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[Fixed] YouTube Videos not Playing/Working/Loading on iPhone

7 Solutions to Fix YouTube Videos Won't Play/Work/Load on iPhone Error

Q: I have an Iphone 8 and the ios update and youtube will not open. It flashes as if opening and then immediately closes. What is going on? - By Downdetector

YouTube not opening, and videos not playing error happen from time to time on iPhone. How do you watch YouTube videos on iPhone, with app, Safari or third-party browsers? Are you experiencing 'YouTube videos won't play on iPhone' no matter which way you try even though the network (Wi-Fi or cellular data) is quite good? Well, this article will help you find out the best solution to fix YouTube not playing/working/loading on iPhone problem.

6 Methods to Fix YouTube Videos Not Playing on iPhone Error

Everyone may get the fix of YouTube videos won't play on iPhone error by asking for help from Apple forum/community or searching on Google. Most answers are similar. If you got YouTube error message 'Playback error tap to retry', the following solutions probably appear in every suggestion.

  1. Change the network. Wi-Fi connection is much better than 3G/4G network.
  2. Clear cache files and cookies of YouTube app and browser.
  3. Restart device. Other apps or low memory may cause YouTube not playing on iPhone.
  4. Try to use other browsers or install the latest version of YouTube app.
  5. Update your iPhone to the latest system.


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Home > Video > Streaming Video > YouTube Videos not Playing on iPhone