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How to Free Download Someone Else's Facebook Live Video

The intention of googling "how to download Facebook live video" is not about downloading your own Facebook live video, since the process of downloading your own FB live video is damn simple. And you can easily get the step-by-step text guide in Facebook help center. Instead, you real goal is to seek best way to free download someone else's Facebook live video, right? If so, here is the right place, with top Facebook live video downloader tools and detailed guide for you, no matter what skill level currently you're in.

Download Someone Else's Facebook Live Video Using FBdown.net

Many a guide recommends savefrom.net as the 1st choice for Facebook live video downloader. However, when you open saveform.net, you'll find that saveform.net is terminating its service in the United States due to US copyright issues. Don't feel gloomy. You still have awesome alternatives to saveform.net.

Fbdown.net is a free online video downloader, which currently also provides you with addons for both Chrome and Firefox browsers. You can choose online tool or extensions at your full disposal. Well, you're not meant to know more extra bonus about fbdown.net, I guess. FB live video downloading is the key. Fine, let's cut to the chase. How to online have Facebook live video downloaded?

Step 1: Enter Facebook Live Video Link
Copy and paste Facebook live video link to the box.

Step 2: Tap Download
Tap Download button and it begins to analyze your FB live stream video. It will cost you a few of minutes. Please be patient.

Step 3: Choose HD quality or SD quality.
Choose quality based on your need. Certainly, the video quality option depends on the original Facebook live stream video. Some of FB live videos are purely 480p or 720p originally. So the download quality option will only goes one - "Download Video in Normal Quality".

Online Facebook live video downloader - fbdown.net
Online Facebook live video downloader - fbdown.net

Step 4: Download Now
Tap Download button after the quality is chosen. The downloading speed is jointly decided by both this online tool and your network speed. What's plus, it will consume a large amount of CPU resource, generally up to 80-90% of CPU usage.

CPU usage

1. please don't begin downloading Facebook live video unless the live stream video is finished. Or what you download is a file with only 9kb.
2. provide that the downloaded FB live stream video only has video no audio, you're suggested to click "Video with No Audio" on the download page of your video and you'll be able to convert the video with audio.

Free Save Someone Else's Facebook Live Video with Chrome Extension

Another Chrome extension - Facebook video downloader is your Plan B if you can't bear the CPU overuse issue caused by fbdown.net. And this addon sitting the pinnacle among its peers also relies on its convenience. You don't have to find and open any online tool webpage or software. Instead, you can directly tap the Chrome extension to conveniently yet quickly save Facebook live video to your computer.

Step 1: Open Facebook live stream video
Open the facebook live video you wanna download on Chrome browser.

Step 2: Tap Facebook video downloader icon
Find and tap the facebook video downloader icon at the upper right corner of Chrome webpage. Then it will begin analyzing the FB live video you're watching. Couple minutes later, the download button will show up as below.

Chrome extension - Facebook video downloader
Chrome extension - Facebook video downloader

Step 3: Tap Download MP4
Tap "Download MP4" button and you'll be re-directed into a new download page, where you're demanded to click "Download" button again.

Download FB live video now
Download FB live video now

Optional: Download another video
Accident occurs anywhere anytime. You might be eventually greeted with a note like below: Download link not found, download another video. A wide variety of potential reasons cause this issue. You can try it again or follow its advice to download another Facebook live stream video and donate them if this site wins your thumb up.

Download another video if failed
Download another video if failed

Alike to fbdown.net, this free Facebook live video downloader also analyzes and downloads Facebook live video only when its streaming is finished. If not, it will auto exit the analysis window.

Free Download Facebook Live Video with Comments

A large number of Facebook users also search "download facebook live video with comments". But there is no real results on Google addressing this demand. If you really wants to save Facebook live video with interesting comments, record screen video. To reach this goal, a Facebook screen video recorder is a must have. MacX Video Converter Pro is worth your consideration. With it, you can:

  • Record Facebook live video screen with comments and audio sound in HD high quality.
  • Bulk download video, channel, etc. free from Facebook, Dailymotion, Ins, Vimeo, etc. without quantity limits each day.
  • The built-in advanced Level-3 GPU (Intel QSV/Nvidia PureVideo/AMD) hardware acceleration tech makes it mainly run on GPU (not CPU), up to 16x faster than software acceleration. No more snail-paced speed, CPU overuse or laptop lagging troubles.
  • Convert video format, edit video footage, adjust video resolution/aspect ratio/frame rate, etc.
Record FB live video with comments
Record FB live video with comments

Well, this Facebook video downloader is incapable of free downloading Facebook video comments (videos posted on Facebook comment section). If you have this demand, resort to Blob Video Downloader and check this guide to download videos from Facebook comments.

Note: the encrypted Facebook live video or private Facebook live video is NOT recommended to download or record using this software. Please abide by your local copyright protection law and don't infringe any author's right.


How do I download live video from a private facebook group?

Generally speaking, private facebook group is not open to the public. So they don't authorize you to download or even watch their original videos. If you do adore and need videos from a private Facebook group, you'd better contact them and get their permission. Certainly, there is always more than one answer to a question. Get some clues from this user guide.

Disclaimer: we don't endorse any piracy in any way. In this article, we show you how to download Facebook live video content to which you've already authorized. And you're only encouraged to use video content for personal legal use. Please conform to your local law.

If you have any other better solutions, welcome to share with us via Email (we'll instantly update to this article) or reddit to help more Facebook users out of trouble.


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