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Convert video to virtually any format or device with high quality

  • Convert any videos to/from MTS, AVCHD, MOV, WMV, etc.
  • 420+ preset profiles for iPhone, iPad, Android, Xbox, PS4, YouTube, and more.
  • Cut, trim, crop, merge videos and add subtitles to video.
  • 47X real-time faster with level-3 hardware acceleration supported.

What Is the Best Video Converter?

Each device is created with specific settings for proper playback. Since it's difficult to feature out all the supported codecs, formats, resolutions, frame rates, and more for your mobile, tablet, computer, or any other gadget, we are writing some trustful guides covering all the knowledge about videos, as well as the best video converter software for you to convert video (wehther it is downloaded online or recorded with your action cam) to other formats (such as MKV to MP4, HEVC to H.264) or device without the need to know any obscure settings.

How to Convert Video Swiftly with the Best Video Converter
Here're the fast video converter recommended for you to convert any oversized and CPU-consuming 4K and HD videos in a flash.

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Hardware Accceleration for 4K Video Processing

This page explains why you need hardware acceleration for converting, resizing and editing 4K videos from iPhone, GoPro, DJI, etc.

Overall Info about Video Converter for Windows 10

The video converter page rounds up software and guides for converting any video to any format on Windows 10 computer and laptop.

8K Video Converter to Convert & Compress 8K 4320p Video

This article focuses on how to convert and compress 8K 4320p videos movies to PC/Mac/mobiles/players playable formats.

How to Convert Video 4:3 to 16:9 for Widescreen Playback

To change the aspect ratio of a video file from 4:3 to 16:9 or 16:9 to 4:3, 4:3 to 3:2, 16:9 to 3:2, etc for watching without pillar box, here is the answer.

More Effective Video/Audio Format Converting Guides


Follow the reliable tips to convert videos. We cover authorized answers to all the frequently asked questions: convert MKV to MP4, MOV to MP4, MP4 to AVI, WMV to MOV, etc on Windows 7/8/10 and Mac. Click the links below that will direct you to the specific parts.


NVIDIA Hardware support

Gathered information for the NVIDIA hardware video support.

Convert AVCHD

Find more solutions about AVCHD conversion here.

Free Download ProRes Codec for Windows 11/10/7
Free download and install Apple ProRes codec for Windows 11/10 to play 8K/5K/4K ProRes RAW, ProRes RAW HQ, ProRes 422, etc. easily on Windows PC.
Kistent WaungOctober 15, 2021
How to Convert WebM to MP4 in VLC [Tutorial and Troubleshootings]
This tutorial shares VLC tutorial to convert WebM to MP4 on Windows and Mac. Also you will get troubleshooting steps to fix VLC not working or no sound error, together with the best VLC alternative to transcode video from WebM to MP4.
Kaley TorresOctober 13, 2021
MKV vs MP4 - Which Is A Better Container Format
MKV vs MP4, which format to choose? Here we compare MKV and MP4 in terms of file size, quality, file extensions, supported video audio codec formats, etc. to make these two formats clearer.
Kistent WaungSep 18, 2021
Handbrake MOV to MP4 Guide - Steps, Errors and Fixes
Can Handbrake convert MOV to MP4? Yes, but it's tricky to convert 4K/HD MOV to MP4 using Handbrake, especially MOV @4K 60fps in HEVC, Prores, LPCM, etc. Check full steps, possible errors and fixes here.
Kaley TorresSep 18, 2021
GoPro/DJI/Canon/Sony Splits Video? Why and How to Merge Clips?
Because of FAT32 and exFAT file system, videos are split up by cameras or camcorders from GoPro, DJI, Canon, Sony, etc. to keep all videos safely as much as possible.
Kaley Torres September 17, 2021 converter
Interlaced vs Progressive Scan: Difference, Pros, and Cons
We'll discuss the difference between interlaced scan and progressive scan and their advantages and disadvantages. Additionally, we'll show how to convert interlaced video to progressive format.
Kistent Waung Sep.15, 2021 Interlaced, progressive
How to Convert WEBM to MP3 for Free [with Online & Desktop Solution]
We introduce 2 ways to convert WEBM to MP3 in high quality. One is a free online method, the other is a desktop converter.
Kaley Torres September 13, 2021 MP3
WebM Codec Download: Get WebM Codec Pack for Easier Video Playback
Free download WebM codec packs on Windows and Mac for easier editing on Premiere Pro or better video playback on your media players.
Jack Watt Sep 10, 2021 WebM
How to Convert Video with High Quality Reserved
What factors matter for video quality? How can you convert video in high quality and even no quality loss? Follow this article to find out the best quality video converter to transcode video with high quality reserved.
Kistent Waung September 9, 2021 High Quality Video Convert
What is Subtitle (Soft/Hardcoded Sub & Forced Sub/CC/SDH)?
Subtitle definition is self-explanatory, but what are open subtitle, embedded/burned-in sub, closed subtitle, closed caption and SDH? This post tells you all, along with how to add subtitle to DVD/video or remove sub from video guides.
Jack WattSep.9, 2021
Best Alternative to Freemake Video Converter and Video Downloader
This is a Freemake alternative integrating with both Mac Freemake video converter and Freemake video downloader.
Jack WattSeptember 7, 2021
Does Freemake Have Watermark? How to Remove Freemake Watermark?
Freemake video converter leaves a watermark on every converted video. If you want to remove freemake watermark or logo and want to convert video without watermark, you can find the workarounds and the best video converter here.
Kaley Torres September 6, 2021 Freemake
Solved: Premiere Pro Import/Export MP4 No Video Only Audio
Is there no video but only audio when importing MP4 to Premiere Pro or exporting from it? Here are reasons and how to solve Adobe Premiere Pro MP4 no video problem.
Kaley Torres August 30, 2021 YouTube
Top 5 Ways to Quickly Convert MOV to WMV for Free
Have troubles with .mov files for streaming to Xbox series or uploading to the web? Why not convert MOV to WMV to make it fully compatibile with Microsoft devices and easier uploading to the web. Follow this article to find out how to convert MOV to WMV easily for free.
Kistent Waung August 27, 2021 MOV to WMV
AVI Not Uploading to YouTube? Convert AVI to YouTube Now!
Why your AVI files cannot be uploaded to YouTube? Follow this article to find out the reasons and learn how to convert and upload AVI to YouTube easily without any hassle.
Kistent Waung August 24, 2021 AVI to YouTube
Best 10 Free YouTube Video Makers (Online & Software)
How to make a YouTube video stunning enough to attract audience? Here are 10 YouTube video makers for freshman, junior and senior to create wonderful videos for uploading to YouTube.
Kaley Torres August 23, 2021 YouTube
Top 5 Ways to Convert AVI to MPEG Easily
How to convert AVI to MPEG? This article will show you top 5 ways to convert AVI to MPEG for easier playback on your devices or for later burning to DVDs.
Kaley Torres August 20, 2021 AVI to MPEG
Fixed: Handbrake Output File Size Larger Than Input
Handbrake makes files bigger instead of compressing it while convert MKV to MP4? This post discusses why and how to fix Handbrake output file size larger than input issue easily.
Kaley TorresAugust 19, 2021
Top Free Ways to Convert WMV to AVI High Quality
Check top free WMV to AVI converters to free decode wmv to avi high quality codec for playback on Windows 10/8/7 or editing.
Brent Archer Aug.19, 2021
Free TikTok Video Converter for TikTok Download & Upload
Here are best examples of TikTok video converter to help convert videos to MP4 for uploading to TikTok, or download and convert TikTok video to MP4 MP3 without watermark.
Kistent WaungAugust 18, 2021
Top 3 Ways to Free Convert MTS/M2TS/TS Video Files to MOV
Here are 3 ways to FREE convert MTS/M2TS/TS to MOV on Mac/Windows- using WinX Video Converter, VLC Media Player, and online converter FreeConvert.
Kistent Waung August 13, 2021 MTS
What is a VOB File and How can You Play it?
What is a VOB file, VTS.VOB files on DVD? How to play VOB videos from encrypted DVD? How to convert VOB files to MP4 for smaller size and better compatibility? All answers are here.
Bella MillerAugust 11, 2021
FLV Not Uploading to YouTube? Just Convert FLV to YouTube
If you can't upload FLV to YouTube, follow our guide to convert FLV to YouTube supported format. It's easy to fix it.
Kistent Waung August 10, 2021 FLV to YouTube
Free FLV Converter - Convert FLV to AVI, WMV, MP4, MP3
FLV converter-WinX Video Converter is a professional video converter software which enables you to convert FLV to all video formats. FLV to AVI, FLV to WMV, FLV to MP4, FLV to MP3.
Kistent Waung August 10, 2021 converter
3GP to YouTube: Convert & Upload 3GP Video to YouTube
Need to upload 3GP to YouTube? Simply open YouTube, click Create button and choose Upload video option, and then follow the guide to upload 3GP video to YouTube.
Kistent Waung August 10, 2021 YouTube
M2TS Converter - Top 5 Ways to Convert M2TS to Any Format
Find the best M2TS video converter software to convert AVCHD and Blu-ray M2TS format video to all SD & HD video formats? 5 ways here.
Kistent Waung August 9, 2021 M2TS
Apple Devices Don't Support AV1 Videos, Why and How?
AV1 videos can't be played on iPad, iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, etc., for currently, apple's macOS and iOS platforms do not support the av1 videos. How to play AV1 on Apple gadgets? Here is the answer.
Kaley Torres August 9, 2021 Converter
Top 5 | Wondershare Uniconverter Alternatives to Convert Videos and DVDs
2021 Best 5 Wondershare Uniconverter alternatives included here are available to convert videos, rip DVDs, download videos, edit videos, etc. Find a program similar to Wondershare Uniconverter for a rainy day.
Kistent Waung August 6, 2021 converter
Download Freemake Video Converter Advanced Edition on Windows 10/8/7
Still using Freemake Video Converter old version? Try the Freemake Video Converter Advanced version as the alternative for PC (Windows 10, 8, 7) and Mac (Big Sur included).
Kistent Waung August 6, 2021 converter
How to Free Convert WMV to MP3 on Windows (10) and Mac
This article guides you to free convert WMV to MP3 on Windows 10/8/7 and Mac using free WMV to MP3 converter software and online video to audio converter ZAMZAR.
Kistent Waung August 6, 2021 MP3
How to Convert Camcorder TS/MTS/M2TS Videos to Xbox One on PC/Mac
Learn how to convert TS video to Microsoft Xbox One/X/S using the No.1 fast video converter for both PC and Mac, which also supports converting Blu-ray/HD camcorder (Sony/Canon/Panasonic/JVC) video to Xbox One.
Kistent Waung August 6, 2021 converter
How to Convert M2TS File with DTS Audio to AC3 Format?
How to Convert M2TS File with DTS Audio to AC3 Format? WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is the best answer to transcode from M2TS DTS audio to AC3 to make source M2TS file playable on PS4.
Kistent Waung August 6, 2021 M2TS
AAC vs. MP3 - Which Music Format Sounds Better?
You will learn the difference between AAC and MP3, which one has better sound quality, and how to convert MP3 to AAC or convert AAC to MP3.
Kistent WaungAugust 6, 2021
How to Change Video Resolution on Windows and Mac
We'll show you the best way to change video resolution, such as from 3840x2160 to 1920x1080, 1920x1080 to 1280x720.
Kistent Waung Aug.6, 2021 Video resolution
Is HandBrake Safe to Download on Computer Now? | WinX Answers

