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DVD vs Blu-ray vs Digital File: Pros/Cons to Watch Movies/TV shows with DVD, Blu-ray and Digital Files

Q: Can someone tell me differences between DVD, Blu-ray and Digital file? I wonder which format is better for watching movies and TV shows.

I am hesitating to buy Guardians of the Galaxy on DVD or Blu-ray or purchase HD digital release from iTunes. Is it really worth paying an extra couple of dollars for buying Blu Ray over a DVD or digital release? I mean whether Blu-ray has far superior image and sound quality over DVD and HD digital. Please show me comparison of DVD vs Blu-ray vs Digtial file.

Blu ray vs DVD
Blu ray vs DVD

Best Answer

DVD, Blu-ray and digital release are different formats of movies/TV shows, the former two are actual items, while the last one is virtual product.


To compare DVD vs Blu-ray vs digital file, DVD outputs SD video encoded with MPEG-2 and costs less (either purchase or rent) than Blu-ray and HD digital file. On the other hand, Blu-ray and HD digital file can deliver movies/TV shows up to 1080p HD and Blu-ray has superior audio quality than other two formats.


Digital file is the most popular format for movies/TV shows nowadays for it can be watched on a diverse of devices, PC, Mac, laptop, smartphones and tablets by downloading or streaming from lots of online stores, like iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, Netflix, while DVD and Blu-ray can be only played with DVD/Blu-ray players or software on computer unless you rip DVD/Blu-ray to digital file.

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Blu-ray or HD digital movies/TV shows requires a HDTV or device featuring HD resolution display (for example iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, iPad Air 2, Google Nexus 9). Otherwise, there is no difference with playing DVDs or SD digital files.

In a nutshell, digital file is the best choices if you want to watch movies/TV shows on portable devices anywhere anytime but relying on internet. Blu-ray has highest video/audio quality but troubling with playing and costing more. DVD is much cheaper and common than Blu-ray but having lower quality. Plus, commerical Blu-ray and DVD movies/TV shows are protected by region codes, CSS and other encryptions while digital file is restrictions-free.
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Home > Video > Answers > DVD vs Blu-ray vs Digital File


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