19, 2022
How to Remove DRM from iTunes Movies and Convert DRMed M4V to MP4
Easiest way to remove DRM from iTunes movies and convert iTunes DRM protected M4V movies to DRM-free MP4 on Windows (10/11) or Mac without losing quality. Best solution to play iTunes movies on different devices.
Estrella H.March 30, 2022
iTunes DRM Removal | Transfer and Convert iTunes Music, Movies Audio Books
WinX MediaTrans is the first to download and convert DRM protected M4V, WMV, M4P, AAC, M4A files; transfer your iTunes Store purchases (movies, music, audio books) from an iPhone/iPad/iPod to a Windows PC or hard drive.
Estrella H.March 28, 2022
Best Free iTunes Video Converter | Convert iTunes Videos Music
Free download the best iTunes video converter for Windows – WinX MediaTrans to convert iTunes M4V videos to MP4 for playback on non-iOS devices like Android, Windows Phone/tablet, Xbox, without trouble.
Estrella H.March 25, 2022
iTunes is Out - How can You Sync/Transfer iOS Data Now?
iTunes is going away on macOS Catalina. How can you sync and backup iPhone, iPad for iOS 13 update? Learn the full guide to transfer iPhone data via Finder and a more reliable way.
Estrella H.March 25, 2022
Top 5 'iTunes Could Not Backup the iPhone' Errors & Fixing Tricks
This post calls all 'iTunes could not backup the iPhone' messages together, and gives corresponding troubleshooting tips to backup your iPhone with iTunes smoothly.
Estrella H.March 25, 2022
Free Convert iTunes M4B Audiobooks to MP3 on Windows (10/11)
Step-by-step guide on how to convert iTunes M4B audiobooks to MP3 for free on Windows (10) or Mac, so as to listen to iTunes audiobooks in MP3 format on non-Apple devices or MP3 players.
Estrella H.March 25, 2022
Can't Install iTunes on Windows? Get Fix of iTunes Install Error on Windows!
iTunes install error occurs on Windows 7/10/11? Follow the troubleshooting in this post to fix iTunes not installing issue and get it to work correctly on Windows.
Estrella H.March 24, 2022
How to Create Playlist on iPhone 13/12/Pro/Max without iTunes
How to create playlist on iPhone? This post aims to offer you easiest way to make and add playlist to iPhone 13/Pro/Max, and elder models without iTunes.
Estrella H.March 24, 2022
Easy Fixes to iTunes Not Recognizing iPad on Windows
iTunes not recognizing my iPad Pro when connected to my Windows 10 PC, any suggestions to fix this? Check the 8 tips and solutions to solve iTunes not recognizing iPad/iPad not showing up in iTunes on Windows (10).
Estrella H.March 23, 2022
[Fixed] How to Solve iTunes Error 7 (Windows Error 127/193) on Windows 10/8/7 etc.
Here're the best fixes to solve iTunes error 7 (Windows Error 127/193) which happens when installing iTunes 32/64-bit on Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista.
Estrella H.March 23, 2022
5 Most Common iTunes Errors on Windows 10 (with Trouble Shootings)
This is roundup of iTunes errors and fixes on Windows 10, including iTunes not installing on Windows 10, iTunes won't open Windows 10, iTunes freezes Windows 10, etc.
Estrella H.March 23, 2022
iPhone iTunes Connect Errors and Fixes Roundup
iPhone iTunes connect errors, problems and fixes roundup. How to fix iTunes not recognizing/detecting iPhone on PC/Mac, iPhone not connecting to iTunes? Find ultimate solutions in the post.
Estrella H.March 22, 2022
[Fixed] iTunes Error 9 Happens when Upgrading/Restoring iPhone/iPad
Here're possible ways to fix iTunes error 9 when you upgrade or restore iPhone, iPad. Also, you can try to use iTunes alternative to backup and restore data without trouble.
Estrella H.March 22, 2022
[Fixed] Can't Update iTunes? How to Solve iTunes Update Errors on Windows/Mac
iTunes won't update to latest version on Windows/Mac? Here we will share the best fixes of iTunes update errors helping install iTunes update on computer successfully.
Estrella H.March 22, 2022
[Updated] Top 10 iTunes Alternatives to Manage & Transfer iOS Data
The best 10 iTunes alternatives for Windows and Mac are listed here to help you backup, transfer and manage music, photos, videos, music, e-books etc. between iPhone iPad iPod and computer. Stay away from data erasing, confusing operation or other iTunes errors.
Estrella H.March 14, 2022
Musik vom iPod auf iTunes/PC übertragen - so geht's
In dieser Anleitung zeige ich Ihnen, wie Sie Musik vom iPod (Touch) auf iTunes übertragen, Musik auf PC kopieren unter Windows 11/10/7/8/Mac, falls Sie Musik vom iPod in iTunes zu kompliziert finden.