Kistent WaungAug.6, 2021
Why Can't People Download AV1 Videos from YouTube and How to Tackle the Barrier?
Do you have trouble downloading YouTube videos? Maybe you are downloading AV1-encoded videos. Here's why you can't and how to download AV1 videos
Kaley Torres August 6, 2021 Converter
Does HandBrake Support AV1? Can You Encode AV1 Files with HandBrake
Does HandBrake support AV1 codec? How can you encode AV1 video in WebM to other codecs and formats? This article will give you a clear answer and introduce you an easy way to transcode AV1 video files.
Kaley TorresAugust 6, 2021
H.266 VVC vs AV1, Which is Better?
Both H.266 VVC and AV1 are designed to deliver 4K and 8K videos at reduced data requirements but the same quality. Which is better? Check this VVC vs AV1 differences in details.
Kaley TorresAugust 6, 2021
[Updated] Top 3 Ways to Open and Play AV1 Video on Windows 10
Microsoft adds AV1 video playback support in Windows 10 on condition you download AV1 video extension, in such a way to solve the error 0xc00d5212. This post shows you 2 other reliable ways to correctly play AV1 video on Windows 10, in addition to AV1 codec download.
Kaley Torres August 6, 2021 Converter
AV1 Hardware/Software Encoder Is Available Now
The future of AV1 is getting clear with the release of Intel's open-source CPU-based SVT-AV1 encoder. Video converter from WinX also supports fast AV1 transcoding.
Kaley TorresAugust 6, 2021
AV1 Video Codec: What Is AV1, Pros and Cons of AV1 vs HEVC and VVC
What is AV1 codec? how AV1 edges over HEVC and VVC? This post centers on AV1 codec explanation, AV1 pros and cons compared with previous codec HEVC, and how to view AV1 codec flawlessly.
Kaley Torres August 6, 2021 Converter
How to Free Convert AVCHD (Lite Playlist) to MP4 with HandBrake?
Does HandBrake support all AVCHD & Lite playlists? How to free convert AVCHD to MP4 with HandBrake no compatibility issue? Find answers here!
Kaley TorresAug.6, 2021
Convert JVC Everio GZ-HD300 Camcorder MOD Video to AVI
Convert MOD to AVI Videos by using WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe, it is a good solution for converting JVC Everio GZ-HD300 Camcorder MOD video to AVI and other video formats.
Jack Watt August 6, 2021 converter
AV1 Hardware Acceleration Absence, Will There be a cure?
What was the biggest flaw of AV1 video codec and the progress of developing AV1 codec hardware supplyment.
Jack Watt August 6, 2021 Converter
Top 5 AV1 Video Converters to Encode AV1 to MP4 HEVC and More
Download the best AV1 video converter to solve the problems such as AV1 video no sound while playing, incompatibility issue with iPhone, iPad, Mac and other devices, lags and collapses in uploading AV1 video.
Donna Peng August 6, 2021 Converter
Download Free PSP Video Converter to Help You Watch Movies on Sony PSP/PS4
WinX Free PSP Video Converter to help you watching your favorite movies on your PSP at anytime and anywhere in economic crisis.
Donna Peng August 6, 2021 converter
How to Download AV1 Video from Google, Firefox and Opera Browsers?
How to download AV1 Video from browsers? 1, Copy url of YouTube AV1 video. 2, Paste the Url in the video downloader. 3, Start analyzing and downloading.
Donna Peng August 6, 2021 Guide
What is WebM Video Format and is WebM Better than MP4?
WebM is a free and open-source format alternative to MP4. Do you know what is WebM used for? What is the differences between WebM and MP4? Check this post.
Bella MillerAugust 6, 2021
How to Convert WMV Files to YouTube for Easy Upload
Can I upload a WMV file to YouTube? Yes. But why it fails sometimes? Check how to convert and upload WMV videos to YouTube easily.
Kistent Waung August 5, 2021 YouTube
Convert AVCHD to iPad (Pro) with the Fastest Video Converter
HOW TO convert AVCHD to iPad/Pro/Air/Mini? Here is the best choose for you to convert AVCHD(.mts) video to MP4 etc. iPad supported formats and play AVCHD on iPad smoothly.
Kistent Waung August 5, 2021 AVCHD
2021 Best AVCHD Converter for macOS (11 Big Sur Included)
Get the best and fastest AVCHD video converter for Mac 2020 to transfer video format from AVCHD (.mts) to MOV, MP4 for playback on iPhone iPad and editing in iMovie/Final Cut Pro.
Kistent Waung August 5, 2021 AVCHD
How to Make Movable Photo Picture Slideshow Video
If you want to create one or more photo image slideshow presentations to publish or share, WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is the way to go: edit photos, add effects, and convert slideshow video format in one step.
Jack Watt August 5, 2021 converter
[Fast & High-quality] How to Create GIF from Video in MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI, etc.
We'll show you how to fast convert video to high-quality GIF. The GIF maker here supports almost all video format, including MP4, MOV, MPEG, AVI, etc.
Jack Watt August 5, 2021 converter
Convert Videos for Android with Best Free Android Video Converter
What is the best Android video converter? Here you can download the best free Android video Converter for Windows and Mac to play any videos on Android Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Kindle Fire, Acer, Asus, Huawei, etc.
Estrella H. August 5, 2021 converter
Convert FLV to AVI with Free FLV Converter
How can I convert FLV to AVI for free? WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe, working as the fast free FLV converter software lets you convert FLV to AVI, or any other formats with easy.
Kistent WaungAugust 04, 2021
Best HandBrake Settings for Plex (2021 Update)
What're the best settings for HandBrake to encode video and rip DVD/BluRay for playing on Plex? This post has detailed HandBrake video, audio, and quality settings for Plex.
Donna Peng August 04, 2021 HandBrake, Plex
Top Free Ways to Convert MPEG to MOV (QuickTime)
Check top free MPEG video converters to convert MPEG to MOV QuickTime format for iMovie, Apple TV, iPhone iPad with best quality.
Brent Archer Aug.4, 2021
Best 5 MXF Converters to Convert MXF to MP4 for Free
Need to download a MXF converter that can transcode MXF files recorded by Sony, Canon, Panasonic or other camcorders to a format accepted by Final Cut Pro, Quick Time, iPhone, Android, YouTube or other stuff? Here are 5 free ways.
Jack Watt August 3, 2021 converter
MTS vs M2TS: Differences between HD camcorder AVCHD Formats
The page answers the question of 'what's the difference between MTS and M2TS', or M2TS vs MTS since so many people are confused about the AVCHD HD camcorder and Blu-ray video formats.
Kistent WaungJuly 30, 2021
Top 5 Ways to Convert M2TS to MP4 for Free
How do you convert M2TS to MP4? Follow this article, you'll find top 5 programs to convert M2TS to MP4 for free with high quality reserved.
Kaley Torres July 30, 2021 M2TS to MP4
How to Convert AVCHD to HTC Phones Tablets for Free Playback
How to play camera AVCHD videos on HTC phones? Simply convert HD AVCHD to MP4, etc for HTC phones like U20 5G, U12+, HTC U11, etc.
Jack Watt July 30, 2021 M2TS
WinX Video Converter Windows 7 Full Version [Free Download]
Video converter Windows 7 Windows 10 (64 bit, 32 bit) free download full version. See the reviews and key features of the Windows 7 video converter, compressor, downloader and editor.
Matthew Palmer July 29, 2021 converter
Best URL Converter for PC/Mac | Download URL to MP4, MP3, MOV etc.
What's the best URL converter? Here will introduce an ace program which has the ability to download and convert URL to MP4, MP3, MOV, AVI etc, on PC/Mac while keeping highest video/audio quality.
Kistent Waung July 29, 2021 converter
Convert HD Video to AVI with WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe
WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is a trustworthy video converter, which can help you convert HD video to AVI with fast speed.
Jack Watt July 29, 2021 AVI
How to Convert and Play MTS/M2TS to iPad Pro/Mini/Air
MTS is not natively supported by iPad. Follow to convert MTS/M2TS/TS to iPad Pro/Air/Mini for playback or sharing within 3 steps.
Kistent Waung July 27, 2021 M2TS
Best Free MPEG Video Converter for macOS (Big Sur)
Here's review of the best MPEG video converter for Mac (Big Sur or earlier) - WinX HD Video Converter for Mac. Also learn how to pick a top MPEG video converter.
Jack Watt July 27, 2021 WMV
Top Free WMV Converter - Convert AVI/MP4/FLV etc. to/from WMV Video
Here's review on top free WMV converter allowing you to convert AVI/MP4/FLV/MOV etc, to or from WMV format, covering desktop WMV video converter and top free online WMV video converter services.
Kistent Waung July 26, 2021 WMV
Best 7 Video Converters for Mac of 2021 [Free Download & Review]
What's the best video converter for Mac? Here we will give reviews of 2021 top 7 video converters for macOS. Pick out the one you like and free download to convert any video on Mac OS.
Kistent Waung July 23, 2021 converter
MP3 vs MP4 - Difference Between MP3 and MP4 Explained
This post aims to compare MP3 and MP4 and explain what the differences between MP3 and MP4 files are.
Kistent WaungJuly 22, 2021
Top Free Ways to Convert FLV to MOV for QT
Check top free ways to convert FLV/F4V to MOV for QuickTime player, iPhone iPad, iMovie, macOS, Apple TV playback.
Kistent WaungJuly 22, 2021
Fix Not Working Issue/Security Error
ClipConverter not working issue and security error have been solved here. Get the best alternative to free download and convert YouTube music videos safely.
Kistent Waung July 22, 2021 converter
Convert MPG Video to VOB on Windows (10) PC
Get a video converter for Windows (10) in handy to convert MPG to VOB, for smoothly playing on DVD player or further DVD burning.
Kistent Waung July 22, 2021 VOB
CBR vs VBR: What's The Difference? What Bitrate Is Best for You?
CBR or VBR encoding? What's the difference? This article makes a detailed comparison between CBR and VBR encoding, and shows which bitrate is better in different situations.
Kistent Waung July 22, 2021 CBR vs VBR
The Best AVCHD Video Converter to Convert MTS/M2TS HD Videos
WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is the best AVCHD video converter software that supports converting AVCHD format mts files to any SD & HD video formats, such as AVCHD to MP4, MOV, AVI, YouTube and AVCHD to iPhone iPad.
Kistent Waung July 22, 2021 AVCHD
TikTok Video Formats & Max. Video Length Limit
What video format does TikTok use? Can you upload 3-minute videos to TikTok? Before you upload, make sure your videos is well formatted for TikTok in the type, length, resolutions, size, etc.
