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Top 10 YouTube Video Makers (Online & Software)

Best 10 YouTube video makers are hand-picked to help you make stunning YouTube videos to attract more audiences or boost brand awareness. Based on our using experience, we have classified them into grade★, grade ★★ and grade ★★★. One-star is for freshmen who only have simple editing needs like add background music/text and cut/crop, two-stars is for sophomores or juniors who already own some editing skills and know how to vlog their daily life simply on YouTube, and three-stars is for seniors who is experienced and professional to make a YouTube video for advertising products, boosting brand awareness or upgrading YouTube channel visualization.

Each type we will give one or more examples that are popular and useful based on users’ reviews, so just choose one according to your needs and editing level to create a YouTube video perfectly.

[Note] First, Learn What Kind of Videos Are Supported by YouTube

Based on YouTube video dimensions, YouTube supports various video formats. For individual uploaders, there are suggested best YouTube video dimensions: 16:9, 1080p, MP4 (H.264 + AAC), max 128GB, and max 12 hours. So, make sure your video parameters meet the requirements of YouTube video specs, and adjust them with a video converter if needed.

Top 10 YouTube Video Makers

Best 10 YouTube Video Makers (Online & Software)

No matter you are a YouTuber, vlogger, content creator, influencer or marketer, you can find a suitable video maker for creating videos for uploading to YouTube when you need to show your daily life, ideas or products in a video. Covering online and software YouTube video makers, this page also helps extend your imagination with provided templates online as well as suggestions about how to DIY a YouTube video.

No.1: WinX Video Converter (Software) – Grade ★

WinX Video Converter is very easy to grasp with an intuitive user interface. When used as a YouTube video creator, it helps create a video that YouTube accepts. For example, convert any video to YouTube supported MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, H.264, HEVC, AV1, etc., compress large-sized 4K/8K video to smaller size for uploading without choppy, cut the video length, crop the black bars, merge multiple clips into one, change video resolution to the best 1080p, set aspect ratio to the best 16:9, etc. Then, you can upload videos recorded by iPhone, GoPro, DJI, Drone, etc, to YouTube easily. Since its release in 2010, WinX Video Converter has established a solid fan base of over 90 millions.

Cons: It is only suitable for simple video editing, such as cut/crop/merge clips and adjust video resolution/aspect ratio. Unfortunately, you can’t use it to add background music, make Picture-in-Picture videos, change video speed, adjust video color, split screen and change video transition effects.

WinX Video Converter
WinX Video Converter

How to make a YouTube video with WinX Video Converter?

Step 1. Free download WinX Video Converter, install and launch it on your computer.

Step 2. Drag and drop a video to it, and choose MP4 (h264+aac, 1080x1080) as the best output format when the Output Profile window pops up.

Step 3. Adjust your video resolution, length, frame rate, etc.

  • Click Edit button to add subtitles to your videos, crop out the black bars and adjust the video length.
  • Click the Settings button to change video frame rate, aspect ratio and resolution.

Step 4. Click Browse button to choose a destination folder to save the converted video and then hit RUN button to start making a YouTube video with this app.

No. 2: VideoProc (Software) – Grade ★

VideoProc born to be a one-stop video processing yet easy-to-handle software for inexperienced YouTube video creators. Covering almost all basic skills related to video editing, you can feel free to polish your videos as easy as ABC. When acting as a YouTube video maker, VideoProc is a bit better than WinX Video Converter. Besides cut, merge, crop, convert and compress a video, it also lets you have some advanced editings, say stabilize video, fix fisheye, remove noise, make gif, add watermark, audio video synchronization, and add effects (control brightness, contrast, hue, gamma and saturation of the video).

Cons: As a basic YouTube video editor mainly designed for starters, it can’t change the background soundtrack, create PIP videos, split the video as well as change video transition effects.


How to create video for YouTube via VideoProc?

Step 1. Everything starts from a download. Then, launch this software.

Step 2. On the main UI, click Video button and then add a video to it.

Step 3. Polish your video by clicking on "Effect".

  • Audio & Video: adjust video and audio (rotate video, increase/decrease volume, flip video, change speed, audio video synchronization).
  • Effects: change video color (brightness, contrast, hue, gamma, saturation), add some effect.
  • Subtitle: add texts to your video.
  • Cut: change video length.
  • Crop: remove the black bars.
  • Watermark: add text or image watermarks to your video.

Step 4. After choosing an output folder, simply hit RUN button to start the process.

No.3: Adobe Spark (Online) – Grade ★

We know professional video editor Adobe Premiere Pro, but few of us know how to use it. So, here comes the entry-level video editing product from Adobe – Adobe Spark. Adobe Spark is a free online YouTube video maker that can be grasped easily. This web-based service has provided a collection of stock photos, templates and background music for you easily make a YouTube video. Or DIY your ideas with your texts, animations, videos, images and change their sequences at will. You don’t need to be a video production expert to make stunning unique videos for uploading to YouTube.

