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Download/Transfer Fantasy Football Podcasts & Videos on Windows 10

Get the detailed guide on how to download various fantasy football videos and podcasts, then transfer them between iPhone iPad and Windows PC.

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Follow the popularity of fantasy football, many extended fantasy football fictions, TV programs and podcasts spring up. Here we will share you some practical information about fantasy football and instructions on:

▶ How to Free Download (Yahoo/ESPN) Fantasy Football Videos, TVs, Audio Clips Online
▶ How to Transfer Fantasy Football Podcasts/Videos without iTunes

Fantasy football, as a main branch of modern fantasy sports game online, was given birth early in 1962 and now becomes the minion of millions of players. A dozen of companies have explored their fantasy sports games with fantasy football included, among which Yahoo, ESPN, NFL and CBS fantasy football just take the rag off.

 Yahoo Fantasy Football: iOS, Android
ESPN Fantasy Football: iOS, Andorid (Windows mobile support was ended in Sep. 2016)
NFL Fantasy Football: iOS, Android
CBS Fantasy Football: iOS, Android, Windows, Windows mobile

To enjoy any of those prevalent fantasy football free, you the manager and coach just need to: Download and install fantasy football app on mobile or PC with Internet connected -> create an account -> start or join in a league -> scout draft players for your team -> participate in the competition regularly/weekly when the season unfolds to rank high -> win the championship if possible.

It's easy to be ushered into Yahoo/ESPN fantasy football gaming. But you still has a long way to go if you'd like to become a fantasy football geek, who must be capable of tracking real performance of each athlete continuously for pre-game matchup or in-game player trading. Also, you can pay for some fantasy football (draft) software in the market to obtain live, accurate, and analyzed player information, find a more effective strategy with victory in hand.

How to Free Download Fantasy Football Videos Audios

Wild fantasy football phenomenon begins in the 1990s, which prompts the emerging of related TV programs. Fantasy Football League (1994-96) is the 1st comedy TV series with light entertainment. And after that several other top notch plays comes out one by one in UK or America, e.g Fantasy World Cup (1998-?), Baddiel and Skinner Unplanned (2000-05), The Fantasy Show (2006), and The League (2009-15). Restricted by different air time and broadcast regions, those sitcoms or talk shows cannot be enjoyed by all fantasy football lovers in time. So, free downloading them online for offline watching anywhere is a nice choice.

ESPN/Yahoo Fantasy Football Video Audio Downloader

FREEWARE to Download ESPN/Yahoo Fantasy Football Video Audio Online

WinX YouTube Downloader, specially designed for all Windows users, is able to easily download all fantasy football video and audio sources, as well as best new rugby match videos and highlights from over 300 pop sites, including big ones like,,,,, and This freeware is well-received for its cleanness, safety and simple operability, and even newbie will have no problem with it after reading the guide below.

Free Download ESPN/Yahoo Fantasy Football Video Audio on Windows 10

Step 1. When you come across any funny fantasy football talk video, useful draft strategy/analysis/tips video, or ESPN/CBS fantasy football podcast file online, copy its full address started with https://, then launch WinX YouTube Downloader to proceed.

Step 2. Click "+ link" icon in the middle or top left interface to pop up a smaller downloader window.

Step 3. Directly click "Paste & Analyze" button or manually paste fantasy football video link into the address bar and then click "Analyze". Soon, you will see all video information and downloading options are fully loaded here.

Step 4. Check the file that fits you most, like 1080p MP4. And then press "OK" -> "Download".

How to Transfer Fantasy Football Podcasts/Videos between iPhone and PC without iTunes

Data transferring between Android and PC is quite easy with an USB cable. However, that's not the same thing for iOS-based iPhone iPad and computer. Apple confidently entrusts file syncing mission to its intimate family member iTunes. Unluckily, the fact is that iTunes puts more emphasis on iTunes (fantasy football) purchases transferring between devices with the same Apple ID logged in, and it's a little bit complicated to handle, often goes into errors (especially on Windows PC), some of which may even lead to unexpected file loss. All of those disadvantages of iTunes compel users to seek for a best iTunes alternative, like WinX MediaTrans.

WinX MediaTrans is an all-in-one iOS file manager for organizing and transferring (iTunes DRM-protected or general) movies, TV shows, music, podcasts, eBooks and ringtones freely. To ESPN/Yahoo fantasy football enthusiasts, the most practical functions are:

Transfer Fantasy Football Podcast Audiobook between iOS and PC

● Move downloaded fantasy football media files from Windows PC to iPhone iPad with no limit.
● Transmit (CBS/ESPN) fantasy football podcasts, TV shows, songs, ebooks, audiobooks stored on iPhone iPad to PC selectively.
● If any of fantasy football files is copy protected, WinX MediaTrans can crash the decryption for enjoying on more devices.

Here we take steps to transfer fantasy football audiobooks from iPhone to PC for example, which are quite similar to steps of transferring fantasy football podcasts, songs, movies etc.

Connect iPhone to computer rightly -> Click "Book" button -> choose one or multiple audiobooks at "All Books" or "Audio Books" subcategory -> Click "Export" button on the top to move selected one(s) to computer at once. If there're some DRM-ed audios, a prompt file decoding box will show up, where you only need to click "Decode" to go ahead.

Extended Sources

Top FREE Fantasy Football Podcasts
1. CBS Sports Fantasy Football Today Podcast      | 2. NFL Talking Heads Fantasy Football Podcast
3. ESPN Fantasy Focus Football Podcast         | 4. Fantasy Footballers - Fantasy Football Podcast
5. FantasyPros - Fantasy Football Podcast        | 6. FantasyLabs Podcasts
7. Pro Football Focus Fantasy Podcast          | 8. - The Audible

Best-selling Fantasy Football eBooks/Audiobooks
1. Fantasy Man: A Former NFL Player's Descent into the Brutality of Fantasy Football - Nate Jackson
2. Galactic Football League series - Scott Sigler
3. 'Fantasy' Football series - Liz Matis
4. Daily Fantasy Sports: How to Dominate & Win Fantasy Baseball, Fantasy Basketball and Fantasy Football Leagues to Turn Profitable Seasons - Derrick Rodgers
5. Fantasy Football The Next Level: How to Build a Championship Team Every Season - David Dorey
6. Fantasy Life: The Outrageous, Uplifting, and Heartbreaking World of Fantasy Sports from the Guy Who's Lived it - Matthew Berry
7. Fantasy Football for Smart People series - Jonathan Bales
8. Fantasy Football: For Beginners - Trevis Waters

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