Winxvideo AI V3.1

2 new & deep training AI models for video and image enhancement. "Fast mode" added.
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Major Updates of Winxvideo AI V3.1

2 image AI models: clearer, sharper
2 video AI models: smoother, better fidelity
Two modes levitating speed & quality

* The 3.1 version introduced 2 AI models for super resolustion regarding video and image enhancement, and it’s embedded the NVIDIA® TensorRT™ supports into the new AI models to optimize inference speed.


Fixed issue with black screen during super-resolution preview.

Fixed issue with garbled characters causing model download failure.

Fixed issue with failed hardware decoding on Intel hardware.

Fixed issue with invalid bitrate setting for HEVC encoding on Intel hardware.


Added: "Gen Detail" model for generating more details, clarity, and sharpness for videos/images, and delivering better perceptual quality.

Added: "Real Smooth" for video/image restoration, smoothing, flaw elimination, and better fidelity.

Integrated: Breakthrough AI-powered Debluring and Denoising technologies in "Gen Detail" and “Real Smooth” models.

Added: "Fast Mode" and "High Quality Mode" for video super-resolution, offering users flexibility between speed and quality.

Embedded: the NVIDIA® TensorRT™ supports into the new AI models to optimize inference speed.

Included: three resolution presets (1080p/2K/4K) in Super Resolution, enabling users to select output resolution directly.

Implemented: denoising effect across all AI models of Super Resolution, enhancing image clarity.


Removed the "Use High Quality Engine (Image Only)" option from the interface of Super Resolution

Removed the previous “Denoise Level” from the interface of Super Resolution.

Winxvideo AI V3.1
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Winxvideo AI
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Winxvideo AI
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Why it’s worth

Feature Comparison

WinX Video Converter

Winxvideo AI V3.1

Lifetime: $39.95$69.95
AI Video Enhancement

AI video model deep training

Fast and high quality mode for super resolution

Super resolution: Upscale low-quality video by up to 4X

Frame interpolation: Increase frame rates to 120/240/480 fps, create slow-motion

Stabilize shaky video footage captured with GoPro, DJI, or mobile phone

AI Image Enhancement

Real photo AI training

Upscale images up to 10K by 400%. Remove noise & blurriness

Convert Videos

Convert videos to MP4, H.264, MPEG, MKV, MOV, AVI, WMV, etc

Transcode videos to iPhone, iPad, Android, Microsoft and other devices

Convert video folder and music to different formats

8K, 4K, 1080p, HDR, 3D, 360° VR videos supported

HD video only

Adjust codec, bitrate, resolution, frame rate, aspect ratio, B-frames, etc

Basic settings only

Record Video

Record screen, webcam, and both in picture-in-pciture mode

Chrome key - remove webcam backgroud

Record full/custom screen, video call, gameplay, tutorial, demo, audio

Download Videos

Download video, audio, playlist, channel, M3U8, live stream, subtitle from 1000+ sites

Download video only

Download video to other formats

Default format only

MP4, MOV, WebM, MP3, etc

Search & add subtitles for movies and TV shows

Batch download

Edit Video

Trim, crop, merge video, add subtitle

Rotate, flip, speed up/down, effect, subtitle, add watermark, make GIF, etc

Color correction, remove fisheye, denoise, sharpen, deinterlace, A/V sync

Deinterlace only

Compress Videos

Resize 8K/4K/HD video by up to 90%, e.g. 1GB to 100 MB

Complicated settings

Straightforward options

Compress video with 98% original quality reserved


NVIDIA® TensorRT™ supports into the new AI models to optimize inference speed

Unique GPU acceleration tech, 47X faster than others

Continuous training of deep ML models for new generative AI capabilities in upcoming versions