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Is Freemake Video Converter Free? The Latest Version?

No. Freemake video converter is NOT free any more. Neither is the latest version.

Freemake video converter used to be a free tool to convert videos on Windows 10 with nary a penny. But that has already been a past tense. Your resulting file will be stamped with a big watermark in the middle of your video image if you don't upgrade free version to paid one. That's not the end. The free version is also excluded by various formats like audio formats, 3D formats, etc.

Note: if you stick with Freemake Video Converter and plan to upgrade to paid version, two things are noted before you go. Even its paid version doesn't support HEVC/H265 video. Plus, the conversion speed is underwhelming, only CUDA hardware acceleration for H264, no Intel/Nvidia NVENC/AMD for video transcoding.

Any Truly Free Video Converter Available?

Freemake video converter is not 100% free to use. Good news is that there are still some truly 100% free video converters available. Read on if you're interested in them, or you can stop here to save your time.

1. Online-convert

This is a free online file convert tool, with which you can get your video files converted with 3 steps: add files > choose format > convert!

1. Up to 11 output formats available, the most widely used MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI included.
2. Support you to convert videos from your local disks, as well as online sites (URL), Dropbox, Google Drive.
3. Zero burden to your memory space, needless to download and install any exe, zip package or plug-in.
4. 8K 50FPS is accessible.

1. Annoying Google ads is everywhere and can't be closed.
2. Too slow to upload video files. Certainly, your network connection also matters.
3. HEVC codec not supported as output codec.

Online convert
Truly free video converter - Online convert

2. Zamzar

Don't want to download software? Zamzar is your another way to go. Similar to the above-mentioned free online converter, it also requires you only 3 mouse clicks to transcode your file. Check more strengths and downsides.

1. Easy to use, 3 clicks only.
2. A long list of supported output formats, 10 video formats, 7 audio formats and 30 mobile device profiles.
3. Fast speed to upload and convert video thereon.

1. No separated MP4 output format. MKV format is also excluded.
2. It would be much better if the device profiles like iPhone Android would be upgraded to the latest models.
3. No HEVC codec supported.

Truly free video converter - Zamzar

Best Alternative to Freemake with HEVC Codec Supported!

The above online video converters for Windows 10 are truly FREE to convert videos without downloading software. Yet, they can't deal with your HEVC video files. Assuming that your high-defi video sources come from GoPro Hero8/7 Black, drone DJI or iPhone 11/Xs, you need a professional HEVC video converter to handle these defaulted HEVC videos. Free Video Converter cuts the buck!

Losslessly convert HEVC video to any format, as well as encode video to HEVC/H265 for smaller resulting size.
Convert any video to MP4, MKV, H264, H265, MOV, AVI, iPhone, Android, game consoles, etc. with 420+ profiles.
Quality is king! High Quality Engine ensures you a virtually untouched output, 98% quality reserved!
Unique Level-3 GPU hardware acceleration tech expedites conversion up to 320FPS, 47X real-time faster speed!
Customize video footage at your disposal: trim, crop, merge, add subtitles, tweak saturation/brightness, adjust parameters...


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