Kistent WaungJuly 22, 2021
Official Clipchamp Coupon Codes, Promos, Discounts 2021
Get free Clipchamp coupon codes, promo code, deals, discounts to get Clipchamp free 14-day trial and to save more money.
Jack WattJuly 21, 2021
Best Way to Convert AVCHD MTS Video to WMV with Fast Speed?
Best way to convert AVCHD MTS video to WMV format with shortest time and best HD quality. WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is the best helper for you to play and edit AVCHD video with WMV format smoothly.
Kistent Waung July 20, 2021 AVCHD
Best 3 Free FLV to MP3 Converters Review
Read reviews of best 3 free FLV to MP3 converters for Windows 10/8/7 and pick out the best free FLV to MP3 converter to free convert YouTube/Facebok FLV videos to MP3 music/audio with ease.
Kistent Waung July 20, 2021 MP3
How to Remove Watermark from ClipChamp Video (Voice Incl.)
This page shows you how to remove stock video audio watermarks from Clipchamp video without upgrade.
Kaley TorresJuly 20, 2021
Free Download VP9 Encoder to Create VP9 Codec Video
What is VP9 codec? Any VP9 encoder available to download? How to convert VP9 codec video? All these frequently asked questions related to VP9 will be answered here.
Kistent Waung July 19, 2021 converter
How to Change Video Format for Various Purposes
This is a tutorial about how to change video format on Windows and Mac OS. No matter you want to change video file format for watching videos on phones, uploading videos on internet or other purposes, you can get help here.
Kistent Waung July 19, 2021 CBR vs VBR
2021 Movavi Video Converter Free Activation Keys [100% Working]
2021 latest Movavi Video Converter free activation keys are all here. Grab a 100% working Movavi Video Converter registration code to enjoy Freemake Video Converter full version for free.
Jack WattJuly 19, 2021
[OFFICIAL Giveaway] Get 100% OFF WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe 5.16.1 License Code / Serial Key
Follow 2021 Digiarty official giveaway page and free to get license code of WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe V5.16.1 for registration here without worrying about spyware, malware or virus. Also get 50% off discount coupon of WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe for the privilege of lifetime free update and tech support.
Donna Peng July 15, 2021 converter
WebM Converter - Convert WebM to MP4 MP3 MOV & Vice Versa
This article compiles top 6 WebM converter for Windows and Mac which can convert WebM to MP4, AVI or other common formats, as well as convert other formats to WebM.
Kistent Waung July 14, 2021 converter
MPEG4 vs MP4: What Is the Difference between MP4 and MPEG4
It is easy to confuse MPEG4 with MP4. So MPEG4 vs MP4 (mp4 vs mpeg4), what is the difference? This page answers all questions related to 'mp4 vs mpeg4' file formats.
Kistent WaungJuly 13, 2021
What Is VP10? | Everything You Need to Know About VP10
What is VP10? Are you curious about this next generation 4K video codec? This article will lead you to learn everything about VP10, including definition, differences between other 4K video codecs and more.
Kistent Waung July 13, 2021 YouTube 4K, Apple TV
Best 3 DAT Video File Converters to Convert DAT to MP4 and More
DAT file contains video content in VCD. This article will show you how to convert DAT to MP4 and more with WinX Video Converter, VLC, and free online video converter.
Kistent Waung July 13, 2021 DAT
Best Video Joiner Software – Easily Join Any Video You Want
The best video joiner software is introduced here for Windows (10) and Mac users. After keeping it in hand, you can join multiple videos of the same or difficult formats in all common formats like MP4, AVI, MKV, FLV, etc. to a single video without quality loss.
Kistent WaungJuly 13, 2021
How to Deinterlace Videos and Remove Jagged Artifacts
How to deinterlace videos to non-interlaced and progressive files without jagged edge artifacts? Learn best ways to deinterlace videos to smooth motions with Handbrake, VLC, Premiere, etc.
Kistent WaungJuly 12, 2021
MPEG vs VOB, Difference Between MPEG and VOB File
MPEG vs VOB. What's the difference between MPEG and VOB file? Here we compare MPEG and VOB from size, quality and compatibility. Also learn how to convert VOB to MPEG or MPEG to VOB.
Jack Watt July 12, 2021 YouTube 4K, Apple TV
Best 3 Free Screen Recorders for macOS
Want to download a free screen recorder that can capture HD video/activity on your Mac screen with audio and without watermark? You will get one in this list.
Jack Watt July 12, 2021 YouTube 4K, Apple TV
1080p HD Video Converter – Convert MP4 MKV AVI from/to 1080p
Get the hardware accelerated 1080p HD video converter to help you conver video to or from 1080p without watermark, e.g 1080p to 720p, 4k to 1080p for playable on any device.
Kistent Waung July 11, 2021 converter
[Free & Open-source] 2021 Best Video Transcoders for Windows and Mac
Updated list of 2021 best video transcoders, including best free and open-source video transcoder software for Windows and Mac that is able to transcode videos from/to MP4, H.264, H.265, and more easily.
Kistent Waung July 9, 2021 converter
How to Convert AVCHD to iPhone Fast While Keeping Best Quality
HOW TO convert AVCHD to iPhone 12/11/Pro/Xs/Xr/X/8/7 etc.? Here is the best choose for you to convert AVCHD Video (.mts) to iPhone supported formats and play AVCHD on iPhone smoothly.
Kistent Waung July 09, 2021 AVCHD
Best GoPro (4K) Video Converter Free for PC/Mac
Best GoPro (4K) video converter free for Windows (10) PC and Mac to fast convert GoPro 4K/HD video to MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, etc. in 3 simple steps with original quality for later smooth playing, editing, uploading.
Kistent Waung July 8, 2021 converter
What Are the Virtual Reality Video Formats/Codecs You'll Find?
The page specifies the best virtual reality video content formats to upload to YouTube/Facebook, to play back with iPhone/Android/VR video players; how to convert VR video formats & resolutions.
Kistent Waung July 8, 2021 YouTube 4K, Apple TV
3GP Video Converter Download-Convert AVI/MPEG/WMV to 3GP
How to convert video to 3GP? WinX Video Converter Platinum is a professional 3GP video converter. It can convert all video files like AVI, MPEG, WMV, etc to 3GP easily and quickly.
Kistent Waung July 8, 2021 converter
2021 Top 5 KeepVid Alternatives to Download Online Videos Effortlessly
KeepVid no longer allows users to download videos online and it won't come back. So, here we assemble top 5 KeepVid alternatives which still work well in online video downloading.
Donna PengJuly 8, 2021
Video Compression: Convert 1080p to 720p Video Easily
How to downscale and convert full HD 1080p to 720p movie videos? The best free 1080p to 720p converter will also compress 4K to 1080p, upscale 1080p to 4K, etc.
Donna Peng July 8, 2021 converter
MOV Video Converter – Convert MOV to MP4 MP3 AVI WMV WebM etc.
Free download best free 4K MOV video converter to convert MOV to MP4, WMV, H.264, MP4G, AVI, MKV, etc. fast without quality loss. Easily convert QuickTime MOV, DSLR, DJI, iDevices' 4K MOV recordings.
Brent Archer July 08, 2021 MOV
How to Convert VFR to CFR without A/V Desync Issue
Need a quicker way to convert variable frame rate to constant frame rate to fix video audio out of sync issue? Find solutions here!
Kistent WaungJuly 7, 2021
2021 Best Whatsapp Video Converter Download Free
Whatsapp video converter can convert videos to Whatsapp supported formats for sending and sharing with friends. Here's a converter to free download for Windows/Mac.
Estrella H.July 7, 2021
Top 3 Best H.264 Converters to Convert H.264 Files Easily
How to convert 4K/HD MP4, HEVC, AVI, and other videos to H.264 format? The post share a list of the top-rated H264 video converters, along with criteria like speed to single out the software.
Jack Watt July 6, 2021 converter
[Updated] Best Export Settings in Premiere Pro for YouTube
YouTube's video player works with a 16:9 aspect ratio, H.264 format. For more export settings in Premiere Pro for YouTube, look at the following suggested 720p/1080p/4K UHD video export settings for YouTube and learn how to export videos in Premiere Pro to YouTube.
Kaley TorresJune 28, 2021
How to Convert XAVC (S) to MP4 for Better Compatibility
Find your Song XAVC or XVAC S files not playing/editing smoothly? Why not convert XAVC to MP4 for better compatibility? This article guides you how to convert XAVC to MP4 fast without quality loss visually.
Kaley Torres June 18, 2021 XAVC
Freemake Video Converter Free Key/Register Code 2021
There are some Freemake Video Converter Serial Keys 2021 and registration code to enjoy Freemake Video Converter free full version. Choose a key and follow the guide to set up the Freemake Video Converter.
Jack WattJune 18, 2021
Freemake Video Converter and Downloader Not Working/Not Available
Learn more about common Freemake Video Downloader and Freemake Video Converter not working problems and check for what you can do to solve them.
Jack WattJune 18, 2021
3 Simple Fixes for MKV Not Supported in Premiere Pro [2021 Updated]
When you get MKV file import failure error in Premiere Pro CC, you can change file extension, remux file, and convert MKV to fix it. Visit this page to learn details.
Donna Peng June 15, 2021 Premiere Pro
List of Google Drive Supported Video Formats
You can upload and preview several video types in Google Drive, such as MP4, WMV, FLV, AVI, H.264, MPEG4, VP8, to mention a few. Below is a full list of video file types supported by Google Drive.
Jack WattJune 09, 2021
Can't Transfer Videos from Canon Camera/Camcorder to Computer? Fix Now
We'll fix errors that prevent you from importing Canon video to computer, including cannot detect camera, nothing in DCIM folders, file showing 0kb, unspecified error, etc.
Kaley Torres June 8, 2021 Canon
2021 Top 3 Free Online Video Converter Review
This article presents reviews of 2021 top 3 free online video converters and get the best free online video converter to free convert videos for PC/Mac/Mobiles.
Kistent Waung June 4, 2021 converter
Why is Video Playback Lagging in Premiere Pro? Fixed Here!
Why does Premiere Pro play video lagging? How do you fix Premiere Pro laggy video playback issue? Find reasons and solutions here!
Kaley TorresJune 4, 2021
Why Recorded Videos Corrupted? How to Fix Corrupted MP4 Videos
How do recorded video files get corrupted? Can you repair a corrupted MP4 file? Reasons and solutions are here!
Kaley TorresJune 3, 2021

