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Winxvideo AI

AI-powered video enhancer & converter. Upscale, stabilize, convert, edit video.

Complete toolkit powered by AI. Enhance old, low-quality video/image, upscale to 4K, stabilize shaky video, boost frame rate to 120/240fps, convert, compress, record, and edit 4K/8K/HDR video with full GPU acceleration, achieving cinema-grade visuals in every frame. Learn More >>

Giveaway Version V2.0
  • Get access to all features of current version V2.0
  • No update to future versions
  • No ongoing deep ML model training
  • Basic support only

Giveaway VS Full >>

Full Version V3.1
  • Lifetime access to all existing features and future features included
  • [New] 2 new AI models for image/video enhancement.
  • [New] "Fast Mode" for video super-resolution & faster speed.
  • Continuous training of deep ML models
  • Stay up-to-date on our AI training with bi-monthly upgrades
  • One time fee, 30-day money back guarantee. Priority tech support.

Winxvideo AI V3.1

2 new & deep training AI models for video and image enhancement. "Fast mode" added.
*Limited offer, only for this page!

Major Updates of Winxvideo AI V3.1

2 image AI models: clearer, sharper
2 video AI models: smoother, better fidelity
Two modes levitating speed & quality

* The 3.1 version introduced 2 AI models for super resolustion regarding video and image enhancement, and it’s embedded the NVIDIA® TensorRT™ supports into the new AI models to optimize inference speed.


Added: "Gen Detail" model for generating more details, clarity, and sharpness for videos/images, and delivering better perceptual quality.

Added: "Real Smooth" for video/image restoration, smoothing, flaw elimination, and better fidelity.

Integrated: Breakthrough AI-powered Debluring and Denoising technologies in "Gen Detail" and “Real Smooth” models.

Added: "Fast Mode" and "High Quality Mode" for video super-resolution, offering users flexibility between speed and quality.

Embedded: the NVIDIA® TensorRT™ supports into the new AI models to optimize inference speed.

Included: three resolution presets (1080p/2K/4K) in Super Resolution, enabling users to select output resolution directly.

Implemented: denoising effect across all AI models of Super Resolution, enhancing image clarity.


Removed the "Use High Quality Engine (Image Only)" option from the interface of Super Resolution

Removed the previous “Denoise Level” from the interface of Super Resolution.


Fixed issue with black screen during super-resolution preview.

Fixed issue with garbled characters causing model download failure.

Fixed issue with failed hardware decoding on Intel hardware.

Fixed issue with invalid bitrate setting for HEVC encoding on Intel hardware.

Our Efforts and Achievements in the Past 18 Years

WinXDVD will unswervingly hold the aim to be the world’s best digital media company

  • 700,000,000

    Satisfied Customers

  • 3,600,000

    DVDs Processed per Year

  • 2009

    Launched by WinXDVD

  • 2009
    The powerful DVD tool debuted in market
  • 2013
    Fresh new
    and intuitive UI
  • 2014
    Multiple languages added for global customers
  • 2015
    Highly-praised by 2000+ authority sites
  • 2017
    Added level-3 hardware acceleration
  • 2020
    Video quality, size and speed balance with 9 Tech
  • NOW
    Processed 60M+ DVDs, with number increasing

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