Estrella H.25.Februar, 2022
How to Add and Transfer MP3 to iPhone without iTunes
Syncing MP3 music to iPhone with iTunes usually leads to music erasing. You can avoid the iTunes error and transfer MP3 to iPhone without any problem.
Estrella H.Feb. 25, 2022
Top 4 Ways to Transfer Photos from iPhone to USB Flash Drive with or without Computer
This guide shares 4 easy way to transfer photos from iPhone to a USB flash drive with or without computer if you need to store iPhone pictures in your flash drive for safekeeping and free up your iPhone space.
Estrella H.Feb. 24, 2022
How to Convert IFO to MP4 on Windows and macOS
Here's a guide of how to convert IFO to MP4 helping you play DVD content on virtually all video players as well as portable devices iPhone iPad Android with ease.
Donna PengFeb.24, 2022
[Solved] How to Fix iPhone Not Connecting to WiFi Problems?
Your iPhone won't connect to WiFi network? Try the top 10 troubleshooting tips here to fix iPhone 13 or other models not connecting to WiFi problems.
Estrella H.Feb. 23, 2022
M4P to MP3 | Free Convert iTunes Music M4P to MP3
How to convert M4P to MP3 without iTunes? Best free M4P to MP3 converter helps remove drm from iTunes purchase and convert Apple iTunes music to MP3.
Estrella H.Feb. 23, 2022
Top 5 iPhoto Alternatives for Windows (10/11) in 2022
What're the best iPhoto alternatives for Windows (10/11)? This article will rounds up top 5 alternatives to iPhoto which allow you to view, manage and edit photos on Windows (10/11) PC.
Estrella H.Feb. 22, 2022
iTunes Runs Slow on Windows 11/10 – 10 Tips to Speed up iTunes
iTunes runs slow on Windows 10/11? Here are top 10 tips to speed up iTunes for Windows 11/10/8/7 PC. If you still can't make iTunes for Windows run faster, turn to a top iTunes alternative.
Estrella H.February 21, 2022
AirDrop Not Working on Mac (Monterey), iPhone 13/12 [Fixed]
AirDrop not working on your Mac (Monterey, Big Sur, Catalina), new iPhone 13/12/Pro Max, iOS 15 or other Apple devices? There are troubleshootings for general file transfer errors, 'invalid Apple ID', Mac working errors, unrecognized file type issues, etc.
Estrella H.February 21, 2022
Fixes to Finder Not Syncing on macOS Catalina/Monterey Error
Before you start to fix finder not syncing on macOS Catalina/Monterey, make sure you've restarted your Mac and iOS device. Try a different cable and USB cable.
Estrella H.February 21, 2022
How to Open and View HEIC Files on Windows (10/11) PC
Easiest way to open and view iPhone HEIC photos on Windows (10/11) PC. WinX MediaTran2s is the best HEIC viewer and converter for Windows (10) enabling you to easily open and view HEIC file in Windows PC, as well as convert HEIC to JPG.
Estrella H.Feb. 21, 2022
[Fixed] iPhone 13/12 Won't Sync to iTunes on Windows 11/Mac
Fixes for iPhone 13/12 won't sync to iTunes on Windows 10/11 or Mac out of not detecting/recognizing errors, iPhone won't sync with iTunes on new computer, etc.
Estrella H.February 19, 2022
[Solved] My iTunes Is Not Responding - 17 Quick Fixes
Direct, quick and sturdy fixes for iTunes not responding errors and problems. If your iTunes keeps freezing up or crashing, try the solutions or iTunes alternative in the article.
Estrella H.February 17, 2022
[Fixed] iTunes Purchased 4K/HD Movies Won't Play Error
If your iTunes 4K/HD movies purchased from store failed to play on external display, the monitor or connector may be not HDCP-compliant. Get solutions here to fast fix it.
Estrella H.February 16, 2022
Easiest Way to Transfer iBooks to Android for Free
Easiest way to transfer iBooks to Android for free. Learn how to convert EPUB or iBooks files to Android supported eBook formats and remove DRM of iBooks to read iBooks on Android devices with ease.
Estrella H.January 25, 2022
3 Steps to Easily Copy and Transfer DVD to USB Flash Drive on Windows or Mac
Only 3 simple steps to easily copy and transfer DVD to USB flash drive on PC/Mac. Step 1, insert DVD disc and run the DVD ripping software. Step 2, plug in USB flash drive to computer and set as save path. Step 3, copy and transfer DVD movie to USB.
