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Estrella H. Estrella H.
Estrella H. is a senior editor at Digiarty covering all the latest tech in mobile industry for the better part of the first four years, from iPhone, Samsung to other innovative gadgets. And now she's been dived into data backup and management to keep data safe on mobile devices in the recent three years. Outside the tech, she is a songwriter and loves hip-hop.

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Windows 10/11 Won't Play Video Files | Quick Fixes
How do you fix video not playing on Windows 10/11 problem? Update drivers, install codec package or adjust browser settings? Find solutions here if you have no clue.
Estrella H.October 19, 2021
Top 3 YouTube MP4 Converters for Windows 10/11 [Review & Free Download]
We list top 3 YouTube MP4 converters for Windows 10/11 with detailed reviews. Free download one program you like most to download and convert YouTube videos to MP4 on Windows 10/11.
Estrella H.October 19, 2021
MP4 Converter Windows 10/11 | Convert Video to MP4 or Convert MP4 Video
Free download a hardware accelerated MP4 converter for Windows (10/11) to convert YouTube to MP4 or convert MP4 video to MP3, AVI, MOV, WMV, etc.
Estrella H.October 19, 2021
How to Download Windows Movie Maker for Windows 11/10/8.1/7
This article will answer where to download Windows Movie Maker for Windows 11/10/8/7 32 bit 64 bit, how to use Windows 10 movie maker, how to fix common errors of Windows Movie Maker on Windows 10/11, and more questions.
Estrella H.October 19, 2021
Microsoft Video Converter for Windows 10/11 | No Bugs?
Does Windows 10/11 have a built-in video converter? Is it Microsoft video converter for Windows 10/11? All your queries go answered here!
Estrella H.October 19, 2021
Is Windows Movie Maker Free – Windows Movie Maker 2021 Download for Windows 10/11
Is Windows Movie Maker free? Windows Movie Maker is a free video editor program from Microsoft, but it is officially discontinued on January 10, 2017. Get best Windows Movie Maker alterative 2021 download for Windows 10/11 and learn the easiest way to create movies/photo slideshows.
Estrella H.October 19, 2021
Is Freemake Video Converter Free? Even Latest Version?
No. Freemake video converter used to be a freeware, but now you need to upgrade to paid version to remove limitations like watermark.
Estrella H.October 19, 2021
How to Convert VOB to MP4 on Windows 10/11 PC
What if you want to convert DVD VOB video into MP4 for enjoying on-the-go? Here we'll show you several best VOB to MP4 converters for Windows (10/11) in handy [with how-to guides].
Estrella H.October 19, 2021
Netflix Down Again? Netflix App Not Working on Windows 10/11? See Free Solutions
Netflix App is not working on your Windows 10/11 PC? The best free Windows 10-based Netflix app alternatives will come and offer twists. You can download, stream and play movies and TV shows.
Estrella H.October 19, 2021
Best H265/HEVC Converter with GPU Hardware Accel.
The best H.265/HEVC video converter/encoder for Windows 10/11 or Mac is here to help convert 4K/1080p HEVC/H.265 encoded (GoPro) video to H.264, MP4, MOV, FLV, etc. - fast with GPU hardware acclerated encoding and decoding.
Estrella H.October 19, 2021
Best 5 Free Windows 10/11 Video Editors - Crop, Trim, Merge, Compress, etc.
Stop searching for free Windows 10/11 video editor, because the best 5 easy-to-use free video editors for Windows 10 PC are already listed here. Just download one, and begin cropping, trimming, merging, or making other changes on original video sources.
Estrella H.October 19, 2021
Best Free VOB Cutter for Windows 10/11 | Cut/Trim VOB Video Files with Ease
The best free VOB cutter for Windows 10/11 is introduced here. Free download it to cut, trim VOB video files without quality loss on Windows 10/11.
Estrella H.October 19, 2021
Best Free MP4 Cutter for Windows 10/11 | Cut MP4 Video on Windows 10/11 with Ease
The best free MP4 cutter for Windows 10/11, WinX Video Converter, will be recommended to you here. Apart from review and free download, a thorough tutorial of how to cut a MP4 video on Windows 10/11 using this video cutter program will be shown.
Estrella H.October 19, 2021
[2021] Free Download DVD Decrypter for Windows 7 32/64 bit
Free download best DVD decrypter for Windows 7 32/64 bit to backup DVD to ISO, hard drive, USB, etc and decrypt copy-protected DVD discs.
Estrella H.Sep.27, 2021
How to Rip and Import DVD to iMovie on Mac?
This is a DVD to iMovie importing tutorial to help those failing to rip DVD to iMovie for edit and use HandBrake to transfer DVD to iMovie on Mac.
Estrella H.Sept. 10, 2021
12 Common 4K Video Play/Edit/Upload Errors & How to Fix Them
This post shares the complete 4k video errors, incl. choppy playback on PC/TV/mobile, audio-video out of sync while editing, HEVC codec not supported, 4k 60fps video stuck uploading due to huge file size, and more. Plus, you will also learn why and how to fix all 4k issues here.
