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Top Ways to Free Convert WebP to JPG Online in Bulk

You come accross a fabulous picture and want to save it to your computer PC. But later you find that you're unable to open this image via the default image viewer. That's because most websites have adopted webp image format to encode their pictures. This has already become an unstoppable trend. Therefore, you will meet such webp images at a higher frequency in later days.

Yet, if you downloaded a huge range of webp images and encountered problems in webp playback, you're highly suggested to convert webp to jpg, since jpg has the best compatibility in image world. To convert image format from webp to jpg, here recommends you top 3 free ways to free change webp to jpg bulk online with nary a trouble! Check them out!

WinX MediaTrans – Transfer & Convert WebP to JPG/PNG

If you want to open webp on iPhone iPad, you can use WinX MediTrans to auto transfer and convert webp to jpg, HEIC, or PNG format during image sync process. It can also bulk transfer movies, videos, music, iTunes purchases, audiobooks, eBooks, etc. between iPhone iPad and PC/Mac. Auto convert M4V to MP4, M4B/M4P to MP3 without any 3rd party app help.

Part 1. Cloudconvert (Max size 100MB)

Convert from/to webp

Cloudconvert has been mentioned in our last post - AVIF converter. Yes, it can free convert avif to jpg, as well as online convert webp to jpg, PNG, WebP, TIFF, ODD, GIF, etc. 11 image formats. Meanwhile, it also supports you to open and view WebP image files, convert jpg to webp, bi-directional tool indeed.

Moreover, this service provides you with image quality & size settings. Thus, you can control over your webp image quality and width & height to customize your specific needs. As for other files like video, audio or document files, it can also decode and re-encode your file format.


  • Support 5 paths to load input AVIF image file, including computer, Google Drive, URL, Dropbox, OneDrive.
  • 100% free, support webp to jpg, as well as jpg to webp.
  • Free change webp image quality and file size.


  • Input webp size is limited to 100MB for free account.
  • Webp to heic conversion is not supported, yet.

Tutorial: How to Free Online Convert WebP to JPG on Cloudconvert

Step 1. Import your webp file from computer, URL or cloud storage service. Bulk conversion is available.

Step 2. Choose the final image format you need, like JPG, PNG, WebP, GIF, etc.

choose JPG as output format

Optionally: tap the Setting icon (next to the output format) to activate the settings window, where you can control over your webp image size via 3 options (Max, Crop, Scale) and image quality from 1 (lowest) to 100 (best quality) based on your demand.

adjust webp quality and size

Step 3. Tap Convert (the red button) to begin converting webp to JPG online. The conversion speed is jointly decided by your input webp file size and your network speed. Exit the unnecessary programs on your PC if you want a faster speed.

Part 2. ezgif.com (Max size 50MB)

Convert from/to webp

Similar to the first mentioned webp converter, this online image converter also lets you free convert webp to jpg, as well as convert jpg to webp. On top of jpg, it works like a charm in converting webp to png, webp to gif and webp to MP4 video format. And you're allowed to further your webp image after loading, including cropping, resizing, reversing, rotating, adding effects, changing quality, adding alpha transparency, etc.

You can load your webp image file from local computer, URL link or Google Drive/Dropbox cloud services as you wish. Yet, a single webp should be controlled within 50MB in size. Or you need to upgrade to its premium plan.


  • 2-direction image conversion: convert files from/to webp.
  • Convert webp to MP4 video format.
  • A wide selection of image editing features.


  • The input image size is too small, only 50MB.

Tutorial: How to Free Online Convert WebP to HEIC or Vice Versa on ezgif.com

Step 1. Add your webp image file or files to ezgif.com.

Step 2. Choose JPG as your final image format after the loading is finished.

convert webp to jpg on ezgif

Optionally. select the image editing tools to customize your webp picture on top menu if needed. Or move the image quality slide bar to adjust your webp image quality. The default quality is 85. Manually adjust it if you're not satisfied with the quality setting.

Step 3. Hit the blue button "Convert to JPG! " to commence converting webp to jpg online. After the conversion, download the output jpg file to your Windows 10/11. Then, you can playback webp image on any device or platform without incompatibility issue.

Part 3. Part 3. WebP/Avif image converter (WebP to JPG Chrome Extension)

Convert from/to WebP

There is an even more convenient way to download, convert and store webp images just the way you want. That is using Chrome extension - WebP/Avif image converter.

Just search this extension on your Chrome extensions and add it to Chrome browser. Then, when you find a webp image online and wanna keep it to your local computer drive, you can easily right click the image to hassle-free save webp image as JPG or PNG. This would be much more convenient and fast than the online webp to jpg converters. Therefore, if you're a Chrome browser user, you ought not to miss this extension.


  • The most convenient way to convert and save webp to jpg.
  • Webp image download & convert 2-in-1.


  • Only support webp, jpg and png as output image formats.
  • Only accessible for Chrome browser, not Safari or Firefox.

Tutorial: How to Fast Download and Convert WebP to JPG using Chrome Extension

Step 1. Add WebP/Avif image converter to your Chrome extension.

Step 2. Open Chrome browser and find your desired webp image > right click on the webp image > choose the new button "Convert and Save image as" option. Now the image is being processed and downloaded based on your preferences. Conversion to JPG, PNG and WebP are supported.

Convert webp to jpg via chrome extension

After the conversion, you can open your resulting jpg file and playback it anywhere you want.

To sum up, as you can see, the review rank doesn't mean anything. Each online webp image converter or webp to jpg Chrome extension has its own merits and demerits. Some have drawbacks in limited input file size while others are only alive for Chrome browser. Therefore, you don't have to vote for a winner. Instead, you just pick up the one you need at this moment.


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