Estrella H.January 25, 2022
[Review] 2022 Top 5 Mobile Transfer Software/Apps You Must Install
Top 5 must-install mobile transfer software/apps in 2019 are recommended here. Pick up favorite mobile transfer software from the chart to sync music, video, photo and other data between your mobile devices and PC/Mac with ease.
Estrella H.January 25, 2022
[Solved] iTunes Doesn't Recognize iPod Touch Windows 10
iTunes doesn't recognize your iPod Touch on Windows 10? Your computer recognizes iPod as Digital Camera? Why is your iPod Touch/Shuffle/Nano (6th/7th generation)/Classics not showing up in iTunes? Here are the answers and solutions.
Estrella H.January 25, 2022
How to Make Ringtones on iTunes for iPhone on Windows
Detailed guide on how to make ringtones on iTunes. Create ringtones in iTunes for free for your iPhone, etc. on Windows. If meet errors when using iTunes to make free ringtones for iPhone, this post also provides a useful fix solution.
Estrella H.January 25, 2022
How to Delete Photo Album from iPhone 13 and Earlier
Have trouble to delete photo album from iPhone? This article will explain why you can't delete some photo albums on iPhone 13/12/11 etc. and how to delete iPhone photo albums synced from PC.
Estrella H.January 25, 2022
Free DRM Removal Software to Remove DRM from iTunes Music, Movies and More
This post introduces the best free DRM removal software for Windows 10 and lower which helps remove DRM from iTunes movies, TV shows, music, and audio books and convert them from M4V to MP4, M4B/M4P to MP3, M4P to M4A.
Estrella H.January 25, 2022
Fix iTunes Keeps Crashing/Not Working on Windows with These 8 Tips
Fix iTunes keeps crashing/not working on Windows issue. 8 tips are here for you to stop iTunes from crashing on Windows 10/11. Also, Best iTunes alternative for Windows PC is also provided.
Estrella H.January 25, 2022
Quick Fix iPhone Not Showing up on Windows 10/11 PC
Solutions to iPhone not showing up on PC, when connect iPhone to PC, but can't see iPhone in my computer, solve iPhone doesn't appear in Windows 11/10/Windows 8/7 now!
Estrella H.January 25, 2022
Fix iPhone Not Connecting to Computer PC/Mac [Tips & Solutions]
iPhone not connecting to computer, how to fix? Check possible causes and solutions of iPhone not connecting to Windows (11/10) PC or Mac. Fix computer not recognizing iPhone problem for good.
Estrella H.January 25, 2022
iPhone 13: How to Delete Ringtones from iPhone Easily
Can't delete ringtones from iPhone? Here's detailed guide on how to easily delete ringtones from iPhone without iTunes, but with a top iPhone ringtone remover.
Estrella H.January 25, 2022
HEIC Converter: How to Convert HEIC/HEIF to JPG/JPEG
Get the best HEIC Converter here. It allows you to convert HEIC to JPG and transfer HEIC photos to PC at one go.
Estrella H.January 25, 2022
How to Sync & Transfer Music from iTunes to iPhone
We will show you how to sync music songs from iTunes to iPhone 13/12/Pro Max with USB or Wi-Fi. Follow to download music from iTunes to iPhone now.
Estrella H.January 21, 2022
Windows 10/11: How to Transfer/Copy/Send File from PC to iPhone
Here you can learn how to transfer file from PC to iPhone 13/12 and more using iTunes or other easy-to-handle tool with wifi or no internet.
Estrella H.January 20, 2022
How to Backup iPhone (13) Without iTunes on Mac/Windows
How to backup iPhone without iTunes? Detailed guide on how to backup iPhone (inc. iPhone 13/Max/Pro) to macOS Monterey/Windows 11/10/8/7 computer without iTunes, incl. backup iPhone photos, music, videos, eBooks, etc.
Estrella H.January 20, 2022
Best HandBrake Settings for DVD to MP4 [2022 Update]
What is the best presets and settings for HandBrake to rip DVD to MP4 for playing on Plex, Roku, iPhone, Android, etc? Here are the clearest and best HandBrake settings for DVD/Bluray to MP4.
Estrella H.Jan.18, 2022
WinX MediaTrans Review - Comprehensive Review of WinX iPhone Transfer Software
The overall review of WinX MediaTrans - the file transfer software designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod is here. You'll see in-depth review about its function, speed, stability, etc.
Estrella H.January 12, 2022
2022 Top 5 Free iPhone Ringtone Makers for Windows (11)
Here're top 5 free iPhone ringtone makers apps for iPhone/Windows PC of 2022. These tools will help make custom ringtone for iPhone, incl. iPhone 13 and other models.
