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Top 3 Ways to Transfer Music from iPhone 7 iOS 10 to PC

Established a huge music library on your iPhone, now wondering how to transfer music from iPhone 7 iOS 10 to PC? Here you can learn top 3 ways to transfer music, songs, MP3 and playlists either using iTunes or without iTunes. Take a look and find out your favorite way to do the transfer work.

If you want to transfer music from iPhone 7 to computer, iTunes can easily drive you impatient. Though it is pretty good as a music library and quite helpful when you want to upgrade to iOS 10 yet iPhone doesn't have enough storage. But

"I set up iTunes to sync my playlist to computer and hit "Apply", there're just 7 songs but it kept telling me "syncing" for 10 minutes without even saying which step it's in, this is driving me crazy!"

Once you apply the settings to iTunes, it's quite a brain-saver as it syncs the whole Music Library every time from now when you USB connect it to the PC - Before we detail on how to set it like that later, please make sure it won't annoy you that the computer gets slow once you plug iPhone into it. That being said, just consider the #1 method below:

Looking for a Tool to Transfer Music from iPhone to PC?

Garner best iTunes alternative - #1 WinX MediaTrans

  • - One click solution to import iPhone 7 music to PC Windows 10
  • - Free transfer music from iPhone to PC every day
  • - No internet needed to copy all music from iPhone to PC seamlessly
WinX MediaTrans

Your ultimate solution for transferring iPhone 7 music to Windows (10/8/7) PC.

#1- Transfer Music from iPhone 7 to PC and Make Any Changes

To start transferring music from iPhone 7 to PC, first free download WinX MediaTrans iPhone music manager. This music manager works on Windows 10/8/7 without hassle, and intelligently accesses your music library on iPhone, enabling you to choose any MP3, songS, or a playlist to export to PC.

Now install and launch this free program on Windows 10/8/7 PC. Kindly be noted that it needs to be coupled by iTunes (latest version) to work, then

How to transfer music from iPhone (7) to computer

Step 1: Connect iPhone 7 iOS 10 (or before) to PC (Windows 10 or before) with an USB cable, and hit "Music Manager" button on WinX MediaTrans.

Step 2: Check the very music to transfer, then click "Export Music" next to the music title.

Tips: To batch transfer selected songs, you can go by the following ways:
1. Press "Ctrl" while selecting music titles to export.
2. Check "Select All" option to transfer all music saved to your iPhone (7).
3. Or check the blank next to a play list to transfer all songs therein.
4. Press "Shift" while checking the ending title to choose all music between them to transfer from iPhone to PC.

Also Easily Make Any Changes to Your Music Library

Music organizing under iTunes can be really perplexing, driving many a user to ask - " I just want to transfer music from iPhone to PC, why are there so many steps?"

But the opposite is true with WinX MediaTrans - It not only organizes the whole iPhone music library in a friendly manner (Just the way you organize music, documents on computer), but also enables you to edit, delete, manage & create playlist with least steps. You can rest assured with any operation under this software, as you can undo the last step if deleted a MP3 by mistake.

However, if you prefer iTunes anyway, keep in mind some do's and don'ts, and you're just good to transfer music from iPhone to PC with iTunes.

#2 - How to Transfer Music from iPhone (7) to PC (Purchased in iTunes Store)

Note: To prevent your music on iPhone been replaced with everything in iTunes on a new computer, check "Edit > Preference Settings > Device" and check "Prevent iPhone, iPad from automatic sync with this computer".

Step 1: Connect iPhone 7 iOS 10 (or before) to PC (Windows 10 or before) with an USB cable. Launch iTunes, click the small iPhone icon to view its profile. Step 2: If the music you want to transfer from iPhone to PC is purchased from iTunes Store, first enter your Apple ID and pass code to log in, by clicking "Files > Device > Transfer Purchased item", you can transfer not only music, but also PDF, books and other documents under iBooks APP to iTunes.

Note: iTunes for Windows may suffer such problems as unexpected quits or launch issues. Should you have such problems, please refer to Apple iTunes for Windows Help Center.

#3 - Transfer Pictures from iPhone to PC Using iCloud

Compared to iTunes for Mac, its Windows counterpart is relatively slow in response - you'll feel it that way if you already have run it once on Windows 7 or Windows 10. However, you can still follow the given steps to transfer music from iPhone 7 iOS 10 to PC with iTunes.

download iCloud on computer

Step 1

Connect iPhone 7 to PC with an USB cable, launch iTunes (make sure it's the latest version), click the small iPhone icon on the top-right corner to view its profile.

choose photos to upload

Step 2

When iPhone is connected to iTunes, you'll be asked to choose whether or not to sync music. Check "Entire Music Library" to sync all songs, or just choose "Selected playlist, artist, albums and genre" to transfer the music as you please. Then hit "Apply".

upload iPhone pictures to iCloud Library

Step 3

When music on iPhone is transferred to iTunes successfully, easily drag-n-drop the music to export to the target folder on computer.

Note: Please check the "Prevent iPhone, iPad from automatic sync with this computer" before connecting in case all music been wiped out from iPhone.

Disadvantages: Because iCloud enables you to access the Camera Roll on every device with the same Apple ID signed in, it doesn't enable you to choose which picture(s) to actually transfer. A primary iCloud account offers each user 5GB of storage, hence if you're running out of space, it'll take extra cost.

All been said, WinX MediaTrans is a really deft iPhone file manager if users are having a hard time figuring out how on earth the iTunes works to transfer music from iPhone 7 to PC, or are constantly troubled by its frequent automatic syncing procedures - which just FREEZES your computer every day.

Alongside transferring music from iPhone 7 to computer, the other way round is also available with WinX MediaTrans: You can also flexibly transfer music from computer to iPhone, or create a new playlist and imported selected songs, MP3, voice memos before syncing it to iPhone.

Still whining about how to transfer music from iPhone to PC? Just free download WinX MediaTrans to archive all music, songs, and soundtracks in place!

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