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How to Make Money from Vlogging

I saw lots of Internet stars making vlogs, and I heard that vlogs can make money. Is this real? How do vloggers make money?

Vlogging can be a great way to record your daily life, share what you see and think, etc. Actually, it can also be a good way to make money. Maybe, Vlogging isn't the easiest way to make money, but anyone can do it, either as a side hustle or as a full-time career. Now, let’s check the top 6 ways to make money from vlogging.

Make Money Vlogging
Make Money Vlogging

1. Advertising

There are two types of advertising: display ads & private ads. A display ad is the box or ‘banner’ on a website that stands out in the sidebar, header, footer and looks like an ad. Display ads are often made up of text, images, flash, video, and audio that encourage the viewers to click-through to a company’s website or a landing page and take action. Most display ads are charged on a cost per click.

YouTube Advertising
YouTube Advertising

At present, YouTube is one of the most popular vlog-sharing platforms. If you want to monetize your YouTube channel, you need to hit at least 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months and 1,000 subscribers. Then you’re allowed to add ads in your vlogs and get paid.

As for the private ads, which is your own cooperation with advertisers. You may need to promote the advertiser's products or services in your vlog. Depending on your viewers (subscribers) and traffic, you can make a lot of money from advertising. The more viewers and traffic you get, the more advertising income is likely to increase.

2. Sponsorship

Sponsorship is one of the most common ways to make money from vlogging. It works just like it does in sports, TV shows, or other companies. Sponsorship has a strict requirement and requires that your channel has enough subscribers.

Once you are a well-known vlogger, you will have plenty of opportunities. And some advertisers will contact you and pay you for their products in your vlogs. Of course, it is based on whether you will bring them more benefits, or expected clicks (traffic).

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning commissions for marketing another person's or company's products. For you vloggers, just simply search for a product you enjoy or highly relevant to your vlog content, you can promote that product to your subscribers. However, only when your recommendation converts into subscriptions or sales can you get paid.

Affiliate Marketing on YouTube
Affiliate Marketing on YouTube

4. Online Stores

When a viewer visits your channel, they may be a potential buyer, as long as your product or service is what he or she needs. However, it’s never been easier to set up an online store. It should be a long term to gain authority and credibility for an online store.

Adding valuable content to your vlog and site continually, allows your store to rank higher on vlog-sharing sites and search engines. Remember that reputation is an intangible value in an online store.

5. Online Courses

The development of the Internet has also contributed to the emergence and development of online courses. People are increasingly inclined to online teaching and online learning. In some popular vlogs, we can see that there are many vlogs about various courses.

These vlogs not only have a lot of views, but also have a growing number of subscribers. These vloggers usually make a lot of quality courses, of course, these courses are not free. Online courses will be a profitable yet popular way for vloggers to make money.

6. Giveaways & Reviews

Similar to sponsorship, doing product or service reviews or running a giveaway is also a one-on-one "service". Many companies now try to run giveaways and write reviews to increase the exposure of their products.

This form is common on most platforms. Therefore, if your channel already has a certain number of subscribers, then these companies will actively find you and supply giveaways to your subscribers to promote their products.

Giveaways & Reviews
Giveaways & Reviews

Bonus: How to Start Vlogging

Our readers also consulted some information about recording vlog, as these readers actually started to try to make a vlog. So, we would like to share some tips on how to start a vlog for beginners. Help will be helpful to you.

Select a topic. First, selecting the most popular vlogs and researching the vloggers you like. You may get inspired by watching what they vlogged. Then, think carefully about the topics you are interested in, or conceive which aspect of you would like to present to your future audience. Combining these two is your vlog theme.

Prepare the materials for your vlogs. Similar to recording a video, vlogging needs a camera. If your vlog involves some special effects, you may also need to prepare in advance. We recommend that you choose a camera with high quality and light weight as much as possible, because vlog requires a lot of materials.

Start a Vlog. After the preliminary work is ready, you can start your vlog. It is not necessary to make a very complicated plan for the first vlogging, mainly to let yourself experience the whole process. Some skills like recording will improve as you record more vlogs.

Edit your Vlog. In this step, you will ask help from some professional video editing tools like WinX Video Converter. Or you can hire an experienced editor to give you a hand. In this case, you will have more time to create clips and make new vlogs.

Upload and share your vlog. The final step is exporting and sharing the vlog to video-sharing platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. If you want to attract viewers, remember to give a catchy title.


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