Convert MTS/M2TS

Find more solutions about MTS/M2TS conversion here.

[Fixed] Premiere Pro No Audio on Timeline, when Importing/Exporting…
Quick fixes to no audio playback in Premiere Pro CC, including Premiere Pro MP4/MOV/AVI no audio on timeline, Premiere Pro no audio output, and other audio issues.
Kaley TorresJune 3, 2021
2021 top 7 Free Video Converters for Windows 10
Here we have singled out the 7 best free video converters for Windows 64 bit & 32 bit, including WinX Video Converter, HandBrake, Freemake, FFmpeg, Any Video Converter, Wondershare Uniconverter, and Microsoft Video Converter.
Matthew PalmerMay 27, 2021
2021 Top 4 Fast Video Converters Reviews and Free Download
What is the best fastest video converter for Windows PC/Mac? Top 4 candidates are WinX Video Converter, VideoProc, Any Video Converter and Uniconverter.
Kistent WaungMay 24, 2021
Easy 4 Ways to Free Convert MP4 to MKV Format
You have several ways to convert MP4 video files to MKV format, using WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe, online video converter, VLC, or FFmpeg.
Kistent WaungMay 24, 2021
How to Add Subtitles to Movie, TV Series, Video [Full Guide]
We'll show you how to add subtitles to movie video in digital format like MP4, MKV and how to add subtitles to DVD movie on PC and Mac.
Donna PengMay 24, 2021
Amazon Kindle Fire Supported Video Formats and Conversion Tips – WinXDVD
This article will explain what the best video formats are supported by Amazon Kindle Fire, what to do if your videos are in the formats not supported by Kindle Fire tablets.
Kistent WaungApril , 2020
Free Download Drone Video Converter for DJI/Parrot 4K Footage
Free download DJI Drone video converter and follow the tutorial to convert drone 4K HEVC video to MP4 H.264, AVI, MKV, etc for better playing and sharing, if you run into stuttering playback, lengthy sharing, or other problems with your 4K HEVC videos from DJI, Yuneec, etc.
Kaley TorresApril 13, 2021
[Guide] How to Change DJI Video Format from MOV to MP4
Follow the steps to change DJI video format from MOV to MP4 or convert recorded 4K MOV to MP4 format with a video converter program so as to play, edit and share the recordings easily.
Kaley TorresApril 13, 2021
Get the Best Free YouTube to MP3 Converters for Mac
Here are the best YouTube to mp3 Mac converters (free and online) to help you download and convert YouTube playlists and channels to mp3 with high quality.
Brent ArcherApril 9, 2021
[Plex Guide] How to Change Aspect Ratio / Fix Incorrect Aspect Ratio in Plex
Check this guide to learn how to change aspect ratio in Plex app on TV/PC/Mac/Mobile, etc to avoid black bars, video stretched, video being chopped off, and video not in full screen issues.
Donna Peng Mar. 25, 2021 Plex
Convert Videos from 4:3 Aspect Ratio to 16:9 Widescreen
How to change the aspect ratio from 4:3 to 16:9 to watch on widescreen TV, upload to YouTube, webs, etc., no stretching, no pillarboxing? Easily convert video aspect ratios from 16:9 to 4:3, 4:3 to 3:2, 16:9 to 3:2, more.
Donna Peng Mar 25, 2021 YouTube 4K, Apple TV

Convert AV1

Find more solutions about AV1 conversion here.

HandBrake vs VLC: Which is the Better Converter?
We'll compare HandBrake and VLC to show you their differences and similarities. Find the better video converter to use.
Jack Watt Feb 27, 2021 HandBrake, VLC
MPEG2 vs MPEG4: Comparison Between MPEG2 and MPEG4
MPEG2 vs MPEG4? What's the difference between MPEG2 and MPEG4? Here I will compare MPEG2 with MPEG4 and let you clearly know their similarities and differences.
Kistent WaungFeb 26, 2021
MP4 vs H.264 - Differences Between MP4 and H.264
What's the difference between MP4 and H.264? Since many people have no idea about that, this page will make a comparison between MP4 and H.264. Also, you're also introduced with a simple guide on how to convert MP4 to H.264 or vice versa.
Kistent WaungFeb 25, 2021
Top 5 Video Editing Software for Mac [Review & Free Download]
Top 5 video editing/processing software for Mac are listed here helping you find out the most appropriate program to edit (4K/HD) videos on macOS.
Kistent Waung Feb.12, 2021 Editor macOS
2021 Best Fastest GoPro Video Editing Software
The best GoPro video editing software for Windows (10) and Mac makes GoPro video editing much easier for beginners. Use VideoProc to easily cut, trim, crop, merge, rotate, flip GoPro video, add effects to GoPro video, fast convert and compress GoPro 4K HEVC/H.264 video footages.
Kistent Waung Feb.12, 2021 GoPro
H.264 Codec Free Download - Get H.264 Codec Pack for HD Video Playback
Free download H.264/MPEG-4 AVC codec packs on Windows 10, macOS, such as x264, QuickTime h.264 codec, DivX, and more. Also learn the best HD/4K H.264 encoder and decoder.
Jack Watt Feb 5, 2021 converter
Cannot Play GoPro 4K/HD Videos on PC/Mac [Solved]
Gopro video won't play on computer? Cannot play GoPro 1080p, 2.7K, 4K (60fps / 30fps) videos on PC or Mac? Check the reasons in the article and try the solutions to fix the problem of GoPro HEVC video not playing wth GoPro video player.
Kistent Waung Feb 4, 2021 converter
VLC Upscaling | Enhance DVD/4K Video Quality in VLC
How to fix VLC washed out color issue? How to upscale 1080p to 4K or increase DVD playback quality in VLC? Find answers here!
Kaley Torres Feb.4, 2021 VLC

Convert MOV

Find more solutions about MOV conversion here.

Is VLC Safe? Malware Has Any Chance to Access to VLC?
Yes, it's safe to download and install VLC media player from the authorized sites. Yet, malware has the chance to access to VLC since VLC has been constantly updated to different version.
Kaley Torres Feb.3, 2021 Is VLC Safe

Convert Video to Audio

Find more solutions about audio conversion here.

How to Get Freemake Subtitles Pack Key Serial License Code Free
Is there any way to find Freemake Subtitles Pack serial key on the internet to unlock its subtitle feature without payment or donation? Just come and download Freemake Subtitle Pack Key free here.
Jack WattFeb 2, 2021
How to Convert MKV Movies/Videos to iTunes on Mac with Ease
This tutorial introduces how to convert MKV to iTunes for playback MKV movies/videos on iPhone, iPad and other Apple devices smoothly.
Jack WattFeb 2, 2021
How to Free Convert VLC Video to MP3 Audio
Follow this guide to free convert video to MP3 music with VLC player, as well as extract MP3 audio from VLC video file.
Kaley Torres Jan.29, 2021 VLC

Convert Others

Find more solutions about other popular video formats and video conversion here.

