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How to Fix MovieBox Not/Stopped Working on iOS 12 or Lower?

MovieBox app is dead on iOS! How to solve the "MovieBox not working on iOS (12)" error easily?

I have had MovieBox on my iPhone Xs for a while to watch some movies or TV shows, and it worked fine before until recently I find it NOT working at all. Through searching, it's certain that many people have the same situation with me and I tried some methods, all failed... Please give me some solutions to fix MovieBox not working issue. Thanks a million!!!

Best Answer

MovieBox, a prevalent streaming app for iOS users to watch movies and TV Shows online free, has ended its life on November 29, 2018. Before the death of MovieBox, users can fix MovieBox not working problem by trying the following methods one by one or follow the official Twitter MovieBox (@MovieBox_HD) to wait for the update. However, from now on the user can only seek for best MovieBox alternative app to meet your crying needs on free movie watching.

Best MovieBox Alternative Free Download
WinX YouTube Downloader is 100% clean and secure freeware that enables you to fast download any new/hot MovieBox movies, TVs, as well as any preferred music (playlist)/sports/workout video and audio files from over 600+ sites with no ads. Thus, you can enjoy HD MP4 movie on iOS with no error.

moviebox app is dead on ios

Method #1: Rerun MovieBox/iDevice
Force close MovieBox app and restart it again, or restart your iDevice to try it again; Turn off your iPhone or iPad and reboot it to check whether MovieBox works normally.

Method #2: Change Time (mainly for iOS 8.1.3/8.3 or later)
Go to Settings -> General -> Date & Time. Turn off "Set Automatically" and switch the date to September 1, 2014. Then rerun MovieBox again and define the previous time setting to "Set Automatically" again. This action aims at bypassing the expired security certificate of MovieBox. Because altering the Time essentially tricks iPhone/iPad into taking the certificate is still valid, thus allowing it to run.

Method #3: Use a VPN to Alternatively Connect to MovieBox
Find a free VPN service online, go to its homepage to take a note of the server, (PPTP) user name & password, and then add VPN on your device:
• iPhone/iPod: Settings -> General -> VPN -> Settings -> select "PPTP" -> fill in VPN Sever/Account/Password, "Auto" encryption level and select "Send All Traffic" - Save
• iPad: Settings -> General -> Network -> VPN -> Add VPN Configuration -> select "PPTP" -> fill in Description/Server/Account/Password, "OFF" RSA SecurID, "Auto" encryption level and select "Send All Traffic" - Save

Method #4: Reinstall MovieBox
Make sure the MovieBox app is up-to-date, or just deleting it and reinstall it on your device.
>>Install Movie Box for iPhone | Install Movie Box for Android | Download MovieBox for Windows 10 PC

Method #5: Try Best Mobie Box Alternative Apps
If the previous methods all end in failure, please try some best MovieBox alternative apps like Popcorn Time, Show Box and Play Box.
>>Download Popcorn Time for iOS | Show Box Download Install Guide

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