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Convert M2TS to MKV, Compress HD M2TS to Matroska Video

M2TS to MKV Video Converter lets you convert M2TS video to MKV file and shrink 50 gb video to 10 gb keeping best quality.

HD M2TS and MKV Video Knowledge

The .m2ts is a filename extension used for the BDAV MPEG-2 Transport Stream container file format. It is based on the M2TS (MPEG-2 transport stream) container. You may cope with M2TS[1] video files frequently since this container format is commonly used for high definition video on Blu-ray Disc and AVCHD. This article will let you know why need convert M2TS to MKV.

You can get some original M2TS to MKV video by ripping directly from BD disc with WinX Blu-ray Decrypter software. Since Sony and Panasonic are developers of AVCHD MTS Video, by far AVCHD also used by Canon, JVC and Hitachi. Your HD camcorder shootings will come to video files with .mts or .m2ts extension.

MKV Video is also well known for its full name - Matroska[2], which is an Open standard Free container format. You can hold an unlimited number of video, audio, picture or subtitle tracks inside one single MKV file.

You Will Benefit Greatly from Converting M2TS to MKV File

One situation you need to convert M2TS video to MKV format - If your M2TS files is ripped out of Blu-ray Disc, after converting Blu-ray M2TS video to MKV formats, you have decrypted M2TS file stored on Blu-ray Disc to open source MKV video. It is a desirable Blu-ray Disc backup solution, since you can shrink full content of 50G Dual-layer BD m2ts to 10G video in MKV format, yet the degradation is unperceivable to your eyes!

At the mean time, you can keep original BDAV M2TS audio track, subtitle track, video track (for multi-angle BDAVs), and menu within one single Matroska file. That means, without any Blu-ray movie features abandoned, you can make perfect Blu-ray Disc backup in MKV format. The HD MKV movie viewing experience is just as fantastic as when you playback original Blu-ray M2TS video.

If you pursuits minimum output MKV file size, you can get even smaller size by reducing these redundant Blu-ray elements. For instance, some chapters deliver little information, like Movie Extras, you do not have to reserve computer hard disk space for them. Also you do not need to keep all language and subtitle tracks in your output MKV video if you feel they are useless.

The Other occasion you need M2TS to MKV converting - if you are HD Camcorder shooting lover, than you have great chance to deal with AVCHD camcorder, which records video in M2TS format. Thanks to AVCHD M2TS and MKV video employs H.264 video codec, after convert M2TS to MKV format, you will have lossless output quality. The export MKV image is as appealing as your 1080p AVCHD recordings.

And also, as mentioned above, MKV is open source video format. Open source programs have an arguably higher potential for more creative solutions and broader implementation. When playback AVCHD M2TS video, you definitely have to pay close attention to overheat of your computer, high-end CPU and Graphic Card required, or even you hardly find competent AVCHD Payer software. But after converting AVCHD M2TS video to MKV video, there awaits many Free MKV Players and Free MKV Editors.

To sum up, no matter your source of M2TS video is ripped off from Blu-ray Disc or AVCHD recording, one thing you need to note is that - if you want to use a stand-alone device like a HTPC, Popcorn Hour or a Western Digital player, you'll probably have better compatibility with the MKV container than M2TS.

Convert M2TS to MKV with Best Free M2TS to MKV Video Converter

Some Best Free M2TS to MKV Converter is capable with your converting demand. After convert M2TS to MKV video, you will get the following benefits:

1. Encoding your video with MKV particular VBR and VFR methods, which while keeping the original image quality and picture size, you can get much smaller files size. It is more convenient to share your HD recordings in MKV than AVCHD M2TS format.

2. With Best Free M2TS to MKV Converter, you can attach original or additional language tracks, subtitle tracks, background music, menu and even comment to the Matroska that made by your own.

3. Since WebM video is based on MKV compression, you can download or upload MKV on web freely.

4. If your M2TS video source is 1080i AVCHD, by converting M2TS to MKV format, you can make Matroska video with de-interlaced scanning rather than original interlaced video.

5. Convert M2TS to MKV, you will have more stable and smooth playback and editing process, since AVCHD M2TS is quite resource-consuming for your computer.

6. Best Free M2TS to MKV Converter features resize function, which shrink your original M2TS to the correct resolution to fulfill your Displayer or Portable devices need, like iPhone 4, iPod touch 4 960 x 640 Retina Display or iPad 1024 x 768 LED display.

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[1]: .m2ts - BDAV MPEG-2 Transport Stream container file format

[2]: MKV Video - Free Open Source HD Video format, born with future designs

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