Cons: You need to log in first and then upload your resources. I have to say the uploading of even a short 1080p HD video is quite slow. It’s foreseeable that processing a 4K video is very hard using this online video editor. There are also limited prepared themes and music for you to choose from. Besides, Spark supports .mp4, .mov, and .m4v container formats which are encoded using H.264 video codec and either MP3 or AAC audio codecs. Other container formats or codecs are not fully supported that you need a video converter to convert them first.

Adobe Spark
Adobe Spark

How to make video for YouTube with Adobe Spark?

Step 1. Log in Adobe Spark. You can use your Google, Facebook, Apple, Email, Adobe account to log in.

Step 2. Name your topic.

Step 3. Pick a story template Spark lists or just start from scratch.

Step 4. On the YouTube video making interface, use the slide-based editor to add videos, texts, photos and icons to beautify your YouTube video.

  • Note: You can only add up to 30s of a video at a time to each slide, so cut the video if necessary.

Step 5. When finishing, preview it. Then, publish it to Adobe community, invite people to see or send to your Google Drive. You can also download the video and then upload to YouTube.

No.4: iMovie (Software) – Grade ★★

iMovie is a video editing software application developed by Apple Inc. for macOS, iOS, and iPadOS devices. For Apple device users, iMovie would be the best entry-level tool to create a YouTube video in Hollywood style and even up to 4K. You have a range of templates on almost any genre to choose from. Also, you can DIY your YouTube videos by adding titles, music, effects, colors, etc. at will. Special effects like picture-in-picture, split-screen, green-screen, speed-up and slow-down will let you make professional-looking videos for YouTube with an editing degree.

Cons: Only for Apple users, limited video filters, importing MP4 files for editing is complex, costly.


How to use iMovie to create YouTube videos (on Mac)?

Step 1. Launch iMovie on your Mac.

Step 2. On the top left corner of the user interface, simply click "+" button.

Step 3. You can choose create "Movie" to make your own movie, or "Trailer" to follow a template to make a Hollywood-style movie trailer.

Step 4. Choose your desired theme and then click "Create" in the bottom right corner and name your video.

Step 5. After importing your source video, you can start creating your YouTube video.

No.5: Biteable (Online) – Grade ★★

Now, about five billion videos are watched on YouTube every day. Obviously, creating a video especially to advertise a product or brand is dispensable. To stand out from 5 billion videos, you need a good helper to help create a marvel YouTube video, and Biteable is the highly-praised YouTub video creator you can choose. Well-trusted and used by big brands including Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Disney, BBC and Samsung, it has helped 7M+ marketers. With 1.8 million images, clips and templates prepared, you can directly use the materials to make a colorful video to engage viewers and rake in views on YouTube.

Cons: Need strong network, can’t create PIP video, can’t split video and DIY video transition effects, free version has watermarks of “made with”, need log in first.


How to use this YouTube video maker?

Step 1. Sign up and log in with your account.

Step 2. Pick a template to get started.

Step 3. Customize it by changing the style, colors, text, pictures and music.

Step 4. Once done, download your video and then upload to your YouTube channel.

No.6: Vimeo (Online) – Grade ★★

  • Site:
  • OS: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android
  • Suitable for: Sophomores, juniors, the inexperienced, who has basic editing skills

Once being a competitor to YouTube, now Vimeo has been turned into a one-stop station to create videos online, upload pre-edited clips from computer, live streaming videos, manage and analyze statistics of your video, and even allow for video selling. Like any other online YouTube video creators, you have various video examples to use for reference covering social media (YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, etc.), marketing, education, fashion, sport, food, travel, and so on.

Cons: It is said Vimeo will give you maximum 500MB/week and maximum 5GB in total to create and upload a video, but it asks you to pay when you want to save the video to computer. That means making a video for YouTube via this online tool always needs some money. Besides, free version will give a watermark "Made with Vimeocreate" to your video.

Vimeo Create
Vimeo Create

How to make a YouTube video with Vimeo?

Step 1. After logging in, hover your mouse to "New video" at the top right corner of your profile and choose "Create a video".

Step 2. Choose a template or just start from scratch.

Step 3. Start editing your video for YouTube.

No.7: Animaker (Online) – Grade ★★

Animaker, famous for making animation videos, is another YouTube video editor praised and used by tech giants like Amazon, BOSCH, HP, Nokia and Philips. With various free templates prepared, you can quickly start creating a video from imitating or copying other’s ideas. Or, just start a blank canvas if you want to unleash your creativity. With this service, you can create videos on any topic easily just by replacing any element on the template with your choice of animated texts, images, backgrounds, characters, properties, colors and more. There is also royalty-free music so that you don’t need to worry about the copyrights, and if needed you can record your own voice. The most shinning feature is it supports for 4K quality video export, creating animated and lip-syncing videos.

Cons: There is a watermark on videos in the free plan. The whole process is slow if there is no strong enough network.


How to make animation videos with Animaker?

Step 1. Log in Animaker with your account, and then choose a style to create project. For example, you are suggested to choose 16:9 Horizontal video to create a YouTube video.

