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Top 5 iPhoto Alternatives for Windows (11/10) in 2023

iPhoto is a system-attached picture management application for Mac OS X 10.1 to 10.10 which empowers users to import photos from digital cameras, USB drive, hard drive and other storage devices as well as organize, edit and share photos. It is replaced by Photos from OS X Yesomite 10.10.3. The new photo app is easier-to-use simplifying editing tools and integrates iCloud Photo Library for photo syncing from iPhone/iPad.

At present, iPhoto still owns a large number of users. iPhoto alternative for Windows (11/10) turns to be one of the hottest search keywords for various reasons. One case like below:

"I can transfer everything from my old Mac to new Windows PC EXCEPT iPhoto. I've got thousands of photos, probably 100 albums sorted out in iPhoto. I've looked before but have never found a Windows based application that does similar photo management and organization. Does anyone have a suggestion?"

Here, we will round up the best 5 iPhoto alternatives for Windows PC in 2023 helping you manage photos with ease.

Need an iPhoto Alternative for iPhone/iPad Photos Syncing?

WinX MediaTrans is What You Want!

  • Transfer any iPhone/iPad photo to PC in single or batch and vice versa.
  • Add photos to iPhone/iPad; delete photo albums from iPhone/iPad.
  • Support preview and transfer HEIC/HEIF photos. Convert HEIC to JPEG.
  • Encrypt photos on hard drive/transfered from iOS with password.

No. 1 iPhoto Alternative for Windows (11/10) - Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Adobe Photoshop Ligthroom is designed as a professional picture organizer running on Windows and Mac. From version 6.4, it can compatible with Windows 10. And, the latest version 6.7 was available in September 2016 with the support of latest macOS Sierra.

Like iPhoto, Adobe Lightroom features viewing, managing and editing pictures in diverse formats, like common PNG, JPG, PSD and even camera raw formats. The built-in library is the place for image organization which enables you to import/export images, classify images into collections by metadata and more. If you wanna produce a better-looking photo, please move to Develop module. A bunch of tools can help you enhance pictures. Apart from basically cropping and straightening, tonal adjustments such as white balance, color saturation, tonal scale, exposure, clarity, brightness and so on are available. In addition, you can customize sharpness, reduce noise and remove red-eye for your photos. Additionally, it allows you to create photobooks/slideshow, print images and sync photos between your devices with Lightroom mobile app.

The abundant features make it top on the iPhoto alternative for Windows list. And, you need to pay $9.99/month for experiencing full version for this image organizer for PC.

Best iPhoto Alternative for Windows (10) - Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

No. 2 iPhoto Alternative for Windows (11/10) - Google Photos

Unlike desktop software, Google Photos is a cloud-based photo sharing service available on web, iOS/Android devices. It derives from Picasa, which is discontinued developing in March 2016 and the application Picasa Web Albums was retired two months later.

Although Google Photos mainly aims to back up photos and help access any photo across various platforms, computer, phone or tablet, it is qualified to be one of the best iPhoto alternatives for Windows because it integrates powerful image organizing and editing tools allowing users to manage uploaded pictures with ease. You can easily import pictures from hard drive or other storage devices to Google Photos and create a new album for gathering picture with same theme (for example travel) together. You are allowed to adjust aspect ratio, crop, rotate pictures, reassign value of light, color, vignette and apply color filters for pictures. Every image can be shared to Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

As a web service, Google Photos can be used on computers running on any operation system, Windows, Mac, Linux. It's completely free to use but turns to be useless without network. Compared with iPhoto and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, it offers simpler editing functions which probably cannot meet requirements of advanced users.

Best iPhoto Alternative for Windows (11/10) - Google Photos

No. 3 iPhoto Alternative for Windows - Windows Photo Gallery

As other iPhoto alternatives for PC, Windows Photo Gallery is a photo manager app collected in Windows Essentials software suite available for Windows 7/8/10/11. However, a bad news had been announced that Windows Photo Gallery stopped supporting after January 10, 2018.

Windows Photo Gallery focuses on photos management and editing. It embeds a photo import tool enabling you to get images off camera onto computer. And the image viewer help you check any picture stored on hard drive or devices connected to computer. Windows Photo Gallery works great on photo tagging and allows you to add titles, rating and captions in order to get better organized images. Apart from basic editing functions, like resizing, cropping, ratting, red-eye reduction, it can help adjust exposure, shadows, highlight, sharpness as well as remove blemish and reduce noise for pictures. It also gives you an opportunity to share pretty photos to OneDrive, Flickr and Facebook. Windows Photo Gallery supports many photo formats, JPEG, PNG, BMP, Gif etc, but cannot handle camera raw files.

Windows Photo Gallery is free for download on Windows PC. General users can be satisfied with basic editing and sharing options while some users still hope more improvements on effects. Tip: Windows 10 pushed out Photos app available to view, import, edit and sync images which can be a replacement of Windows Photo Gallery after the retirement.

Best iPhoto Alternative for Windows (10) - Windows Photo Gallery

No. 4 iPhoto Alternative for Windows - Capture One

Capture One is an alternative to iPhoto for Windows, which is much powerful than iPhoto. It supports more than 500 cameras and offer great high quality raw file conversion. Capture One is feature rich, enabling users to get excellent photo adjustment tools, such as color rendering, detail capture, dynamic range, to name a few. Fast photo import and export is also a big advantage of the professional iPhoto alternative for Windows.

Capture One, similar to Lightroom, is a professional photo editing program. The interface is well-designed and quite pleasing. However, it also means deep learning curve. For beginners, it's complicated to get started with. The interface looks like a bit complex. Online sharing needs improvement. Users get 30-day free trial. Monthly subscription is $24/per month, annual subscription $179/per year. Capture One is a good choice for professional photo editors.

Best iPhoto Alternative for Windows - capture one

No. 5 iPhoto Alternative for Windows - Picasa

Picasa is iPhoto alternative for Windows 7. It is developed by Google to help view and organize photos on Windows. Other useful features are also included, such as cropping, removing red-eye, slideshow and keyword search. Picasa is very easy to use and requires no deep learning curve. Google ended support for Picasa Desktop and Web Albums and focused more on Google Photos. If you are using Windows 7, Picasa may work as an easy-to-use iPhoto alternative for Windows PC.

Picasa was removed by Google. To free download Picasa, you need to resort to some reliable software download websites, such as Softonic. Make sure you are downloading the iPhoto alternative for windows instead of other malware.

Best iPhoto Alternative for Windows - Picasa

Feature Comparison of Best 3 iPhoto Alternatives for Windows (11/10) PC

Software Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Google Photos Windows Photo Gallery
Compatibility Windows/Mac Web, iOS, Android Windows 7/8/10
Price $9.9/mo Free Free
Photo Management Yes Yes (without image viewer) Yes
Photo Editing Abundant tools Basic tools Basic tools
Photo Sharing Yes Yes Yes
Photo Syncing Yes Best Solution Yes

Bootom Line: All above top 5 iPhoto alternatives for Windows (10/11) can help you achieve photo organization and adjustment on PC. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom boasts rich editing functions while Google Photos shows an efficient solution for photo syncing. And, Windows Photo Gallery is seemingly the preferred choice for a beginner. Depending on your needs, choose the best one for you!

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