GoPro 2021: How to Make/Edit GoPro Slow Motion Video
There's no GoPro slow motion function, but you can achieve slow-motion effect easily by following this guide.
Jack WattJan 27, 2021
GoPro Time Lapse Tutorial: How to Make Time Lapse Video with GoPro and Video Editor
Whether you want to make a GoPro (4K/HD) time lapse video on HERO4/5/6 or turn a normal GoPro video to time lapse footage, we can give the best guides.
Jack WattJan 27, 2021
GoPro Fisheye Correction: How to Fast Remove Fisheye (Lens Distortion) from GoPro Video
This article will show you 3 simple ways to fast correct GoPro fisheye distortion, thus transforming the fisheye footage to straight. Free fisheye removal software seekers will also find what they want here.
Jack WattJan 27, 2021
Convert Blu-ray to AVCHD Video Easily with Blu-ray Converter
This article will tell you how to convert Blu-ray disc to AVCHD M2TS video with one single converter, and also specify the uses and steps of Blu-ray to AVCHD video conversion to preserve 1:1 audio/video quality.
Jack WattJan 27, 2021
What Is AVCHD Video - The Hi-de Video Format for HD Camcorders
AVCHD video is a HD camcorder video format (.mts) used in Sony and Panasonic high definition digital camcorders. AVCHD camcorders store AVCHD video as MTS file format and record full HD video up to resolution of 1080p.
Jack WattJan 27, 2021
2021 Fastest HEVC/H.265 Decoder with Intel Nvidia Hardware Acceleration
Here's the best HEVC/H.265 hardware decoder and encoder supporting Intel QSV and Nvidia NVENC hardware acceleration of 2021. Decode 4K HEVC MKV or encode 4K HEVC MP4/MKV video at fastest speed. Transcode 4K HEVC MKV to 4K HEVC MP4 in the blink of an eye.
Jack WattJan 27, 2021
Convert TS to MP4 - TS to MP4 Video Converter Free Download
WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe can help you convert TS to MP4 in few seconds, the best TS to MP4 video converter. Converting TS to MP4 user guide and free download the best video converter.
Jack WattJan 27, 2021
Convert MP4 to AVCHD - MP4 to AVCHD Video Converter Free Download
WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is the fast MP4 to AVCHD Converter that help you convert MP4 to AVCHD in few seconds. Converting MP4 to AVCHD user guide and the best video converter free download.
Jack WattJan 27, 2021
Is CloudConvert Safe? Will CloudConvert Store Your Files?
Is CloudConvert safe to use? Many users would like to check CloudConvert security before using it. This article will go to detail is CloudConvert safe, how it works and will it store your files on its sever.
Jack WattJan 26, 2021
Free Download Best Video Joiner to Merge Multiple Videos into a Single File on PC/Mac
This video joiner free download guide can help you get the best video joiner software to merge multiple videos in any format (MP4, AVI, MKV, M2TS, etc,) into a single file on PC/Mac.
Jack Watt Jan 26, 2021 YouTube 4K, Apple TV
What is Aspect Ratio - The Most Important in Home-theater World | WinXDVD
What is Aspect Ratio like 4:3 or 16:9? What is the specific use of Aspect Ratio for an image or video? This page gives specific answers.
Jack Watt Jan 26, 2021 Aspect ratio
[Android File Formats] Video/Audio Formats for Android Devices Listed
The thorough list of Android file formats can help you learn what kind of video and audio format for Android are playable on Samsung, Google Nexus, HTC, Sony Xperia etc.
Jack Watt Jan 26, 2021 YouTube 4K, Apple TV
How to Merge Multiple Videos into One in VLC Media Player
Can VLC merge videos? Absolutely, it's fairly easy. Open multiple videos in VLC, choose Convert option and Start conversion. All done!
Kaley TorresJan.20, 2021
VLC is Unable to Open the MRL Error Fixed!
The error 'VLC is unable to open the MRL' pops up when you try to open and play a file that's not located in your local computer. Problem gets fixed here. Check now.
Kaley Torres Jan.20, 2021 VLC
How to Fix VLC Audio Delay/Out of Sync Issue
How to fix VLC audio video out of sync problem permanently? Check this post to fix audio lag issue in VLC.
Kaley Torres Jan.19, 2021 VLC
How to Rotate Video 90/180 Degrees in VLC Media Player
How to rotate MP4, MOV, MKV video in VLC? 3 Steps: load video; tap Effects and Filters under Tools; enable Rotate under Geometry from Video Effects and adjust angels. That's damn easy.
Kaley Torres Jan.18, 2021 VLC
Is Zamzar Safe and Legal? Zamzar Safety Review
Many users are worried that it's likely to download viruses and trjans to their devices and the site keeps their uploaded files. Is Zamzar safe and legal? Does Zamzar keep you files?
Jack WattJan 18, 2021
Fixed: Adobe Media Encoder Not Installed in Premiere/AE
Have you ever been prompted with Adobe Media Encoder not installed error while rendering video from Adobe Premiere Pro or After Effects? But it's installed indeed. Why is this happening? How to fix Adobe Media Encoder not installed error in Premiere Pro? This article will share you some troubleshooting tips.
Jack WattJan 18, 2021
Flip GoPro Video Upside Down – How to Rotate GoPro Video
How to flip GoPro video upside down. How to rotate GoPro video 90 degrees, 180 degrees, 270 degrees. Best GoPro video editor for Windows (10) VideoProc can easily flip a (GoPro) video upside down, or rotate a vertical video to horizontal.
Jack WattJan 1, 2021
How to Download Windows Movie Maker for Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit)
Free download Windows Movie Maker for Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit) to make and edit videos on PC. Plus, best Windows 7 Movie Maker alternative will be introduced here.
Donna PengDec 30, 2020
Is The Pirate Bay Safe for Downloading Movie Torrents?
is The Pirate Bay safe for downloading movie torrents or, in other words, is downloading movie torrent safe? If not, what is the best alternative way to download movies?
Kistent WaungDec.29, 2020
Is Crackle Really Free, Safe and Legal to Use?
Is Sony Crackle movie app really free, safe and legal to use? After reading this post, you will get all things clear.
Kistent WaungDec.29, 2020
NTFS vs FAT: Comparison and Difference Between NTFS and FAT (32)
NTFS vs FAT, what's the difference between NTFS and FAT (32)? Here I will compare NTFS with FAT to let you clearly know their differences and which one is more suitable for you.
Kistent WaungDec.28, 2020
How to Jailbreak Apple TV 4 to Watch Free Movies?
This how to jailbreak Apple TV 4 article tells you the advantages of jailbreaking Apple TV 4 and the specific steps to jailbreak Apple TV 4/3/2, plus its release date.
Kistent WaungDec.28, 2020
Should I Buy Samsung 4K Curved TV and What are Pros and Cons?
The question 'Should I Buy a Samsung 4K Curved TV and What are Pros and Cons of 4K curved TV?' is answered here. You can find out pros and cons about 4K curved TV and useful buying advice.
Kistent WaungDec.24, 2020
Get [Official Lowest] WinX HD Video Converter for Mac 6.4.5 Coupon Code
Get official valid WinX HD Video Converter for Mac [6.4.5] discount license/coupon code here at the lowest price, to activate its full video converting features on macOS Big Sur or lower.
Donna PengDec.24, 2020
YouTube to FLAC – Download and Convert YouTube to FLAC
Do you want to convert YouTube to FLAC, namely, download and convert YouTube videos/music videos to lossless FLAC audio files? If it is, here's the best method to download and convert YouTube to FLAC on PC and Mac.
Estrella H. Dec.11, 2020 YouTube
How to Convert Multi-track HD Videos to AVI MP4 iPhone iPad Android
WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe supports converting Multi-track HD videos, such as BDAV M2TS MKV AVCHD HDTV and MPEG-TS video movies, making it convenient to choose audio language track and audio track as you need.
Donna PengDec 10, 2020
Why Shoudn’t We Use Clipchamp & the Best Clipchamp Alternative
Topic about the snake in the grass of using online video editor & Clipchamp. And if there is a better substitude of online video editor/ Clipchamp.
Jack WattOct 22, 2020
How to Change Video FPS? Which Software to Change Video Frame Rate?
Introduce the importance of different framerates, and which software to use to change video framerates.
Jack WattOct 22, 2020
Comparison the benefit and short between 30fps & 60fps. Which is better.
Discussion about the difference between 30fps & 60fps. And how to use WinX HD video converter to convert video framerate.
Jack WattOct 22, 2020
Plex AVI Not Showing Up? How to Fix AVI Not Recognized Issue
Plex won't see/play AVI files? Check this post to make AVI movies playback on Plex with ease.
Donna Peng Sep.25, 2020 Plex AVI
How to Play M2TS on Plex? Convert M2TS to MKV MP4...
M2TS is not natively playable on Plex. To play M2TS files on Plex, convert M2TS to MKV, MP4, MOV, AVI...Plex supported formats with best Plex video transcoder.
Donna Peng Sep.24, 2020 Plex M2TS
Plex Can't Read/Play MP4 Files? 1 Click to Make MP4 Playable on Plex!
Some MP4 files play on Plex while others don't? Plex can't see MP4 files? Check the post to get this Plex MP4 error fixed with most simple solution.
Donna Peng Sep.23, 2020 Plex MP4
Xvid Codec Files Won't Play on Plex? Find Quick Fixes Here
Xvid codec files won't play on your clients via Plex? Follow this article to find out why Plex won't play Xvid movies and how to fix it easily.
Jack WattSep.18, 2020
Can Plex Play MKV? How to Fix MKV Playback Issue on Plex?
Does Plex support MKV? Why MKV files are forced to transcoded and later fail to play? Read this article to learm what MKV metadata does Plex support and how to fix Plex MKV playback issue easily.
Jack WattSep.16, 2020
How to Turn the PLEX Hardware Acceleration On & a Better Software Option.
Introduce what is the Plex hardware acceleration & how to turn it on in the system setting menu,with a better solution offered.
Jack Watt Sep 15, 2020 Plex
PLEX Server Settings Are Unavailable? Here're the Fixes
This paper diagnoses the Plex server setting unavailable problem and help you connect the PLEX server correctly.
Jack Watt Sep 15, 2020 Plex
How to Fix the Plex Remote Access Not Working Problem?
This is a step-to-step guideline to fix the PLEX not opening remote access error, along with a detailed diagnosis of PLEX connection problem.
Jack Watt Sep 15, 2020 Plex
Plex 4K Transcoding: Decode and Play 4K Content on Plex Smoothly
Plex 4K HDR movie can't direct play? How to transcode 4K content within Plex? Check here and find better solution to make 4K HDR Bluray rips playable on any Plex app without buffering or not working error.
Donna Peng Sep.15, 2020 Plex 4K Transcoding
List of Plex Supported File Formats and Best Format for Plex
This article lists Plex supported video and audio file formats and the best format for Direct Play on Plex. If your video isn't supported, we have a solution.
Donna Peng Sep. 11, 2020 Plex
Plex Media Server FLAC Music File Streaming and Transcoding
Does Plex play and transcode FLAC? What about Plex and Sonos FLAC streaming? How to enable the DLNA server to stream FLAC? Find answers here.
Kaley TorresSeptember 10, 2020
Plex Transcoding: The Complete Guide and Error Troubleshooting (2020 Update)
This article contains all things you are concerned most about Plex transcoding: what is Plex transcoding, plex transcoding settings, plex hardware transcoding, how to fix Plex transcoding error...
Donna Peng Sep. 9, 2020 Plex
Plex VOB Support - Stream and Play VOB on Plex Media Server
Can Plex play VOB files? No. If you want to play .vob files with Plex, you should convert VOB format to a format compatible with Plex, such as MP4, AVI, MOV, etc.
Kaley TorresSeptember 8, 2020
Best Phone Video Formats for iPhone, Android, Microsoft
What video formats do iPhone, Android, Microsoft use for video? Which is the best quality of video format for iPhone and Android? Check the best mobile phone formats here to get your answer.
Kaley Torres Sep.2, 2020 Phone Video Format
Best 3 Online MP4 Converters - Convert to/from MP4 Online for Free
Here are 3 best free online MP4 converters that can convert video to MP4 and convert MP4 into another format. Plus, an alternative will be introduced to convert large files without limited file size.
Kaley Torres Sep.2, 2020 online converter
How to Send Video by Email (Larger than 25Mb via Gmail)
How to send a vide on Gmail larger than 25Mb, 100Mb? Google Drive and Dropbox can be your solutions. Or try the 3rd way.
Kaley Torres Sep.1, 2020 Send Video by Email

