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How to Download 360 Degree Video Free from YouTube in 4K or HD 1080p

Tricks on Downloading Free 720/1080p/2160p VR Videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook...

Virtual Reality (abbreviated as VR) is a high trending this year. People around the streets and lanes are talking about VR headsets (e.g. Oculus Rife), VR players and all VR things. It has become the frequently words.

YouTube expressly updated itself with a new channel called "YouTube's 360° Channel", as "your destination for the most popular and compelling virtual reality videos". Short after the existence, the channel has received nearly 1 million YouTubers's subscription and the deluge of video views, from which you can find the trending 360 degree videos, cute animal videos, Total Horror, videos, games, VR Yoga, Panorama videos of cities and natural landscapes. More new 360 degree videos will be added almost every week with the increase frequency is believed to be larger with the popularization of the VR technology and the growth of the 360° video sources. Instead of watching online, the article will provide you with a new way – download 360 degree videos on YouTube free!

To download 360 degree/VR videos from YouTube, the video source is important. For another, you should choose a right gadget for playing VR videos with a wide field of view. Also, it is vital to select a well-pleasing 360 degree video downloader that won't downgrade the original video quality, but will support various virtual reality video formats and online video sites.

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Free Download 360° Videos with WinX YouTube Downloader

WinX YouTube Downloader helps you download free any kinds of videos from 300+ online video sites. You can download 360 degree videos from YouTube, Facebook, etc., including that in 4K UHD resolution, 3D, in MP4, Webm format, or of H.264/VPX codecs.

How to Download 360° Videos from YouTube (720p/1080p/4K), etc in 3 Minutes?

YouTube's 360° Channel allows you to watch the VR videos on Chrome and YouTube Apps. Different from on goggles, watching the web version of 360° videos is viewed with the naked eyes and realized by dragging the mouse to adjust the angle of view.

The downloaded YouTube 360° videos can be played by VR-supported video player software on Windows directly, or saved to iPhone or Android and watched by glasses with immersive experience.

The way of free downloading a 360 degree YouTube video makes no distinction of capturing a general video from the internet, as long as you have a 360 degree video downloader freeware on your PC , or a YouTube downloader converter for Mac.

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Step 1. Find and add a 360 degree video on YouTube.

Launch the free WinX YouTube Downloader either before or after you've found a desired 720p/1080p/4K 360 degree video on YouTube, Facebook and so on. Open the video through your browser and then copy the URL. Click the "Add URL" button on the left of UI, and paste what you've copied to the address bar to import the 360° video to the software.

Step 2. Analyze the video.

Click "Analyze" to let the YouTube video downloader to analyze the 360 degree video. Soon the built-in information of the video will be displayed on the UI.

Step 3. Choose an output format.

Among the results listed, you can choose one according to your need on the video resolutions, formats (MP4, FLV, Webm, 3GP), codes and file sizes. The higher the output video resolution/quality is, the larger the output file will be.

You may also want the 360 VR video to be produced in different formats like AVI, MOV, WMV, MPEG, ASF, HD video MKV, MTS, MOD, or fit your iPad Air, iPhone 6S, Android phones, Xbox, PSP, etc. In such cases, check "Auto convert video" button that will surprise you with 420+ ready-made profiles.

Step 4. Set the output folder.

The free 360° video downloader enables you to browse in your computer and hard drive (USB included) to save the file downloaded. Just click "Browse" under the "Target Folder".

Step 5. Start downloading the 360° video downloader from online.

If everything is all set, hit "Download" button on the right of the lower part to start the free video download. Then you can play the YouTube 360° HD/4K video in any way you like without network connection or buffering.

Why's 360 Degree Video So Popular?

VR video gets popular so quickly because, in the first place, it offers the best viewing experience, ever. The immersive feeling indulges you in a stimulated atmosphere for a number of senses, not just the traditional sight and sound. Increased with the degree of participation, you'll fancy yourself as one of them. The entire scene moves while you are moving up and down or left and right, in 360 degrees, and you can also zoom in and zoom out while wearing VR goggles.

But questions arise: will the (YouTube) 360 degree video succeed in becoming the fastest growing technology? Will the video sources as many as the 4K UHD?

Everything gets so real while watching a 360 video. The up-to-daters soon discover some new ways to play: watch 360° horror movies, play VR games, add VR goggles to roller coasters or even watch VR porns. What are the other sites or channels to download VR videos movies besides YouTube's 360° Channel?

Please read up on our VR/36 degree videos in the related articles below and we will keep you posted.

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Disclaimer: Digiarty Software does not advocate downloading or copying copyright content for any commercial purpose and suggests referring to the copyright laws in your countries before doing so.


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