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What does WinX DVD Copy Pro do?WinX DVD Copy Pro is a DVD Backup program which is competent for creating DVD to DVD copy, converting DVD to ISO image, backing up DVD to computer hard drive as VIDEO_TS folder or single MPEG2 file, removing DVD protections, recovering physical scratched and Sony ARccOS bad sectors and burning ISO image / VIDEO_TS folder to DVD R/RW disc, etc.

What DVD Backup Schemes does WinX offer me? So far WinX DVD Copy Pro offers 9 DVD Backup Schemes:
1. Clone DVD to DVD - copy D9 to D9 or D5 to D5, keep 1:1 ratio. Intact DVD Video/Audio data are cloned to blank DVD+/-R, DVD+/-RW, DVD+/-R DL.
2. Clone DVD to ISO image - 1:1 mirroring DVD to ISO image.
3. Clone DVD to VIDEO_TS folder - ready to playback on computer.
4. Copy to Single MPEG2 File - keep original video tracks and high-fidelity 5.1-channel AC3/DTS Dolby audio.
5. Copy DVD Chapter- copy certain range of chapters and it is especially designed for Episodic TV series DVDs and Music video DVDs.
6. Extract Video Only-extract DVD movie for particular use.
7. Extract Audio Only- extract DVD movie for particular use.
8. ISO Mounter-mount ISO image file to Disc
9. DVD Burner-burn ISO image file or DVD folder to Disc

How long will final DVD clone be available? Under our testing circumstance, producing a DL DVD disc with WinX DVD Copy Pro requires 12 - 17 minutes. And this time somehow also depends on the write speed of blank disc, DVD drive, CPU, etc.

Does WinX Support latest DVD Copy protections? Can I get a list for consulting? Yes, WinX DVD Copy Pro constantly updates to support latest DVD copy protections, even including the most complicated Disney X-project DRM tricks. And the complete list of WinX defeated DVD Copy encryptions includes:
1. Commercial DVD CSS encryption.
2. DVD Region Code Restriction
3. DVD Region Code Enhanced (RCE).
4. User operation prohibition (UOP).
5. Sony ARccOS DVD protection.
6. Disney New DVD Copy Protection --- Disney X-project DRM.
7. The Analog Protection System (APS).

Do I have to Give a Class on how to maximally optimize DVD backup quality? No, there is no need to consider about these complicated parameter settings with WinX DVD Copy Pro. Because in fact every copy produced with WinX DVD Copy Pro is exactly the replica of origin DVD with crystal clear image and high-fidelity sound. Thanks to special Sector-by-sector DVD to DVD copying method, WinX guarantees you with perfect 1:1 DVD copy.

Do I Need a DVD Recorder (or they called DVD Burner, DVDR)?That depends. If you want to copy DVD to DVD R / RW (disc to disc), then you need to prepare your computer with a DVD recorder. If you want to backup DVD content to computer hard drive or USB flash drive, then there is no need for a DVD recorder.
Tips: A DVD recorder (also known as a DVD Burner, DVDR), is an optical disc recorder that records video onto blank writeable DVD media. Such devices are available as either installable drives for computers or as standalone components for use in studios or home theater systems.

Do I need to prepare temporary folder to store temp files? If yes, how much storage space is sufficient?Before DVD to DVD copying, WinX DVD Copy Pro needs a Temp Folder to save source DVD ISO image file, then burn the temporary file to blank DVD disc. Ordinary DVD Copy software requires around 18GB hard drive space, while only 9GB is enough for WinX DVD Copy Pro. Delete the temp files when finish is Default option but you can also keep them by undoing this set

Why I pick up Clone DVD to DVD option but there is no DVD drive available in the "Target DVD Burner"? If WinX DVD Copy Pro cannot detect DVD+RW drive on your computer, the "Target DVD Burner" will be empty. So make sure you have DVD rewritable drive first. If you don't, then you can still use WinX DVD Copy Pro to backup DVD to hard drive as VIDEO_TS folder, ISO image or single MPEG2 file.

Why WinX DVD Copy Pro installation fails on my Windows 7? Our product only works for users who have administrator permissions or run as administrator, because it needs to access some system files that other accounts are disallowed. There are two ways to solve this problem:
1. Reinstall it to non-system partition, like D:\, E:\ ..., if you have other partitions.
2. If you still need to install it on C: partition, please run it as administrator.

My target blank DVD is DVD-R v1.0, which is not big enough to contain source DVD, what should I do then? 1. Choose "Copy to Single MPEG2 File" option to get main movie content. The ordinary output size is around 3GB from a D5 disc.
2. Use larger Dual-layer blank DVD R / RW as target disc.

I get this on every DVD I put in: "The Output Folder is not writable....please select another one". What should I do???It means that you cannot write data to the folder you choose. Please select another folder as the output folder.

When I click to open the program, an error box pops up and says: "EAccess Violation". Please help me get it working again. Please uninstall the old version first and then install the latest version to have a try.
And non-system drive, like D: / E: /etc., are recommended to install.
Download link: https://www.winxdvd.com/download/winx-dvd-copy-pro.exe

The temp files are always so large; can the program automatically delete them after the copy process? Sure, you can simply choose Delete temp files when finished.

I am informed that I do not have enough space. What am doing wrong? Make sure the temp folder is more than 9 GB hard disk free space.

How Can I add ISO files to burn? I did not find an option. Simply right click your ISO file and choose Mount Image to Drive with WinX. Or you can click ISO mounter in Tools and choose the resource ISO file and click Run.
Then you can go to Clone DVD to DVD.

I cannot burn/copy with WinX DVD Copy Pro, need help! Please delete all the files in the temporary folder established by WinX DVD Copy Pro - C:\Users\username\Videos\tmpiso\

Why cannot I burn my D9 to a D5? Currently, WinX DVD Copy Pro does not support a DVD9 to DVD5 backup. It would be in the future version.

Is Your Program 100% clean? Our software is 100% clean. No virus, no Trojan, no malware and spyware.
There are always strict tests before we release our program. It is definitely a safe program.
If your antivirus/security program reports it as a virus or harm to your computer, it should be a false detection.
You can temporarily close your antivirus/security program or contact us with the following information:
*Virus report (Important)
*Operating system?
*Version of the program you have?
*Version of your antivirus program and is it the latest version or is it updated to the latest virus database?

How Can I copy DVD9 to DVD5 with WinX DVD Copy Pro? As now most of the commercial DVDs are DVD 9 and in order to keep the original video quality, we now only support 1:1 DVD backup: DVD 9 to DVD 9 and DVD 5 to DVD 5.