Convert Video for Devices

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Best Instagram Video Converter - Convert Video for / from Instagram
Have difficulties in uploading video to Instagram or downloading video from instagram? No worry. The recommended Instagram video converter will help you.
Kaley Torres Sep.1, 2020 Instagram
Is PS5 Able to Play 4K?
Discusison about the capability if the newest console PS5 will able to play 4K ultra high defination videos.
Jack WattAugust 27, 2020
How to Convert or Compress Video with Clipchamp - Guide & Alternative Recommendation
This page will show you how to convert or compress a video with Clipchamp. Addtionally, it will introduce an amazing Clipchamp alternative to fast convert video to a format that Clipchamp doesn't support.
Kaley Torres August 24, 2020 online converter
How to Convert MPEG to MP3: Use Online or Desktop Converter?
Get MPEG to MP3 conversion guides here. Check when you can use free online converter and when you should use a desktop-based tool to extract MP3 from MPEG file.
Kaley Torres August 20, 2020 MPEG to MP3
Free Download Video to MP3 Converter and Extract Audio from Video
Get the best video to MP3 converter for PC and Mac here, and follow our guide to grab a MP3 file from MP4 video, MOV, MKV, MPEG, WEBM, WMV...
Kaley Torres August 14, 2020 video to mp3
How to Convert AVI to MKV [Complete Guides]
We've all guides to AVI to MKV that you're searching. Click this link and learn how to fast convert AVI to MKV without quality loss, and how to perform conversion free with VLC/HandBrake and online.
Kaley Torres August 13, 2020 AVI to MKV
How to Convert AVI to MOV Free Online/Offline in VLC, Video Converter
There are many tools available to work with AVI to MOV conversion, professional video converters, free online video conversion services, even some popular media players offer an option to convert videos from one format to another.
Kaley TorresAugust 10, 2020
How to Convert Video to Audio: 2 Ways Will be Provided
This article offers two video to audio conversion solutions, including free VLC media player and the best VLC alternative - WinX HD Video Converter. Check how-to guides now.
Kaley Torres August 4, 2020 video to audio
Best iPhone MP4 Converter to Convert MOV, MKV, YouTube to iPhone MP4
Download best iPhone MP4 converter to decode MOV to MP4, MP4 to iPhone, MKV to iPhone, YouTube to iPhone, iPhone MP4 to MP3, etc. with virtually no quality loss and size limit.
Donna Peng August 3, 2020 iPhone MP4 Converter
Get to Know the Newest VVC codec
What is H.266 VVC and what are the progress it made compare with it's predecessor HEVC H.265, and preview its astonishing new features of this new video codec.
Jack WattJuly 30, 2020
Freemake Malware: Is Freemake Safe to Use?
Freemake video converter has a Trojan malware warning when installing it on Windows. You'd better choose Freemake alternative to avoid freemake potential virus.
Kaley TorresJuly 24, 2020
H.266 VVC vs H.265 HEVC Full Comparison
H.266 VVC is 50% more efficient than H.265 HEVC. VVC has introduced improved coding tools to provide better compression ratio at the same quality with HEVC. What's new in VVC compared to HEVC?
Bella MillerJuly 22 , 2020
How to Upload 4K/HD MOV Videos to Instagram
It's hard to post MOV videos Instagram, especially for 4K/HD MOV files in HEVC, Prores from DSRL, DJI, iPhone, etc. Follow detailed steps to upload 4K/HD MOV videos to Instagram easily.
Kaley TorresJuly 8, 2020
What Is Canon MOV Codec & How to Play or Edit Canon DSLR MOV Files
This article is all about Canon MOV codec and how to play and edit MOV files taken by Canon DSLR cameras like EOS 7D/6D Mark II, 5D Mark IV, or any other 4K/HD video files from Canon Mirrorless or other EOS cameras without error.
Kaley TorresJuly 8, 2020
Can't Import MOV to Sony Vegas Pro 17/16/15/14/13? Check Best Solution
Unable to import MOV videos to Sony Vegas Pro? iPhone and Nikon MOV files are rejected by Sony Vegas? Best solutions are here for you to fix this issue.
Kaley TorresJuly 8, 2020
MOV Codec Guide: What is MOV codec and How to Play It on Any Device?
Meet problems on playing MOV video and want to explore the reason? Here is simple but clear knowledge about MOV codec to help you understand it, and a tutorial on how to play MOV video on any device.
Donna PengJuly 8, 2020
Best H.264 Encoder/Converter Software to Create H.264 Videos
H.264/MPEG-4 AVC encoder and decoder download. The best x264 encoder software that freely creates 1920 x 1080 Full HD video files; h.264 codec and h264 converter.
Kistent Waung July 7, 2020 converter
Best and Fastest HEVC/H.265 Encoder with NVIDIA NVENC/CUDA Support
This post introduces a simple and fast HEVC/H.265 encoder supporting NVIDIA NVENC/CUDA to accelerate any video to HEVC/H.265 encoding speed.
Matthew Palmer July 6, 2020 Hardware encoder
CUDA HEVC Encoder | 2021 Best CUDA H.265 Video Converter
CUDA HEVC encoder and decoder can be taken to accelerate (4K/1080p HD) video conversion in this way.
Matthew Palmer July 6, 2020 CUDA hevc encoder
Best Hardware-accelerated HEVC/H.265 Encoder Converting Any Video to HEVC
In addition to introducing HEVC, HEVC hardware encoder, this article also brings in the best H.265 encoder that utilizes Nvidia NVENC and Intel QSV hardware encoding for H.265.
Matthew PalmerJuly 6, 2020

Video Converter Software Reviews

Find more solutions about the best video converter software, reviews, comparison, etc here.

GoPro 4K HEVC Video Converter: How to Change GoPro Hero Video Format
Free download GoPro 4K HEVC video converter software for Windows/Mac to change GoPro HEVC video to MP4 (H.264) for solving playback error, for playing 4K online with no stuttering or for video editing. Convert GoPro H.264 to HEVC to reduce file size.
Kistent Waung July 6, 2020 converter
How to Convert GoPro 4K HEVC/H.265 Videos to H.264
To convert GoPro 4K HEVC/H.265 videos to H.264 is a workable solution to play or edit your HEVC videos recorded by GoPro HERO6 more smoothly.
Kistent Waung July 6, 2020 converter
How to Fix 4K (HDR) HEVC Video Frame Drops
Here're possible solutions to fix 4K (HDR/60fps/10bit) HEVC videos dropping frames during playback on PC/Mac.
Kistent WaungJuly 6, 2020
How to Play GoPro Videos on TV? Fix TV Not Detecting GoPro Videos
This post introduces 3 ways to play GoPro HERO 8/7/6/5/4 videos on TV from Apple, Samsung, LG, and other brands. Additionally, this is a fix for TV not detecting GoPro videos.
Kaley Torres July 6, 2020 GoPro
HEVC/H.265 Encoding Seems Very Slow? How to Make It Faster?
This article gives the best solution to fix slow HEVC/H.265 encoding in HandBrake, Adobe Premiere etc., and introduces the fastest way to encode HEVC/H.265 on PC/Mac.
Jack Watt July 6, 2020 Hardware encoder
HEVC for 4K Videos
What HEVC does to 4K video playback and streaming? And what is the hardware/software requirement for HEVC/4K video play? Read this article and it gives you a closer look.
Donna PengJuly 6, 2020
AAC Codec Free Download for Windows 10/8/7 etc.
This post will explain where and how to free download AAC codec for Windows 10/8/7 etc. After installing AAC codec, you can decode/encode AAC for playing or generating AAC audio files on PC without trouble.
Kistent Waung July 3, 2020 converter
How to Convert MPEG to H.264, Convert MPEG to H.264 with High Quality
How to convert MPEG to H.264, MPEG to H.264 with fastest H.264 converter software? WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe can help you convert MPEG to H.264 at fast speed yet keeping best quality.
Jack Watt July 2, 2020 converter
MOV to MP3 Converter| How to Convert MOV to MP3 on Windows 10/Mac
MOV to MP3: brief guide on how to convert .mov file to .mp3 on Windows 10/Mac with best free MOV to MP3 converter. Extracting audio MP3 from QuickTime MOV, MP4, MKV, etc can also be achieved with WinX Video Converter.
Jack WattJuly 2, 2020
Fix Doesn't Get Full Video – Best Free YouTube to MP4/MP3 Converter doesn't get full video when downloading and converting YouTube videos? Quickly fix it with the guide in this post. Also get best free YouTube to MP4/MP3 converter for PC/Mac which is best alternative.
Jack Watt July 2, 2020 WMV
How to Convert WMV to VOB with High Quality on Windows (10)
Here's tutorial of how to convert WMV to VOB for later DVD burning. Using the best WMV to VOB converter – WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe, you can change the video format from WMV to (NTSC/PAL DVD) VOB with high quality on Windows (10).
Jack Watt July 2, 2020 WMV
3 Steps to Convert VOB to WMV for Free on Windows (10)
3 easy steps to convert VOB to WMV for free on Windows (10) with best free VOB to WMV converter – WinX DVD Ripper. Load VOB files; Choose to WMV as output; Start converting DVD VOB files to WMV at fast speed.
Jack Watt July 2, 2020 converter
How to Edit AVCHD HD Video with Professional & Affordable AVCHD Editing Software
[Best AVCHD editing software] Get to know how to edit AVCHD videos shoot by Sony/Panasonic camera or camcorder on Windows (10) PC easily and fast.
Jack Watt July 2, 2020 AVCHD

Convert Video from Camcorder/Camera

Find more solutions about popular camcorders, cameras such as GoPro, DJI, Sony, and more, and popular guides about camcorder/camera video conversion here.