Step 2. You can just start from blank or follow a template.

Step 3. Style the YouTube video with your taste.

No.8: Animoto (Online) - Grade ★★

No video editing experience required, Animoto is also a very user-friendly video making tool that you can get started with easily and quickly. Especially designed for YouTube video creation, you can combine photos and video clips with text and music by yourself, or create instructional, production or themed videos by following the provided templates covering birthday, wedding, memorial, graduation, holiday, fitness, non-profit, business, etc. theme. Driving traffic to your brand or website is never been easier.

Cons: There is a watermark on videos in the free plan, not all provided templates are free, it is unclear whether data are shared for third-party advertising or marketing.


How to make YouTube videos with Animoto?

Step 1. Select a storyboard template or start from scratch.

Step 2. Upload your photos and video clips or choose from their library of Getty Images stock.

Step 3. Personalize your video by changing colors, text, and music and adding your logo.

Step 4. Produce and share to your YouTube channel in one click.

No.9: Kapwing (Online)- Grade ★★

Kapwing is another great choice for YouTube video creation to help attract audiences and grow subscribers for your YouTube channel. It is suitable for beginners, gamers, influencers, fitness stars and anyone else who just gets started on YouTube. Trusted by companies big and small including Spotify, Amazon, Sony, Netflix, Verizon, CNBC, etc., this YouTube video maker can be used nearly on any platform like Chromebooks, iPads, Windows, Mac, Android, and feature phones.

Cons: Video upload and export are very slow, 4K video is not supported, need to sign in to remove watermark.


How to edit video for YouTube with Kapwing?

Step 1. Upload the video that you want to edit for YouTube. You can upload files or paste a URL.

Step 2. Add text overlays, subtitles, create multiple scenes, trim, add cuts, overlay music, and much more.

Step 3. Press "Export" to process your video, then download the file from Kapwing and upload to YouTube.

No.10: Adobe Premiere Pro (Software) - Grade ★★★

Being an industry standard, Adobe Premiere Pro is mainly for professional-level video editing that film, movie and promotion video makers favor most. With many built-in presets including fonts, connection with Photoshop, video effects, audio effects, gree-screen, etc., you can edit footages in any format no matter they are from professional camera or your daily used phone, or in 1080p or up to 4K/8K. This professional and true YouTube movie maker gets update frequently which helps extend your imagination to the most with countable troubles, as well as creates videos to make your YouTube followers wow. As an expert, you should always choose it when you need professional editings.

Cons: Quite expensive as Premiere Pro is only available by subscription, no prepared templates, can’t import HEVC videos if no HEVC codec installed in advance, intimidating interface for nonprofessionals, no sound effects samples included.

Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Premiere Pro

How to create a YouTube video with Premiere Pro?

Step 1. Download, install and launch Adobe Premiere Pro on your computer. Then, enter your key to activate it.

Step 2. When first open Premiere Pro, simply click "New Project", and name it, find the local folder and click OK.

Step 3. In the editing interface, just import you media sources including video clips, music, photos, etc. to the bottom left part.

Step 4. In sequence, add your media files one by one to the video track part.

Step 5. Change video audio effects, add texts, increase or decrease background sound volume, etc.

Step 6. When everything is done, simply press "Ctrl+M" on your keyboard to export the video.

To sum up:

There are hundreds of YouTube video makers including online and software tools out the market, among which suits your needs is the best. The top 10 YouTube video creators we mentioned above are relatively the most popular, easy to understand and useful representatives to help create sizzling videos for YouTube according to different editing levels. So, hope they are what you are looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best video maker for YouTube?

Actually, the best YouTube video maker is the one satisfying your basic and advanced needs. If you only have very basic editing needs like cut, crop, adjust video resolution, and change video size/length, WinX Video Converter is the best. If you need some effects or filters when making a YouTube video, VideoPro is the best software tool and Adobe Spark is the best online tool. And Adobe Premiere Pro should always be the best professional YouTube video creator for video editing experts.

2. Is YouTube movie maker free?

That depends. In fact, almost all YouTube video makers in the market are freemium software. The free version only offers basic editing options, and you have to pay some money if you have advanced requirements.

YouTube video maker


YouTube video maker


WinX Video Converter

$39.95 (Lifetime/1 PC)


$7/month (Plus)
$20/month (Pro)
$50/month (Business)
$75/month (Premium)


$37.95 (Lifetime/1 PC)


$10/month (Basic)
$19/month (Starter)
$49/month (Pro)
Custom pricing (Enterprise)

Adobe Spark

$9.99/month (Individual)
$19.99/month (Team)


$15/month (Professional)
$39/month (Professional Plus)






$19/month (Individual)
$49/month (Professional)

Adobe Premiere Pro


3. Does YouTube have a video maker?

YouTube once offered a built-in video editor to help its users trim and cut videos, enhance videos with background music, blur faces, etc. However, because of poor popularity, Google discontinued its online YouTube video editor. That means you have to turn to help from third-party YouTube video makers now if needed.


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