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6 Useful Facebook Apps to Get More Likers

At the end of 2007, Facebook announced the launch of Facebook Pages. There are numerous ways for brands to leverage Facebook getting more fans. Forget that there are over 20 million people become Facebook fans every day, only if you can get 1% of those people to be your fans, the impact well be superb. So it's time to boost your fans page with the proper Facebook Apps.

Facebook Apps is more like a dress-up to make your page more interesting and full of fun for your "Likers". This blog tells about some must have apps for your Facebook page and they can be of interesting ways to call your "Likes" into action.

1. Welcome Tab For Pages
"Never let the strangers first get the WALL". Keep your page full of imagination and clarity, Welcome Tab is a good app to list your profiles, business, products, service and upcoming events, etc. It is an ideal way to communicate with 'Likers'. Special promote the giveaway, contest and Win Free Copy as the upcoming events or on-going events in the Welcome Tab page will help you catch people's eyes at the first time.

2. Static FBML
If you are Web or blog owners, you will be familiar with HTML codes or CSS for customizations and such. now you can fix up a desired tab in your fan page according to your likings with Static FBML (Facebook Markup Language). With Static FBML, you can edit or add extra info to your Facebook fans pages using the HTML or FBML. Only more and valued info can help you get more fans.

3. Facebook Notes
This well known app will automatically bring everything into Facebook and show all of your fans that you've posted a new Note. Social RSS do the same purpose. Notes have a 'share' button that can be used to get the message viral. Don't limit the good news within your fan page. Encourage your fans to share the note if they find it useful.

4. Discussion Board
Discussion Board is normally ready on your tab when you setup Facebook Fan Page. Discussion Board is a mini forum for you and fans to interact and help each other. Remind them about this tab frequently, encourage active discussions to build engaging relationship among the fans. At the same time, as the Facebook page owner, you should response your fans as soon as possible.

5. Twitter App
This App will automatically pull your tweets into your Facebook status, and it puts a cute little Twitter-themed box on your profile, so everyone knows you're cool enough to be on Twitter. Tag with @Name, at the same time you will find out who else is currently using this App on Facebook. Connect him or her to expand your followers in Twitter.

6. SMS-Me
Found this new App not for a long time, but it becoming popular. SMS-Me allows your Facebook page fans to send you text messages without you having to give out your cell number! They type a message, click Send, and it goes directly to your cell phone! With this App, you can catch your fans ideas everywhere every time.