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How to convert AVCHD M2TS MKV MPEG WMV FLV AVI to iPad iPod iPhone Apple TV on Mac OS X? WinX HD Video Converter for Mac is the professional HD video conversion software which supports converting Multi-track MKV M2TS HD videos, Blu-ray videos and HD camcorder videos to MOV, MP4, MPEG, FLV, AVI, iPhone, iPad, iPod, PSP, etc.
1. Launch the program and import the video.
2. Select the target video format/device and output folder.
3. Click "Start" and go.
You may also follow the detailed user guide.

How to download and convert Website online video, such as YouTube video? WinX HD Video Converter for Mac is an all-round video converting software which could help users convert nearly all website videos, e.g. Youtube, HD Youtube, Dailymotion, Yahoo! Video, Metacafe, Myspace, etc. To convert these videos, you just need to add the url of target video by clicking "YouTube" button, and then do as convert the general videos.

Can this HD video converter transfer HD video from AVCHD M2TS and MKV to iTunes for my iPhone iPad? Yes. Built in 210+ different A/V codecs, WinX HD Video Converter for Mac can not only convert H.264, MP4, MPEG, OGG, FLV, SWF, YouTube video to iPhone/iPhone4/iPhone 3GS/iPhone 3G/iPad, but convert popular video AVI, MPG, Divx, Xvid, VOB, RM, RMVB, ASF, WMV, WTV to iTunes, iPhone, iPad compatible MP4 H264 video.
In additon, it is a smart HD AVCHD M2TS and MKV to iPhone iPad video converter which can easily convert 1080P and 720P AVCHD M2TS video file to iPhone iPad compatible MP4 H.264 videos.

How to import and transfer the converted video to iPhone/iPad/iPod/Apple TV/PSP? Please launch iTunes, go to menu File > Add File to Library to import converted video from output folder into iTunes. Or just drag and drop the video into iTunes. Press the Sync button to load the target video to your Apple devices.

Can I edit video file name for proper display on my iPhone/iPad/iPod/Apple TV/PSP? Yes, you can. WinX HD Video Converter for Mac can make converted video display with proper file name on iPhone/iPad/iPod/Apple TV/PSP. To do this, please edit "Display Name" and "Artist Name" in the "File Setting" area.

How can I make the video fit the full screen of iPhone/iPad/iPod without black line? Please click the drop-down menu beside "Output Image Setting". Then choose "Stretch to Full Screen". After finish converting, you can play the output video on iPhone/iPad/iPod without black line.

Does WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe support Google TV video and VPX 8? Yes. WinX HD Video Converter for Mac is continuously updated to support the new video formats in the market. Google TV is a new experience made for television that combines the TV. We have optimized our video converter to support converting GoogleTV WebM (Vpx8) to MP4, H.264, iPhone, iPad and iTunes.

How to clip a segment from a video? If you'd like to convert a segment of the HD video, you can trim the clips by dragging the left or right slider bar under the preview windows or by choosing the "Start Time" and "End Time" in the Output Setting area. Finally, do as converting general videos.

How to extract background music from video file? Import the video file or type the YouTube video URL, and select "to Music" button. You will be able to extract the background music as MP3 music file.

How to extract pictures from the imported video? Select your favorite picture by dragging left and right slider bar or setting the "Start Time" and "End Time", then click snapshot button to take picture appearing in the video and store as JPEG or BMP.

What's the "Video Quality"? The "Video Quality" is namely the output file video bitrate. 1500 kbps is a good choice if you need a good image quality. Increasing the video quality will increase the output file size and image quality. Reducing the video quality will reduce the output file size and the image quality. 1500 kbps will output a file size about 2GB with 3 hours movie (720x404 image size) with very good image quality.

How to get high quality videos? The output video quality is decided by many factors, say, original video, output format, frame rate and so on. There are some ways to improve the converted quality with WinX HD Video Converter for Mac.
1. Change the output format to "MP4".
2. Please select "Use High Quality Engine" option.
3. Raise "kbps" in "Video Quality" setting area.
4. Choose "Deinterlacing" for converting interlaced scanning movie/video to progressive scanning video.
PS: Please note that high quality video setting will increase the conversion process time. And the final video quality is somewhat up to original DVD quality.

How to increase the output file sound volume? You just need to drag the "Volume" slider bar.

If the original video is corrupted, is it possible to convert and fix the corrupted video file with this program? Yes, it is possible. WinX HD Video Converter for Mac is capable of fixing incorrect data automatically while converting. Meanwhile, this program makes it possible to convert even corrupted video files for smoothly playback on PC.

Can I adjust the video resolution to set the output image size? You can adjust the video resolution to set the output image size. There are three choices available for general output video files:
1. Original Size and Keep Aspect Ratio. This option will lead an output with the original video image size (Automatically keep aspect ratio, and you can't adjust the width and height).
2. Custom Size and Keep Aspect Ratio (default setting). This option allows you adjust the image width. And it will calculate the height to keep the video image aspect ratio as original.
3. Custom Size with Custom Aspect Ratio. This option cannot calculate the width and height. Therefore, you can adjust the width and height. Maybe you will lose the image aspect ratio in the output file. Please calculate the aspect ratio by yourself.

How can I speed up the converting? There are quite a few factors influencing the duration of converting:
1. The length and size of the original video file.
2. Output file properties such as resolution, video quality.
3. Computer hardware level.
And there are some tips that may be useful for speeding up conversion:
1. The higher parameter the source video has, resolution, frame rate, etc, the longer it takes to convert the video.
2. Please set the "CPU Core Use" in "Advanced Setting" area. WinX HD Video Convert for Mac supports up to 8 CPU Core which dramatically improves the video converting speed.

If the audio is out of sync with video, how do I deal with it? Please choose "Safe Mode" in the interface to have a try. WinX HD Video Converter for Mac will rebuild the Audio and Video play time stamp to force it synchrony. This feature is useful even if your original video’s audio failed to sync with movie.

I can convert only a few minutes of the video. Or it show "Stop Working" error message. Why? Reinstall it to non-system partition, like D:\, E:\ ..., if you have other partitions.
Click "Browse" button to change output folder to non-system partition, like D:\, E:\...
And please close other programs when converting.
If it still not works, please check whether your video plays properly. Or you may use other videos to have a try.
PS, Please download the latest version form here.

When I click to open the program, an error box pops up and says: "EAcess Violation". Please help me get it working again. Please uninstall the old version first and then install the latest version to have a try.
And non-system partitions, like D: / E: /etc., are recommended to install.
Download form here.

Why there is no audio when I play the converted video? Please make sure your player has the right audio codec for the converted video. If your player is ok, you may try the following methods:
1. Choose other output formats for your video.
2. Use other video files to have a try.

Why my QuickTime player can't play the mpeg files? QuickTime cannot play the mpeg files, because it does not have an MPEG-2 decoder unless you buy it. For more information, please visit the QuickTime introduction.

Can I create personalized profile for further usage? Please click "Option" button on the upper navigation bar and select "Profile Setting". You can create personalized profile for devices by editing the video/audio parameters. Then change the "Profile Name" and click "Add". Finally, click "OK" to save the setting and quit. After that, when you convert video for the specific device, you can find your personalized profile by clicking "Profile Setting" drop-down menu.

I get this on every movie I put in: "The Output Folder is not writable....please select another one". What should I do? It means that you cannot write data to the folder you choose. Please select another folder as the output folder.

On one of my video I am trying to convert, when I load it into the program it turns the video upside down. When I play the video with quicktime player it plays fine. Any ideas on what is going on and how to fix this? You are able to make the video normal. Please simply go Edit and set here:


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