Estrella H.January 12, 2022
How to Transfer DVD Movies to iTunes in Clicks
Here you can find the most detailed steps on how to transfer DVD (movies) to iTunes, thus playing DVD movies on iPhone iPad via iTunes is so easy.
Estrella H.January 12, 2022
Best File Sync Software to Sync Files Between iPhone and PC Without iTunes
This file sync software enables you to sync various kinds of files, like photos, music, ringtones and videos, between iPhone and PC without iTunes. This is the best real iTunes alternative for iOS file sync.
Estrella H.January 12, 2022
iTunes Error FAQ - 100 Questions and Solutions - Complete Help & Guide
The complete iTunes FAQ page will help fix iTunes error 3194, iTunes error 54, 9006, 4013, and solve 100 iTunes questions and problems.
Estrella H.Jan 12, 2022
Windows 10/11 Won't Play Video Files | Quick Fixes
How do you fix video not playing on Windows 10/11 problem? Update drivers, install codec package or adjust browser settings? Find solutions here if you have no clue.
Estrella H.January 11, 2022
[Guide] How to Transfer Music from iPhone to iTunes Library
Here's the step-by-step guide on how to transfer music from iPhone to iTunes library on Windows/Mac. Besides, this post will show you how to transfer non-purchased music from iPhone (13, 12, 11, 11 Pro Max, XS, XR, X, 8, 7 etc.) to PC.
Estrella H.January 11, 2022
How to Free Add/Send Ringtones to iPhone Without iTunes
Look for an easy way to send ringtones to iPhone (13/Pro/Max)? This guide shares the feasible ways to create and add custom ringtone to iPhone with or without iTunes for free.
Estrella H.January 11, 2022
How to Make Free Ringtone for iPhone 13 from Songs without iTunes?
Can't make free iPhone ringtone without iTunes? This guide will show you how to get free ringtones for iPhone (13) from YouTube, MP3 songs and any music regardless of formats on Windows 11/10/8/7.
Estrella H.January 11, 2022
[Guide] How to Fast Convert iTunes Movies to MP4 on PC/Mac
Need to convert purchased iTunes movies to MP4 for playback on Android or other devices without restrictions? Here's an easy solution. It can remove DRM from M4V iTunes movies and convert to DRM-free MP4.
Estrella H.January 11, 2022
[3 Ways] How to Transfer WhatsApp Videos from iPhone to Computer
Follow the 3 ways to download and transfer WhatsApp videos from iPhone to (Windows 11 PC) computer for WhatsApp video backup and space saving.
Estrella H.January 10, 2022
How to Transfer Music from Windows PC to iPhone
Read this guide on how to transfer music from PC to iPhone and elder iPhone models to learn to sync songs, ringtone, and other audio files from PC to iPhone easily and swiftly with only one click.
Estrella H.January 10, 2022
[Without iTunes] How to Transfer Audiobook to iPhone from PC?
There's a guide about how to transfer audiobook to any iPhone without iTunes. Meanwhile, top 10 sites to free download audiobooks are compiled here.
Estrella H.January 10, 2022
Top 3 Free Audio Converters for Windows 10/11 and Mac Review
Review on top 3 free audio converters for Windows 10/11 and Mac, and choose one to convert any audio files to MP3, AAC, etc. for playback on iPhone iPad.
Estrella H.January 10, 2022
How to Transfer Videos (MP4 4K) from PC to iPhone in 5 Ways
Check how to transfer MP4 4K videos from PC to iPhone without iTunes. It will guide you to download videos from Windows 10/11 PC to iPhone 13/12/Pro Max without quality loss or extra format conversion.
Estrella H.January 10, 2022
How to Transfer Files from iPhone to PC | 5 Efficient Ways
This is an all-around guide on how to transfer files from iPhone to PC with iTunes or not. Thus, all the iPhone files like photos, videos, music and songs can be moved into computer for backup and iPhone storage spacing up.
Estrella H.Jan 7, 2022
Top 3 Ways to Free Convert MP3 to M4R iPhone Ringtone
If you want to free convert MP3 to M4R for iPhone ringtone usage, you can't miss the 3 ways here. No matter what MP3 to M4R converter you need, online or desktop-based, you will get your loved one.
Estrella H.Jan 7, 2022
How to Convert DRM-ed M4P to M4A for Free Listening
Check on how to convert M4P to M4A, stripping DRM restriction off the iTunes purchased music, either on Windows or Mac computer.
Estrella H.Jan 7, 2022
Bulk Transfer Videos from iPhone to Computer Windows/Mac [5 Ways]
How to transfer videos movies from iPhone to PC Windows 10/11 computer? Learn top 5 ways to transfer iPhone slo-mo video, time-lapse, 4K ProRes video to Windows 10/macOS to watch videos on bigger screen.