Best 4K/HD YouTube Converter for macOS Sierra and even Big Sur
Here's an all-round YouTube converter for macOS Sierra capable of converting YouTube UHD HD SD videos to MP4, 3GP, MP3, iPhone, Android and other multimedia formats and devices on macOS Sierra 10.12.
Jack Watt July 2, 2020 converter
Mac Supported Video Formats - Codecs for Mac Pro MacBook iMac Mac mini (Big Sur Included)
What're Mac computer supported video and audio formats? What video file formats and codecs are best for Mac QuickTime or Mac Retina? This Mac formats guide will give you the answers.
Matthew PalmerJune 24, 2020
HEVC for 4K Videos
What HEVC does to 4K video playback and streaming? And what is the hardware/software requirement for HEVC/4K video play? Read this article and it gives you a closer look.
Donna PengJune 19, 2020
How to Free Convert YouTube FLV to Kindle Fire
This article will introduce best 3 free video converters to convert FLV to Kindle Fire (HDX 8.9 Inch) video. Besides HandBrake and free WinX Video Converter, you may also use another video converter for Android.
Kistent Waung June 17, 2020 converter
Convert FLV to MP3 Music with Free FLV Video Converter
This guide tells you how to free convert FLV flash videos to MP3 music file on Windows 10. Download the best free FLV video converter to extract MP3 music from FLV video right now.
Jack Watt June 17, 2020 converter
How to Download and Convert Instagram Video to MP4 Automatically
This tutorial shows how to download and convert Instagram videos in any format to MP4 for playback on PC/Mac/iPhone/Android.
Bella MillerMay 21, 2020
Convert Instagram Videos to MP3? Safe and Quick Way Here
Want to Convert Instagram video to MP3 file but do not know how? This article will show how to convert Instagram to MP3 in a safe and quick way.
Bella MillerMay 21, 2020
GoPro Video: Compress Upload GoPro Video to YouTube/Free Download GoPro Video
Guide on how to upload GoPro 4K/HD videos to YouTube and free download GoPro 4K/HD/VR videos from YouTube. Best all-in-one GoPro video compressor, converter, editor, downloader is here to help.
Matthew Palmer April 26, 2020 converter
[Solved] iPhone X/8: H.264 vs MPEG4 in File Size, Quality, Encoding Time
H.264 vs MPEG4 (H.264 vs MP4), which uses less iPhone (X/8) battery and delivers higher quality playback? This is a comparison of mpeg4 and h.264 in file size, quality and encoding time to clarify on the MP4 vs H.264 or MPEG-4 vs H.264 questions.
Kaley Torres Apr. 26, 2020 converter

GPU Acceleration

Find more solutions about GPU acceleration for video conversion here.

How to Convert Multi-tracks Blu-ray M2TS to WMV with High Quality
This article introduces the easiest way to decrypt and convert Blu-ray M2TS to WMV while keeping lossless quality.
Kistent Waung April 24, 2020 M2TS
Hardware Acceleration in Windows 10: Everything You Should Know
What is hardware acceleration? How to enable/disable hardware acceleration in Windows 10? Is there a great hardware-acceleration video transcoder to speed up video transcoding on Windows 10? Every question can be answered here.
Matthew Palmer April 23, 2020 hardware acceleration
How to Speed up Video Encoding -- 4 Tricks to Accelerate Video Encoding
Video encoding is quite slow? Using the tricks here will speed up video encoding distinctly.
Matthew PalmerApril 23, 2020

Media Formats

It's quite necessary to have a brief knowledge of commonly used media formats and codecs if you are trying to play and watch any movie/video on PC/Mac or portable devices without hassle. Now, let's check which formats are supported by specific devices and websites (YouTube, Facebook etc.) and find out differences between popular formats (H.265 vs H.264, AAC vs MP3 etc.).

All about Hardware Acceleration on H.264 Video | Windows 10
The hardware of your Windows PC can realize smoother H.264 playback and faster video conversion of H.264 video. Here's how to...
Matthew PalmerApril 23, 2020
What Are 3 Levels of Hardware Acceleration?
Hardware acceleration can be classified into 3 grades: level-1, hardware encoding only; level-2, hardware decoding + hardware encoding; level-3, hardware decoding + GPU processing + hardware encoding. WinX Level-3 hardware accelerated video software delivers NO.1 fastest video transcoding speed.
Matthew PalmerApril 23, 2020
Best Free URL to MP3 Converter Free Download
How to free convert YouTube URL to MP3 audio format for playback everywhere? Best free URL to MP3 music converters and related guides are listed here to help you.
Kistent Waung April 22, 2020 MP3
Analysis on HD Camcorder Supported Video Formats AVCHD DV MPEG2
What are the recording video formats of HD Camcorders like Panasonic, Sony, Canon and JVC? You can convert videos to digital Camcorder supported video formats with the best camcorder video converter.
Kistent Waung April 22, 2020 converter
How to Convert iTunes Music to MP3: Two Ways Provided Here
This article will walk you through two ways to convert iTunes music to MP3, both DRM-free and DRM-protected iTunes songs supported. Now learn how to convert iTunes M4A, WAV, M4P, AAC, etc. to MP3.
Kistent Waung April 22, 2020 MP3
What is AVCHD | AVCHD Video Format Definition - WinXDVD
This page gives specific definition of what is AVCHD, what is the advantage and disadvantage of AVCHD format and how to convert AVCHD video to other formats.
Kistent Waung April 22, 2020 AVCHD
Why Can't I Play 4k Video Files on PC/Mac?
If your large 4K UHD video is not playing on PC (Windows 10) or Mac, or if the 4K video playback is freezing with stutters, laggy, choppy or out of sync, please try all solutions, GPU hardware encoder and decoder.
Kistent Waung Apr.22, 2020 4k
New Intel Processors 2018 | The Latest Intel CPUs Including QSV in 2018
New Intel processors in 2018 are revealed here. The latest 2018 Intel CPUs with greater performance and the support of Quick Sync Video hardware acceleration for speeding up video encoding/decoding, gaming and more will be listed here for your reference.
Kistent WaungApr.22, 2020
Intel Quick Sync Decoder - Fast Decode Videos with Intel Quick Sync Video Technology
This article will introduce a video decoder supporting high performance Intel Quick Sync Video technology. It will improve H.264/H.265 video decoding speed greatly when Intel QSV is activated.
Kistent WaungApr.22, 2020
How to Cut or Trim 4K/2.7K/1080P GoPro Video without Quality Loss
Here's a great tip to cut GoPro video for beginners. Follow it to trim or split 4K, 2.7K, 1080P GoPro footage to remove unwanted parts while keeping original resolution and frame rate.
Kistent WaungApr.22, 2020
How to Convert FLV Video to iPod Supported Format
You need to convert FLV video to iPod supported formats for watching on iPod with success. This post will give a free and fast solution to convert FLV to iPod Touch, Nano etc.
Kistent Waung April 21, 2020 converter
Free YouTube Video Converter, Convert FLV to AVI, MPEG, iPhone
Download free YouTube video converter to convert YouTube videos to AVI, MPEG, MP4, iPad, iPod, iPhone, PSP, etc. WinX Video Converter is free video software to convert FlV video format.
Kistent Waung April 21, 2020 YouTube
YouTube to Ringtone Maker Converter for iPhone 11/Pro/Max etc.
Simple steps to download and convert any YouTube music video to iPhone ringtone in M4R format using the best YouTube to ringtone maker, which is compatible well with Windows 10.
Kistent Waung Apr.21, 2020 converter
What Are the Supported Movie/Video Formats for iPhone 7/Plus
Movie video formats for iPhone 7 roundup. Free download, convert any movie video to iPhone supported video formats, for playing any video on iPhone 7 (incl. iPhone 11) with no format restriction.
Kistent WaungApr.21, 2020
Everything about GoPro SuperView: Resolution, Frame Rate, Setting and FOV Comparison
What is GoPro SuperView? How to use GoPro SuperView? This ultimate explanation will tell everything you want to know about GoPro SuperView, including resolution, frame rate, setting and comparison of SuperView vs. other FOV modes.
Kistent WaungApr.21, 2020

Edit Video Tips

We are urged to edit a video for multiple reasons, sharing online, sending to friends via email, getting better playback effect on phone/tablet/TV. The following tips will show you a diverse of solutions of video editing for helping compress/reduce video size, join/cut videos, add subtitle/watermark for videos, change video aspect ratio as well as make videos from photo album.

