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WinX DVD Copy Pro is made for decrypt and backup DVD to DVD disc, DVD to ISO image and also copy DVD to MPEG-2 file with intact original video track and surround AC3 audio. Following with this step-by-step DVD backup tutorial, you will learn How to Copy DVD to Blank DVD disc, How to Copy DVD main titles or separate chapters, How to Burn ISO/VIDEO_TS folder to DVD R/RW disc. Most importantly, right now you are using the rightest DVD backup & clone software - WinX DVD Copy Pro, which is competent for defeat most complicated DVD copy protections, severely scratched DVD units as well as ISO image mounting trouble!

WinX DVD Copy Pro User Guide

Q: How to copy a DVD to another DVD on Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10?

Commonly when desiring to make a DVD to DVD copy, 90% people will Google search online, and then prepare themself with a dozen seemingly feasible suggestions and solutions, and finally they weep out unworkable craps but they still fail to make a decent DVD backup. Otherwise, some tools' progressing bar just takes forever and never get the job done. But now, you simply need to Free Download WinX DVD Copy Pro. Double click the installation and few seconds later you can use it on the fly. After launching this program, you will see it is the simplicity self-explanatory on its interface, which makes WinX DVD Copy Pro suitable for all levels experienced users.

Copy DVD to DVD R / RW disc

Step 1: On the leftside function selecting area, choose Clone DVD to DVD option under Full DVD backup catagory.

Step 2: Select your source DVD and Target DVD Burner. Make sure the target DVD is rewritable and has enough storage.

Step 3: Set the Temp folder if you do not have two DVD drivers working at the same time. Make sure the hard drive saving Temp folder is larger than 9GB.

Step 4: Click Run button to begin DVD to DVD copy procedure. And around 20 minutes later, you will get 1:1 cloned DVD playable anywhere.

Q: How to backup DVD with the latest DVD Copy Protection?

Remove all DVD Copy Protections

In fact you have not to worry about a thing for any DVD copy protections with WinX DVD Copy Pro. Because it constantly updates to support latest encryptions. And when you are trying to copy commercial DVDs, make sure all Remove DVD Region Code, Remove CSS encryption, Remove UOPs, Check Disney's Fake options are selected. Besides, WinX DVD Copy Pro will defeat below DVD copy protecting tricks:

  1. Regular DVD (homemade DVD)
  2. Commercial DVD CSS encryption
  3. DVD Region Code Enhanced (RCE)
  4. User operation prohibition (UOP)
  5. Sony ARccOS DVD protection
  6. Disney New DVD Copy Protection --- Disney X-project DRM
  7. The Analog Protection System (APS)

Q: Can I delete these temp files after Copy DVD to DVD?

Delete temp files

Yes. It is optional for you to decide whether saving the temporary files after creating DVD to DVD clone.

How to Copy DVD to ISO image with WinX DVD Copy Pro?

Copy DVD to ISO

As above illustration indicated, WinX DVD Copy Pro offers you one-click DVD to ISO image solution. The output DVD ISO image can be used on:

  1. Burn to DVD disc. And usually these produced ISO are better than other video burning source, like AVI or MPEG2.
  2. Playable on majority of media players like VLC, MPlayer, DAPlayer, and even stream players.
  3. Backup to hard drive or mobile devices with powerful DVD Ripping software like WinX DVD Ripper Platinum.
  4. ISO image realizes a filing system which makes DVD library readily accessible.

Q: How to Copy DVD to VIDEO_TS folder?

Delete temp files

Although DVD disc has plenty of advantages, it still has some shortcomings. For example, the physical DVD is easily to be damaged, difficult to carry with and impossible to be mounted and edited. And at this moment, you have another option to create a complete 1:1 DVD backup more flexibly: Copy DVD to VIDEO_TS folder. Please note that a real DVD folder includes "Video_TS" and "Audio_TS". And "Video_TS" is composed of several files, namely, "VIDEO_TS.BUP", "VIDEO_TS.IFO" and "VIDEO_TS.VOB". VOB file could be accepted by DVD, but .VOB file is only part of the DVD folder.

Q: Can I Copy DVD to MPEG2 file so that I can have 5.1 audio and play the movie on HTPC and PS3?

Yes, WinX DVD Copy Pro can flawlessly satisfy you this need. Following up with below tutorial, you can backup DVD to MPEG2 with original image quality as well as untouched 5.1 channel Dolby AC3 DTS audio. Apart from playing back the DVD movie in MPEG2 format on your HTPC (Home Theater Personal Computer) and PS3, Xbox or Wii, you can also use them for below purpose:

  1. Thanks to immense compatibility of MPEG2 format, you can playback output video on majority of media players.
  2. Because of just copying original DVD Video/Audio data and remux to a MPEG-2, WinX DVD Copy Pro produces around 3GB file which is portable on USB flash drive.
  3. Modern hard drive reaches 1TB storage, so you may build a huge DVD collection with MPEG2 files, which perfectly preserve all DVD features.
  4. As the same as ISO image and VIDEO_TS folder, MPEG2 file is also pretty easy to burn to DVD disc.

Copy DVD to MPEG2

Step 1: Select Copy DVD to Single MPEG2 File option.

Step 2: Set Source and Target File positions.

Step 3: Check does it the right DVD title you want to backup. WinX DVD Copy Pro auto chooses main title for you!

Step 4: Check the Audio and Subtitle tracks.

Step 5: Right click Run button to set off DVD to MPEG2 conversion process.

Q: My DVDs are Episodic TV series, can I copy them too?

Copy DVD Chapter

Yes, since Episodic TV series DVDs and Music video DVDs are not exactly same, WinX DVD Copy Pro provides Copy DVD Chapter option for you.

Copy DVD Chapter

And on the right side of main GUI, you can choose one or more DVD chapters that you want to backup.

Q: I can not find movie audio from Internet, but can I get it from my DVD disc?

Extract Audio Only

Yes, with Extract Audio Only / Extract Video Only option, you can freely get audio / video tracks from DVD movie.

Q: Can I mount ISO image so that I can burn it to a DVD disc?

ISO Mounter and DVD Burner

Yes, with built-in ISO Mounter and DVD Burner, you can mount ISO image to a new virtual drive and burn ISO or VIDEO_TS folder to DVD disc.

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