Estrella H.January 6, 2022
iPod Won't Sync on Windows 11/10? - Reasons and How to Fix It
What to do if your iPod won't/cannot sync music with iTunes on the Windows (11/10) computer? Get tips and tricks on dealing with iPod won't sync errors.
Estrella H.January 6, 2022
How to Backup iPhone Photos: An Easier Way than iTunes/iCloud Backup
Unwilling/unable to use iTunes or iCloud to backup iPhone photos? Get into this article and learn how to fast backup iPhone (13/12/11/XS/XR/8) photos to PC/Mac computer, external hard drive, USB drive using an innovative way.
Estrella H.January 06, 2022
[Fixed] iTunes Won't Open on Windows 10/11 and Mac
Why won't iTunes open on Windows 10/11 or Mac computer? - solve your iTunes not launching/opening error easily by trying the solutions in this help page.
Estrella H.Jan 6, 2022
[Solved] iPhone Not Connecting to iTunes/Not Showing up iTunes
iPhone not connecting to iTunes [solved]. If you run into iPhone not showing up in iTunes 12 in any of the situations below, this guide can help you out: iPhone not showing up in iTunes but charging; iTunes not recognizing iPhone XS, etc...
Estrella H.Jan 6, 2022
How to Fix iTunes Freezes on Windows 10 When Opened, iDevice Connected etc.
This post will solve iTunes (12) freezes on Windows 10/11 problem when opening iTunes, connecting iPhone iPad iPod, or during the process of syncing file, restoring, or doing other things.
Estrella H.Jan 6, 2022
How to Transfer Snapchat Photos from iPhone to PC
Here's a guide of how to save and transfer Snapchat photos from iPhone to PC for making a copy of photos shot by Snapchat on Windows (11).
Estrella H.January 5, 2022
How to Transfer Photos from iPhone/iPad to External Hard Drive
When transferring photos from iPhone/iPad to an external hard drive becomes a necessity, you may need to get a guide of how to realize this iPhone/iPad photo transfer task with no effort at all.
Estrella H.January 5, 2022
How to Transfer Music from iPhone to Computer (PC & Mac) with Ease
We will show you how to transfer music from iPhone 13/12 to computer (PC & Mac). Follow the guide, you can batch transfer selected/all songs from iPhone to computer at a super fast speed and without hassle.
Estrella H.January 5, 2022
Tips to Add/Transfer Photo from PC to iPhone without iTunes and Data Loss?
As for adding photos from computer to iPhone, most people do not prefer iTunes because of data breach and file loss. WinX MediaTrans comes to import photos from PC to iPhone and export pictures from iPhone to PC safely without fuss.
Estrella H.January 05, 2022
Windows 11/10: How to Transfer WhatsApp Photos from iPhone to PC
How do I transfer WhatsApp photos/pictures from iPhone (13/Pro/Max) for freeing up space or save keeping? Go through this tutorial to know how to do so easily and safely.
Estrella H.Jan 5, 2022
How to Transfer Large iPhone Files (Videos/Pics) to PC Easily | iOS 15 & Windows 10/11
When you wonder how to transfer large videos, photos or other files from your iPhone(13/Max) to PC, check 3 common ways to choose the one that fits you most.
Estrella H.Jan 5, 2022
[Solved] iCloud Photos Not Syncing Problems
Receiving any iCloud photos not syncing problems? Try the quick tips to help you fix iCloud (photo stream) not syncing/uploading photos errors on Windows (10) and Mac or between iDevices.
Estrella H.Jan 5, 2022
How to Transfer Music/Songs from iPod to iTunes or Windows 10/11 PC
This how-to guide will define easily transferring music from iPod (touch) to iTunes. If you take it too complicated, just copy songs from iPod to computer.
Estrella H.Jan 5, 2022
How to Transfer Photos from Windows PC to iPad without iTunes
How to transfer photos from Windows (11/10) PC to iPad Pro, Air, and Mini? Follow the guide to move your photos onto iPad without iTunes at fastest speed.
Estrella H.Jan 4, 2022
Best 8 Photo Transfer Apps: Transfer Photos Between iPhone iPad and Computer
There's a list of best 8 photo transfer apps/software for Windows PC and Mac, to help transfer photos from iPhone iPad to computer and transfer photos on computer back to iOS devices hands down.
Estrella H.Jan 4, 2022
Top 9 Ways to Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC without iTunes
How to transfer photos from iPhone to PC? Best 9 ways to fast import iPhone (HEIC) photos to Windows 11/10/8/7 without iTunes include: download iPhone pictures to PC using iCloud, iOS photo transfer app, or Windows AutoPlay.
