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Can't Download AV1 Videos from YouTube & How to Tackle the Barrier?

This is a post about how to download AV1 videos from YouTube. There will be an analysis of why you cannot download AV1 videos, and the solution to the issue. problem.

Have you ever fallen in with this problem: While downloading the YouTube video with a video downloader, no information about the video was found and the video is still unavailable even if its information can be captured. But on YouTube, the video does exist, and the link is not broken.

forum question

According to the forums, this kind of boiling water is not uncommon. Not a few people have experience like this. So what's going on with the download error? The first step is to check out if the videos you watch are AV1 videos, or not.

Part 1. How to Make Sure Whether A Video Is AV1-encoded Or Not?

How-to: play a YouTube video > right-click > stats for nerds

From the parameters shown in the upper left corner, find the codec model, like this
codec type

Tips: If you see AV01 for Codecs, then the video is using the AV1 Codec.

The second step is to know the reason why people can't download AV1 videos from YouTube.

Part 2. AV1 Is the Culprit for YouTube Video Download Failure

Here are a few elementary problems that could be understood and resolved easily. It could be any of the lists:

  • Copyright issue.
  • The given URL cannot be recognized.
  • Your YouTube downloader is not updated.
  • Software like McAfee may interfere with the YouTube video downloader.

Besides, there is a reason that is about something technical. Do you know that YouTube tested in a batch of AV1 videos in 2018? That's the point.

Sophisticated Factor — AV1

AV1 is an immature codec technology that its encode has to cost a lot more time than existing mainstream encoding technology and in the meantime, it is also questionable how many devices can play AV1 without additional hardware acceleration. The very few people know this kind of stuff though, choose to look away. So most people are unwilling to spend time and money on it. There are only a small number of that who would like to embrace it. Therefore, public awareness of AV1 is quite low, and at least 80% people have never heard of something like "AV1, HEVC, etc." so when people get stuck in YouTube video download, they'll look blank, and they don't know it's an AV1 accident at all.

You don't know how to use a newly-purchased phone, but after learning its secrets a few days later, you do. That is the same situation with AV1 video download. Developers write into software the detailed coding process that how AV1 videos are download, and then install the document which recorded information of AV1, and finally throw the document into the container of MP4 encapsulation format, so the software has the ability to download AV1 videos. The focus of this process is how to make the software master the knowledge of AV1, which is artificially added though. The reason why the video downloaders you employ can't download AV1 videos is that they don't know how to get along well with AV1 videos before they're filed with AV1 information.

Part 3. Solutions to Download AV1 Video from YouTube

1. Online video downloaders:

I am afraid to say that things would be much worse if you choose this way.

1. Many video downloaders don't support downloading a AV1 video.
2. The very few part of online AV1 video downloaders/software turn out to be much more hurtful. Conundrums at present:

The limitations of video image quality. The numbered online video downloaders/software can only download the maximum image quality of 720p if the video and audio are combined together. Among them, the average download quality of AV1 video image is about 480p (The data came from the top 6 YouTube video downloaders in the first SERP of Google).Some of the video downloaders only provide a maximum image quality of 720p for AV1 video download(audio-video combined), and only silent videos are available beyond that image resolution while no extra audio source is prepared,like SaveFrom and BitDownloader:

If you want to enjoy the quality of 1080p or above, you have no alternative but to download the video and audio separately. After downloading, two files you'll get, one is an audio file, and the other, video file. Then you need to download a software to synthesize the audio and video. Think twice if you intend to do something stupid for that the combination of video and audio in high resolution usually makes jack a dull boy. Nevertheless, that after doing so far only to find the resulting audio and video are out of sync will turn all your previous efforts into bubbles.

2. WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe

  • Whatever the resolutions are, all the videos downloaded from YouTube by Deluxe are audio-video connected.
  • Deluxe will analyze all the resolutions of the target video and give priority to the highest resolution.
  • Choose the display resolution that your device's performance can afford in resolutions from 256*144 to 7680*4320.
  • All you need to do: Paste URL->analyze-> resolution choose-> (parameters adjust if necessary) ->destination folder check->Run (download).
download av1 video

Step 1: Import your AV1 videos, select an output profile, and click the gear icon in the upper right corner. When you select the output profile, you will see the codec of the counterpart device.

output profile

Step 2: Check the destination folder and run.


  • Forget choose high resolutions all the time for your computer is likely not to support that. Look at the pictures shown. The section where should be thumbnail has become black screen, which could be thought as a signal that my computer may not be able to play an 8k video.
  • When using Winx HD Video Converter Deluxe to download videos, it will download audio and video separately, so your desktop will generate two files. When the download is completed, deluxe will automatically combine audio and video, and finally you will get only one file, mostly in MP4 format.
  • Some of the parameters are changeable when you download, like frame rate, aspect ratio, etc.

Complement: There is a knock-on effect of the download problem. If you want to download an AV1 video to your PC, edit it for re-creation, or cut portions to make a highlights video, and then the clarity of the source video you downloaded can greatly affect the quality of your derivative work. Deluxe, is absolutely your best assistant.

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