Easy-to-use MPEG Video Converter for MPEG Video Conversion
Need a MPEG video converter to convert MPEG video? This tutorial introduces a free yet reliable MPEG video converter for MPEG video conversion. Only several clicks to complete the process.
Kistent Waung April 20, 2020 converter
How to Convert YouTube FLV to iPhone to Watch Offline
Use WinX Free iPhone Video Converter to easily convert YouTube FLV videos and save them to iPhone 11/Pro/Max etc, for playback on the move.
Kistent Waung Apr.20, 2020 converter
6 Factors Decide Video Quality: Resolution, Bitrate, Frame Rate, CRF, Bit Depth
What factors decide video quality? The complete answer should be resolution, frame rate, bit rate, video codec, bit control mode and bit depth. Does changing resolution make video quality better? What bitrate frame rate should you use? Here is the guide.
Jack Watt Apr 20, 2020 converter
Video Accelerator | Accelerate Video Playback, Download and Conversion
What is video accelerator? Is there a video accelerator to play, download and convert 4K/HD/large videos more efficiently? All answers arrive here.
Jack WattApr 20, 2020
What is M2TS | M2TS Video Format Definition - WinXDVD
This page gives specific definition of what is M2TS/MTS, what is the advantage and disadvantage of M2TS/MTS format and how to convert M2TS/MTS video to other formats.
Donna Peng Apr.20, 2020 M2TS
M2TS Codec Free Download for Windows Media Player
This page gives you M2TS codec free download solution. You can free download M2TS codec pack to play AVCHD and Blu-ray M2TS video on Windows Media Player as easy as ABC.
Donna Peng Apr.20, 2020 M2TS
Fastest AVC Encoder Software: Create H.264 / AVC Full HD Video | WinXDVD
WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is the fastest AVC Encoder software to create AVC/ H.264/MPEG-4 video from 3G to 1920 x 1080 Full HD as easy as 123.
Kistent WaungApr 10, 2020
How to FAST Convert DVD VOB File to MPEG Video on PC/Mac
This guide tells how to fast convert DVD VOB file to MPEG video on PC/Mac while keeping great video/audio quality using the best VOB to MPEG converter – WinX DVD Ripper Platinum.
Donna Peng March 26, 2020 VOB
How to Convert YouTube Video to WAV File without Quality Loss
It aims at helping you easily fast convert YouTube (SD/HD/4K) video to WAV file format with high quality on Mac (El Capitan) and Windows (10) for playback on iPhone iPod.
Brent Archer March 25, 2020 converter
FFmpeg Codec List - What is FFmpeg? FFmpeg Supported Codecs
FFmpeg codec list. What is FFmpeg and what FFmpeg supported codecs are? FFmpeg is so complex? Try its best substitute to freely convert any video to MP4, H.264, AVI, etc. on Windows (10) or Mac.
Kistent Waung Mar 24, 2020 converter
How to Free Download VP8 Encoder for HTML5/Chromecast (WebM) Videos
It shows guide of how to free download VP8 encoder to create WebM videos for HTML5/Chromecast and introduces best free VP8 video converter to free convert VP8 (WebM) videos.
Kistent Waung Mar 24, 2020 converter
YouTube to AAC Converter: Convert YouTube Videos to AAC or MP3 Music
The tutorial steers you to converting YouTube to AAC or MP3 music file, for listening on iPhone, iPod, iTunes, iPad, VLC. Learn how to download YouTube to AAC on Windows (10) or Mac with the best YouTube video converter.
Brent ArcherMarch 24, 2020
8K Video Converter to Smoothly Convert Any 8K Video
This article focuses on an 8K video converter for Windows (10) and Mac. It helps convert and compress 8K 4320p videos movies to PC/Mac/mobiles/players playable formats and resolutions.
Kistent WaungMar.23, 2020
Is onlinevideoconverter Safe to Use? Definitely Not!
Onlinevideoconverter is not safe. The untrustworthy site embraces commercial ads, redirects, pop ups, and malware. Users can install ad blockers and pop-up blockers on browsers, and strong anti-virus software.
Kaley TorresFeb 21, 2020
How to Fix Not Working?
Can't open or get errors while converting videos? Here're fixes for onlinevideoconverter not working problem.
Donna PengFeb 21, 2020
How to Edit iPhone Video on Windows (10) PC
This post will list you 3 reliable video editors for Windows (10, 8.1 etc.) that're available to edit iPhone video. Learn how to edit/trim/crop iPhone videos on PC with them at once.
Kistent Waung Feb.12, 2020 YouTube 4K, Apple TV
How to Edit a Video Clip on Windows 10 with Free Video Editor
This is a guide of editing 4K/1080p HD MP4, MKV, AVI or other video clips on Windows 10/8/7 or Mac. You'll learn how to trim, crop, split, combine files, add effects, watermark, rotate, adjust brightness and saturation, etc. Fast and stable.
Kistent WaungFeb.12, 2020
Best Free Video Editing Software - Edit 4K/HD Videos Effortlessly
This powerful free video editing software can help edit SD/1080p/1080i HD/4K videos downloaded online or recorded by HD camcorders. Just download the video editing software and do the video processing job on Windows (10) and Mac, such as, crop, trim, merge, etc.
Kistent WaungFeb.12, 2020
6 Best GoPro Alternatives Action Cameras
Search for new best GoPro alternative action cameras to save your budget? This post lists top 6 cheap GoPro alternatives for you.
Kistent Waung Feb.12, 2020 GoPro
2021 Top 10 Free Online Video Editors
Scan the listed top 10 free online video editors to see if they are competent in editing videos online, if not, switch to the best free video editor for Windows (10) PC and Mac to edit, trim, crop, subtitle video and convert video format.
Kistent Waung Feb.12, 2020 YouTube 4K, Apple TV
2021 Best 4K Drone Cameras, Drone 4K Video YouTube Download and Upload
List of 2021 Top 10 drone 4K video cameras incl. best DJI 4K drones to shoot stunning 4K UHD footages. Easiest way to free download drone 4K videos from YouTube or edit and upload captured 4K drone videos to YouTube.
Kaley TorresDec 25, 2019
What Is MOV Video Format
This page gives specifc definition of what is MOV, the advantage and disadvantage of MOV format and how to convert video/DVD to MOV format.
Kistent WaungDecember 24, 2019
How to Convert AVCHD MTS/M2TS to MOV
How to convert AVCHD .mts/.m2ts video to MOV (QuickTime) at fastest speed and best HD video quality? WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is the best AVCHD to MOV converter for Windows PC or Mac. Convert AVCHD to MOV for playback and editing easily.
Kistent Waung December 24, 2019 AVCHD
How to Edit MOV Files on Windows/Mac: Trim, Crop, Merge, and Do More
Do you want to edit MOV files shot by iPhone iPad GoPro DJI or other digital camera? Here's the best MOV file editor for Windows 10/8/7 and Mac to cut, crop, merge and subtitle MOV.
Kistent Waung December 24, 2019 Edit MOV
How to Convert MOV to MP4 Using VLC [Steps & Errors]
Can VLC convert to MP4 from 4K MOV @4K 60fps in HEVC, Prores, LPCM, etc.? How to fix VLC MOV to MP4 no audio, no video, distorted sound, other errors? This post will show you every detail.
Kaley TorresDecember 20, 2019
VLC Hardware Acceleration: How to Use GPU to Play/Convert Video
How to use VLC hardware acceleration for video playing and converting? Is GPU decoding able to fix video lagging issue in VLC, esp. 4K HEVC? Check answers here!
Kaley TorresNov.5, 2019
[OFFICIAL] 50% OFFWinX HD Video Converter Deluxe Coupon Code in 2021
Do you want to get a big coupon code of HD Video Converter? WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe 50% OFFdiscount coupon code is right here waiting for you.
Jack WattOct 30, 2019
[Solved] Subtitles Messed Up After MKV to MP4 Conversion
Subtitles get messed up after MKV to MP4 conversion? This artilce show you how to fix it and make the scrambled MKV subtitles showing right.
Kaley TorresJuly 24, 2019
What Video Audio Formats Does Apple TV 4 Support for Playing?
What are Apple TV 4 supported file formats and codecs? What video/audio format can be played on new Apple TV 2015? This article will provide the answers for you.
Kistent Waung March 09, 2019 converter
How to Convert Audio File or Playlist to MP3 on Computer
Need to convert (WAV/M4A/YouTube) audio to MP3 on computer? Try to find a virus-free but pro-grade program to batch convert audios or convert music playlist to MP3? Get some recommendations and guides here.
Jack WattJan. 29 2019
What is MP3 Format
This page gives specifc definition of what is MP3, what is the advantage and disadvantage of MP3 format and how to convert video and DVD to MP3 format.
Jack WattJan. 4, 2019
Convert AVCHD to M2TS Format with Fastest HD Video Converter
Best way to convert AVCHD video files to M2TS format with shortest time and best HD quality. WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is the best AVCHD to M2TS converter for keeping HD quality.
Jack Watt Nov. 23 2018 AVCHD
Convert / Burn Sony HD Camcorder M2TS to DVD Format
How to convert/transfer SONY HD Camcorder M2TS Video to digital DVD format? WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is the best solution for converting or buring SONY HD Camcorder M2TS video.
Jack Watt Nov. 12 2018 camcorder
How to Convert AVCHD MTS to AVI Format with Fast Video Converter?
HOW TO convert AVCHD MTS video Files to AVI format with fastest speed and best preserved HD quality? WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is the best AVCHD to AVI converter, which enables you to play and edit AVCHD video with AVI format much more smoothly.
Jack Watt Nov. 9 2018 AVCHD
Easily Convert JVC HD Camcorder TOD Video Files to DVD
How to convert and Transfer JVC HD Camcorder with TOD Files HD Video onto DVD? WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is the best answer, which gets armed with HD JVC Camcorder TOD file videos DVD Burner function.
Jack Watt Nov. 8, 2018 camcorder
How to Free Convert WMV to MOV for QuickTime on Mac
How to convert WMV files to MOV (QuickTime Movie) video? Learn 2021 best free ways to convert WMV to MOV for playback on QuickTime Mac.
Kistent Waung Junly 23, 2021 WMV to MOV
What Is M4A? M4A vs MP3? Is M4A Better than MP3 or Not?
What is M4A? M4A vs MP3, is M4A better than MP3? What's the difference between M4A and MP3? How to convert video to M4A or MP3? Here are best answers.
Jack Watt YouTube 4K, Apple TV
What is 3GP - 3GPP Video File Format – WinXDVD
This page gives specific definition of what is 3GP/3G2 video file format, what is the specific use and history of 3GP.
Jack Watt 3GP

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