Estrella H.December 31, 2021
[Solved] How to Repair Corrupted MP4 Video File Free on PC/Mac
Why is your MP4 video corrupted or damaged? Is there any free MP4 video repair software to fix broken MP4? 3 Reliable methods are introduced for you to repair corrupted MP4 file easily.
Estrella H.December 28, 2021
MP4 Converter Windows 10/11 | Convert Video to MP4 or Convert MP4 Video
Free download a hardware accelerated MP4 converter for Windows (10/11) to convert YouTube to MP4 or convert MP4 video to MP3, AVI, MOV, WMV, etc.
Estrella H.October 19, 2021
Microsoft Video Converter for Windows 10/11 | No Bugs?
Does Windows 10/11 have a built-in video converter? Is it Microsoft video converter for Windows 10/11? All your queries go answered here!
Estrella H.October 19, 2021
Is Windows Movie Maker Free – Windows Movie Maker 2021 Download for Windows 10/11
Is Windows Movie Maker free? Windows Movie Maker is a free video editor program from Microsoft, but it is officially discontinued on January 10, 2017. Get best Windows Movie Maker alterative 2021 download for Windows 10/11 and learn the easiest way to create movies/photo slideshows.
Estrella H.October 19, 2021
Is Freemake Video Converter Free? Even Latest Version?
No. Freemake video converter used to be a freeware, but now you need to upgrade to paid version to remove limitations like watermark.
Estrella H.October 19, 2021
How to Convert VOB to MP4 on Windows 10/11 PC
What if you want to convert DVD VOB video into MP4 for enjoying on-the-go? Here we'll show you several best VOB to MP4 converters for Windows (10/11) in handy [with how-to guides].
Estrella H.October 19, 2021
Netflix Down Again? Netflix App Not Working on Windows 10/11? See Free Solutions
Netflix App is not working on your Windows 10/11 PC? The best free Windows 10-based Netflix app alternatives will come and offer twists. You can stream and play movies and TV shows.
Estrella H.October 19, 2021
Best H265/HEVC Converter with GPU Hardware Accel.
The best H.265/HEVC video converter/encoder for Windows 10/11 or Mac is here to help convert 4K/1080p HEVC/H.265 encoded (GoPro) video to H.264, MP4, MOV, FLV, etc. - fast with GPU hardware acclerated encoding and decoding.
Estrella H.October 19, 2021
Best 5 Free Windows 10/11 Video Editors - Crop, Trim, Merge, Compress, etc.
Stop searching for free Windows 10/11 video editor, because the best 5 easy-to-use free video editors for Windows 10 PC are already listed here. Just download one, and begin cropping, trimming, merging, or making other changes on original video sources.
Estrella H.October 19, 2021
Best Free VOB Cutter for Windows 10/11 | Cut/Trim VOB Video Files with Ease
The best free VOB cutter for Windows 10/11 is introduced here. Free download it to cut, trim VOB video files without quality loss on Windows 10/11.
Estrella H.October 19, 2021
Best Free MP4 Cutter for Windows 10/11 | Cut MP4 Video on Windows 10/11 with Ease
The best free MP4 cutter for Windows 10/11, WinX Video Converter, will be recommended to you here. Apart from review and free download, a thorough tutorial of how to cut a MP4 video on Windows 10/11 using this video cutter program will be shown.
Estrella H.October 19, 2021
[2021] Free Download DVD Decrypter for Windows 7 32/64 bit
Free download best DVD decrypter for Windows 7 32/64 bit to backup DVD to ISO, hard drive, USB, etc and decrypt copy-protected DVD discs.
Estrella H.Sep.27, 2021
How to Rip and Import DVD to iMovie on Mac?
This is a DVD to iMovie importing tutorial to help those failing to rip DVD to iMovie for edit and use HandBrake to transfer DVD to iMovie on Mac.
Estrella H.Sept. 10, 2021
12 Common 4K Video Play/Edit/Upload Errors & How to Fix Them
This post shares the complete 4k video errors, incl. choppy playback on PC/TV/mobile, audio-video out of sync while editing, HEVC codec not supported, 4k 60fps video stuck uploading due to huge file size, and more. Plus, you will also learn why and how to fix all 4k issues here.
Estrella H.August 26, 2021
How to Calculate HandBrake Video Bitrate/Quality Settings
HandBrake tutorial about how to calculate HandBrake video bitrate/quality settings when ripping DVD and converting videos. Use HandBrake to rip DVD and convert videos easily by getting familiar with HandBrake target size, average bitrate, constant quality.
