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Free Download 3D Videos Movies on Windows 10

Step-by-step Guide to Free Download 3D Videos Movies in SD/720P/1080P/4K UHD on Windows 10 from YouTube

Q:I bought a HD TV that is capable of displaying high quality 3D videos. But the question is where and how can I free download 3D videos on Windows 10 which I upgraded from Windows 7 to a few days ago. Thus, I can import the downloaded 3D videos to my 3D TV for later playback. Any suggestions?

If you're also searching for the solution to free download 3D movies or video clips on Windows 10, look no further, this article will introduce a free 3D video downloader for Windows 10 which is skilled at downloading 3D videos from the internet for free. Once done, you can play 3D videos on your 3D TV set (such as Sony 3D LED LCD HDTVs, Samsung, Panasonic, Toshiba, LG, Sharp) or others with perfect effect.

Best Free 3D Video Downloader for Windows 10

WinX YouTube Downloader - Free download any 3D videos from YouTube and more sites on Windows 10 as easy as ABC. 100% FREE.

Best Free 3D Video Downloader for 3D Video Downloading on Windows 10

Before we seek for a 3D video downloader, we should figure out where we can access to 3D video sources. Actually, we can view 3D videos from many popular video-sharing websites, such as, YouTube. Obviously, it is impossible to download 3D videos from YouTube directly. But you can grab 3D videos from YouTube with the help of a free 3D video downloader, like WinX YouTube Downloader.

WinX YouTube Downloader is one of the most prevailing desktop YouTube downloader for Windows. And its full support for Windows 10 OS makes it superior to other downloaders in the market. This tool is capable of free downloading any 3D video, including SD/720P HD/ 1080P HD/ 4K UHD 3D YouTube videos. You can use it to free download 3D video clips, 3D full movies, 3D movie trailers, etc. in MP4/FLV/3GP/WebM whip and spur without quality loss, owing to the utilization of Multi-thread and Multicast Technology and High Quality Engine. It is free, clean and continuously updated. You can download it for 3D/2D movie downloading on Windows once and for all.

How to Free Download 3D Videos/Movies on Windows 10?

Downloading 3D videos on Windows 10 can be easily achieved with the above recommended Windows 10 YouTube downloader. Download and install it on your Windows 10 computer. Follow the main steps given below.

Step 1. Import 3D video YouTube URL.
Open, type your search conditions e.g. The Hobbit 3D trailer into the YouTube search box, browse and pick out the 3D video, and then play it and copy the URL from the address bar. Then, launch the WinX 3D video downloader, click the chain-like button, and paste the copied URL.

Step 2. Analyzing the to-be downloaded 3D video.
This 3D video downloader for Windows 10 will analyze the video information automatically after you click "Paste & Analyze". After a while, you'll get several output options. You can choose anyone as you like and click "Ok" to move on.

Tips: If you want to download a bunch of 3D videos on Windows 10 at one go, please repeat the first two steps before any further.

Free Download 3D Videos on Windows 10
Free Download 3D Videos on Windows 10

Step 3. Begin downloading 3D videos on Windows 10.
Simply hit "Download" button on the bottom right corner of the main window. And you can estimate the left time from the progress bar.

When finished, you can watch the downloaded 3D videos/movies on your smart 3D TV, such as Samsung, LG and Sony smart 3D TV. Besides, you may be also allowed to import the downloaded 3D videos movies to the upcoming Microsoft HoloLens for perfect viewing experience.

FYI: What Do You Need to Watch Videos in 3D?

You'll need a 3D display (a television or monitor), a 3D video player (a 3D Blu-ray player, PlayStation 3, or cable box), 3D media (3D Blu-rays, games, or television), 3D glasses (for every viewer), and 3D-compatible cables.

Best All-in-one 3D Video Downloader and Converter

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe - Download 3D videos, and movies (full movie/trailer) and TV shows episodes in SD/HD/4K UHD video quality in MP4/FLV/WebM format and convert 3D movie videos to AVI, MOV, WMV, MPEG, iPhone 11/Pro, iPad Air 2/Mini 4, Samsung Galaxy Note 10/Edge, Google Nexus, PS3/4, Xbox, etc, on PC/Mac.

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