Estrella H.August 26, 2021
Convert Videos for Android with Best Free Android Video Converter
What is the best Android video converter? Here you can download the best free Android video Converter for Windows and Mac to play any videos on Android Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Kindle Fire, Acer, Asus, Huawei, etc.
Estrella H.August 5, 2021
How to Calculate HandBrake Video Bitrate/Quality Settings
HandBrake tutorial about how to calculate HandBrake video bitrate/quality settings when ripping DVD and converting videos. Use HandBrake to rip DVD and convert videos easily by getting familiar with HandBrake target size, average bitrate, constant quality.
Estrella H.Aug.4, 2021
Best HandBrake Settings for DVD to MP4 [2021 Update]
What is the best presets and settings for HandBrake to rip DVD to MP4 for playing on Plex, Roku, iPhone, Android, etc? Here are the clearest and best HandBrake settings for DVD/Bluray to MP4.
Estrella H.Aug.3, 2021
4k 60fps: Everything You Should Know about It
This post well you everything about 4k 60fps, incl. why 4k 60fps is better than 4k 30fps, which cameras can shoot 4k video at 60fps, and how to troubleshoot 4k 60fps video playback errors.
Estrella H.July 12 2021
Top 10 Free 4K Video Converters for PC/Mac – Convert 4K to/from 1080p
Free download the best 4k video converter from the top 10 list, and follow the tutorial to convert 4K (HEVC/H.264) to 1080P to fit your device, downsize the bulky 4k for easier sharing, and upscale 2k/1080p to higher 2160p to watch on 4k TV with best quality.
Estrella H.July 8, 2021
2021 Best Whatsapp Video Converter Download Free
Whatsapp video converter can convert videos to Whatsapp supported formats for sending and sharing with friends. Here's a converter to free download for Windows/Mac.
Estrella H.July 7, 2021
[Solved] How to Repair Corrupted MP4 Video File Free on PC/Mac
Why is your MP4 video corrupted or damaged? Is there any free MP4 video repair software to fix broken MP4? 3 Reliable methods are introduced for you to repair corrupted MP4 file easily.
Estrella H.June 11, 2021
Download Popcorn Time for Mac – Free Stream Movies/TV Shows on Mac
This post focuses on downloading Popcorn Time for macOS (Catalina and Big Sur) to watch movies and TV shows for free. Plus, it introduces the best Popcorn Time Mac alternative to avoid various Popcorn Time working errors.
Estrella H.Apr 30, 2021
How to Download Install Popcorn Time iOS on iPhone iPad
How to download and install Popcorn Time on iPad iPhone without jailbreak? This is guide for non-jailbroken iPhone iPad users to download and install Popcorn Time iOS app on iPhone, iPad, etc. Best Popcorn Time for iOS 13/12 alternative is included as well.
Estrella H.Apr 30, 2021
Download Popcorn Time App for Android/Windows/Mac/Linux
Popcorn Time for Android is now available for all. What is Popcorn Time? Where can you download Popcorn Time for Android? Does Android Popcorn Time works well on iPhone iPad? We'll give you a full picture of it.
Estrella H.Apr 30, 2021
How to Solve Popcorn Time Stops Working/Error Loading Problem
This is a guide to how to solve 'Popcorn Time stops working/error loading data' problem on Windows 10, iOS, etc. If you still cannot get Popcorn Time to work, try some Popcorn Time alternatives for Windows/Mac/Android/iOS.
Estrella H.April 29, 2021
Download Popcorn Time for Windows Incl. Windows 10/XP/7/8/8.1
This is a tutorial to download Popcorn Time Corona version 0.4 for Windows, so that you can free stream movies and TV shows on Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7 and even Windows XP with the app.
Estrella H.April 29, 2021
How to Convert IFO to MP4 on Windows and macOS
Here's a guide of how to convert IFO to MP4 helping you play DVD content on virtually all video players as well as portable devices iPhone iPad Android with ease.
Donna PengApril 09, 2021
Alone in 30-Day Lockdown? Free Home Entertainment Ideas to Entertain Yourself
How to avoid going stir crazy in quarantine? Top free home entertainment ideas offers you free games, free movie download sites, free workout apps, etc. to reduce anxiety and entertain yourself during COVID-19 lockdown.
Estrella H.April 6, 2021
Burner: Free Video to DVD Converter - Burn MKV, AVI, MP4 Video to DVD
Download best free video to DVD converter software to burn MKV, AVI, FLV, WMV, MPEG, MOV or MP4 videos to DVD disks. WinX DVD Author lets you convert/transfer video files to DVD with few clicks.
Estrella H.Mar.31, 2021
What Resolution Is DVD? [Questions and Answers]
2021 newest information about DVD resolution: what is DVD resolution (vs. Blu-ray)? Are DVDs in 720p/1080p? How to burn 720p/1080p video to DVD? How does DVD look on 4K TV?
Estrella H.Mar 29, 2021
2021 Update: Best 6 Free Open Source DVD Ripper Software
Here we reviewed the 6 best free open source DVD ripper software for Windows, Mac, and Linux, with which we can convert DVD, including some encrypted discs, to MP4 or other desired video format.
Estrella H.March 25, 2021