Estrella H.Aug.4, 2021
4k 60fps: Everything You Should Know about It
This post well you everything about 4k 60fps, incl. why 4k 60fps is better than 4k 30fps, which cameras can shoot 4k video at 60fps, and how to troubleshoot 4k 60fps video playback errors.
Estrella H.July 12 2021
2022 Best Whatsapp Video Converter Download Free
Whatsapp video converter can convert videos to Whatsapp supported formats for sending and sharing with friends. Here's a converter to free download for Windows/Mac.
Estrella H.July 7, 2021
How to Solve Popcorn Time Stops Working/Error Loading Problem
This is a guide to how to solve 'Popcorn Time stops working/error loading data' problem on Windows 10, iOS, etc. If you still cannot get Popcorn Time to work, try some Popcorn Time alternatives for Windows/Mac/Android/iOS.
Estrella H.April 29, 2021
Alone in 30-Day Lockdown? Free Home Entertainment Ideas to Entertain Yourself
How to avoid going stir crazy in quarantine? Top free home entertainment ideas offers you free games, free movie download sites, free workout apps, etc. to reduce anxiety and entertain yourself during COVID-19 lockdown.
Estrella H.April 6, 2021
What Resolution Is DVD? [Questions and Answers]
2021 newest information about DVD resolution: what is DVD resolution (vs. Blu-ray)? Are DVDs in 720p/1080p? How to burn 720p/1080p video to DVD? How does DVD look on 4K TV?
Estrella H.Mar 29, 2021
2021 Update: Best 6 Free Open Source DVD Ripper Software
Here we reviewed the 6 best free open source DVD ripper software for Windows, Mac, and Linux, with which we can convert DVD, including some encrypted discs, to MP4 or other desired video format.
Estrella H.March 25, 2021
Microsoft Build Developer Conference: Key Announcements You Should Know
What do you want to see at Microsoft Build Developer Conference? This post lists 4 key points, including Windows 10 update, bots, HoloLens, Xamarin you can explore at this grand developer conference held by Microsoft.
Estrella H.Feb.5, 2021
All You Want to Know About macOS Sierra: Features, Release Date and More
Don't miss every leak of macOS Sierra. We have rounded up all rumors of this newest generation of Mac operation system, including release date, price, awesome new features and more
Estrella H.Feb.5, 2021
Most Common macOS Sierra Problems & Troubleshooting Tips
What're most common macOS Sierra problems? This post lists issues when installing, upgrading and using macOS Sierra and gives corresponding troubleshooting tips.
Estrella H.Feb.3, 2021
What is Mac OS X – Definition of OS X for Mac Computer
What is macOS 11 Big Sur? About Mac OS X definition, features, usability and restriction in Mac Mini, iMac, MacBook or MacBook Pro With Retina.
Estrella H.Feb.3, 2021
How to Speed Up iPhone: Tips & Tricks to Speed Up Any Slow iPhone Models
Your iPhone works slowly? Simply read the iPhone speed-up tips to boost performance of any iPhone models. Speed up iPhone 12/Pro/Max and other iPhone models powered by iOS 14 etc.
Estrella H.Feb.3, 2021
How to Easily Get Songs/Music from iTunes 12 for Free
This article will show you how to get songs from iTunes 12 for free. Moreover, it introduces another option to free download iTunes songs with ease.
Estrella H.Feb.2, 2021
8K Video Format: What Video Format Supports 8K Resolution
This article discusses 8K video format, telling you what video format can support 8K resolution for playback on 8K TV/display.
Estrella H.Dec 28, 2020
How to Copy DVD9 to DVD5 with Menus Subtitles
Need an easy way to copy DVD9 to DVD5? Here is the best free DVD9 to DVD5 converter for Windows to convert dual layer DVD to single layer DVD.
Estrella H.Oct.20, 2020
How to Transfer 4K Video Files from iPhone to Windows 10/11 PC?
This guide focuses on transferring 4K UHD video files from iPhone to Windows 10/11 computer easily. Export big 4K videos to hard drive to save more room for iPhone 13/12/Pro/Pro Max, etc.
Estrella H.Sep 15, 2020
General DVD Copy Protection Software/Technologies
Get to know better about the DVD copy protection software, applied technologies like DVD CSS, region codes... Also learn how to copy a protected DVD on both PC/Mac.
Estrella H.August 31, 2020
Tutorial to Free Rip NTSC DVD with Best Free DVD Ripper and play NTSC DVD at Any Regions
This tutorial aims to help you free rip NTSC DVD to MP4, MOV, WMV, MPEG etc, with best free NTSC DVD ripper for playing NTSC DVD movies on PC/Mac at any regions.
