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How to Make HandBrake Faster on PC/Mac – HandBrake Speedup and Acceleration Tips

Thanks to the support for Multithreading technology and multiple CPU cores, this best HandBrake alternative can speed up your DVD ripping and converting speed to a great extent...

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HandBrake is a useful and free video/audio/Bluray/DVD conversion program for Windows, Mac and Linux. It is a good accompaniment to convert media file formats for home computer. However, one of the biggest headache bewildering users is the slow conversion speed. Here some feedbacks on the internet about the slow working speed from HandBrake users:

- "It takes over an hour to do a movie, and about 30-45 minutes to do an episode of a TV show"
- "Handbrake will use as much processor power as your machine can throw at it"
- "I usually try to put some kids DVDs on the iPad or Mac air before a trip. I open them with mactheripper and then convert with handbrake. The process takes 3 hrs on a 2 yr old iMac."

Why is HandBrake so slow? How to make HandBrake convert DVD much faster? These questions are to be analyzed in the following text.

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What Possible Reasons Make HandBrake So Slow?

HandBrake is slow? Why? There might be many factors affecting the slowness, the most possible ones among which are:

1. HandBrake only uses one CPU core, and does not apply any advanced conversion speedup technologies like multithreading.

2. The configuration of your computer may not be high enough to support converting DVDs/Bluray discs/videos with HandBrake. In such cases, you are maxing out your machine and using up your CPU.

3. The input file may be too large for or incompatible with HandBrake. When you are ripping copy-protected DVDs (like rip Disney DVDs) or DVDs with several titles, Handbrake will scan them one by one. So the time will be extremely long. Besides, DVD copy protection methods other than CSS are not supported by HandBrake.

4. You may have selected a 2-pass encoding for a high-quality video file, and Handbrake will go over your video twice, which may takes more time.

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Several Solutions to Speed up HandBrake on PC/Mac

There are many solutions to speed up your HandBrake's DVD ripping or video conversion speed. Here we sort out the most effective and pointed ideas that worth trying according to your own situation:

1. Upgrade the hardware of your computer: check whether your computer configuration and system specs are too low or out of date. If necessary, increase RAM and processor power, and upgrade your CPU.

2. Set the process priority to High or Real Time on your computer.

3. Try to shrink your video file. By default, you'll be ripping the files at full-size, which guarantee great quality but takes much space on your computer. Generally, the better the output video quality is, the larger the output file will be, and vice versa. Similarly, the higher resolution, frame rate and other parameters the source video has, the longer it takes to convert a video. Therefore, please try the following means for compressing the video size:
a. Select a comparatively smaller size for the file, which will certainly save you a lot of storage room. You can afford to cut down on the image quality especially when you are just want o watch videos on iPhone 4/5/6, iPad mini/2/3/4, iPad Air/2, iPad Pro, iPod Touch 5, Android gadgets, or PC;
b. Slim down the audio quality through HandBrake audio settings, or only select one audio track necessary for you.
c. Cut out the credits (the last one in general situation) by unselecting that chapter in the Source Settings;

4. Learn to calculate HandBrake video quality settings. If you learn to choose the parameters that are perfectly suitable for your needs well, you can get a high quality video with a smaller file size at the same time.

5. Find a best HandBrake alternative. HandBrake does have some defeats that lead to a slow DVD decoding and converting speed. You are suggested to go for some DVD conversion software as the HandBrake alternative which makes full use of Multithreading technology and multiple CPU cores. For example, when you are using the famous DVD ripper WinX DVD Ripper Platinum (which uses multithreading), you can set the "CPU Core Use" in "Advanced Setting" area to take the advantage of up to 8 cores, if you have multiple CPU. Or choose the unique DVD copy modes that can copy and convert DVD to ISO, DVD to MPEG2, or DVD to folder with several minutes. It supports almost all copy protected DVDs, Disney encrypted DVDs included.

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It also has Mac version as the alternative of HandBrake for Mac to fast rip and convert DVD, DVD ISO image and DVD folder.

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