Estrella H.August 25, 2020
How to Free Rip PAL DVD or Region 2 DVD to Common Video Formats
Want to free rip PAL DVDs? No sure which DVD ripper is able to free rip PAL DVDs coded for region 2? This guide will show you how to free rip and copy PAL DVD to mainstream formats (MP4, AVI, etc.) on PC and Mac.
Estrella H.August 25, 2020
Best Free DVD Ripper for Kindle Fire (HD) - WinXDVD
Download the best free DVD ripper/converter for Kindle Fire to free rip DVD to Kindle Fire (HD) 7 Inch, HD(X) 8.9 Inch step by step, and play DVD on Kindle Fire free effortlessly.
Estrella H.July 31, 2020
KMPlayer Doesn't Play MP4, FLV, MKV Files Problems [Solved]
How to solve 'KMPlayer doesn't play MP4, FLV, MKV video files' problems? This tutorial helps fix KMPlayer MP4 file opening errors and enables you to play MP4, FLV and MKV videos on PC and Mac.
Estrella H.July 6 , 2020
How to Rip Copy Protected DVDs Successfully
HOW TO rip copy protected/copyrighted DVD easily and bypass the encryptioins? It's legal in most areas to rip protected DVDs for personal use, so you can copy protected DVDs to Windows 10/8/7 hard drive or mobiles, etc.
Estrella H.June 5, 2020
Is It Possible to Rip DVD without Transcoding - WinXDVD
It is possible to rip DVD disc without transcoding or compressing on Windows PC and Mac. 4 DVD copy modes in WinX DVD Ripper allow you to rip DVD to MPEG-2, ISO or video folder without encoding again.
Estrella H.May 29, 2020
How to Rip DVD on Windows 7? The Free DVD Ripper Can Help
This Guide will show you how to rip and copy DVD on Windows 7 computer with free DVD ripping software. Now check how to rip DVD to MP4, H.264, AVI, MOV...
Estrella H.May 19, 2020
How to Copy and Back up Walt Disney DVD Frozen II
How to copy Disney DVD Frozen 2 animation film without error? Backup of Frozen 2 animated movie DVD by Disney studio for PC or Mac will be incredibly easy with the right tool.
Estrella H.Mar. 31, 2020
How to Upgrade Windows XP to Windows 10 Without Losing Files
Learn how to upgrade Windows XP to Windows 10, minimum hardware requirements for upgrading to Windows 10 and how to get Windows 10 for your Windows XP PC.
Estrella H.Mar.20, 2020
Get Windows 10 OS & Product License Key [100% OFF]: Full Version for Free Upgrade
Whether we need to get Windows 10 License Key now on the brink of Windows free upgrade ending? Yes! This page shows how to get free Windows 10 license/product key which supports lifetime upgrade in 4 ways, 100% off.
Estrella H.Mar.20, 2020
Windows 11/10: How to Download and Install Windows 10 on PC or Laptop Easily
This article shows how to download and install Windows 10 on PC or laptop with ease, to enjoy Windows 10 shiny features like Cortana digital assistant, Edge browser, etc.
Estrella H.Mar.20, 2020
[10 Steps] How to Downgrade Windows 8/8.1 to Windows 7 Pro
How to downgrade Windows 8/8.1 to Windows 7? Learn Windows 8/7 downgrade rights and key, and downgrade from preinstalled Windows 8 to Windows 7 in ten steps.
Estrella H.Mar.20, 2020
Windows 10 Mobile Download and Update with Windows Insider App
This tutorial focuses on Windows 10 mobile download and update with Windows Insider app and Windows 10 mobile features, supported devices, etc. everything about Windows 10 mobile.
Estrella H.Mar.19, 2020
Solutions to Can't Rip DVD Star Wars: The Force Awakens
'Can't rip DVD Star Wars: The Force Awakens' problem comes to an end. This guide helps you rip The Force Awakens and also The Last Jedi to digital files and copy Star Wars (7/8) DVD to DVD, ISO, and DVD folder flawlessly.
Estrella H.Sep.24, 2019
How to Free Convert/Burn WMV to DVD with Free WinX DVD Author
Free WinX DVD Author is best Free DVD author software to convert and burn WMV video files to DVD. Free Backup WMV videos to DVD with few clicks.
Estrella H.Sep. 23, 2019
How to Convert iTunes QuickTime M4V to DVD Disc Free
This Free M4V to DVD converter burner facilitates you to convert iTunes QuickTime M4V videos to DVD for playback on DVD players. It brings fast and free M4V to DVD creation solution with prominent quality.
Estrella H.Sep. 23, 2019
How to Convert VCR Tapes to DVD with High Quality
This is a guide to how to free convert VCR to DVD in high quality with WinX Free VCR to DVD converter.
Estrella H.Sep 23, 2019