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[Dos and Don'ts] Best 4K Video Downloader to Fix Video Parse Error

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Nonsense aside, to download 4K Ultra HD video for offline watching, you'd better know the the do's and don'ts before going further to the 4K Ultra HD video downloader selection.

Part 1 - The Do's And Don'ts Before Downloading 4K Video Footages

  • 1. Make sure your Internet bandwidth is at least 20 megabits per second.
  • 2. Your computer features 1TB hard disk and 8GB or higher RAM.
  • 3. Check your firewall and anti-virus settings. Authorize the 4K UHD video downloader program to run on your laptop.
  • 4. Check the privacy settings and turn the "Private" to "Public" if you're going to download YouTube 4K video playlists.
  • 5. Connect your computer to a strong yet stable Wi-Fi network or use VPN to change your IP address if your IP address is banned by YouTube.
  • 6. Don't use the 4K video downloader that doesn't get updated for a long time, for YouTube constantly gets updated on its algorithm. The outdated tool has bigger chance to suffer "can't parse this link, this site is unsupported" errors.
  • 7. Don't run other programs at the same time especially those that might be conflict with your downloader to cause "can't parse video" error or that consume too much CPU usage.
  • 8. Don't do the 4K 2160p video downloading task on a entry-level computer without GPU hardware acceleration tech.

All the above-mentioned preconditions aim to help you stay away from the unnecessary "unable to parse video link" or "can't download video" errors and have a smooth 4K video downloading experience. When everything is ready, you can now get your feet wet in the 4K video content downloading using best 4K video downloader.

Part 2 - Which is the Best Qualified 4K Video Downloader? The Key: Save 4K Video from 1000+ Sites with Zero ErrorTry with WinX YouTube Downloader & Converter

The current market is filled to the brim with varied types of video downloader tools, including downloader program, online video download service, browser extension, etc. And honestly, the downloader toolkit without any defect hasn't been found yet. Comparatively speaking, we select the currently best qualified 4K video downloader - WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe for your reference if you're sick of endless trial and restless disappointment.

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is an all-purpose 4K Ultra HD video downloader & converter, letting you batch download 4K videos from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc. 1000+ video sites. More welcome surprises include:

  • YouTube 4K video playlist download is also supported, 3 simple clicks only!
  • Get constantly upgraded to catch up with the latest YouTube algorithm, no problem to parse and analyze any 4K footage.
  • Built-in with advanced Level-3 GPU (Intel QSV/Nvidia PureVideo/AMD) hardware acceleration tech to assign the compute-intensive 4K downloading task from general-purpose CPU to graphical-expert GPU to quicken download speed up to 16x faster than software acceleration. No more snail-paced speed, CPU overuse or laptop lagging troubles.
  • Losslessly convert downloaded YouTube 4K VP9 MKV/WebM to MP4, H264, HEVC for better compatibility with device.
  • Adjust 4K video aspect ratio 4:3 to 16:9/1:1, tweak 4K 60/50FPS to 30/24FPS or vice versa, change bit rate, etc.

Part 3 - How to Free Download 4K Video from YouTube with 100% Success Rate

Needless to install any 3rd party plug-in or add on, this free 4K video downloader for Windows can be 100% downloaded and installed on all Windows OS (including Windows 10) without the need of using Net Framework 2 (SP2). No virus, adware, malware or YouTube account registration. Please see the following user guide of downloading a 4K UHD video clip from YouTube:

Step 1. Free download, install the best free 4K downloader, and launch it when you are in need of use by double click the software icon. You would note that the Hardware Accelerator (at the right side of the main panel) will be auto ticked as long as your computer sports with the corresponding GPU HW acceleration tech. This matters a lot for boosting 4K video downloading speed and improving system responsiveness.

GPU hardware accelerator on WinX

Warm Prompt: please enlarge your hard disk to 1TB if you're going to download a long 4K video to your desktop. Usually a 2h13m 4K GoPro video (shot by 30FPS/60Mbps in H264 codec) eats up 64GB storage space and the 4K iPhone video with the same parameter settings occupies roughly 42GB space. So do the 4K video downloading mission on a desktop with high-end hardware configurations.

Step 2. Go to YouTube official site and find the 4K video source you wanna save.

Step 3. Click +(add) button, Ctrl C & Ctrl V the 4K video URL. Click "Analyze" button and select among the resolutions/sizes listed.

Download 4K video free from YouTube

Step 4. Hit Download button and go. The downloading speed is jointly decided by your network connection, 4K video source (length, parameter settings..), computer hardware configurations and downloader. Hence, take all these factors into consideration if you want fastest speed.

Attention: You may find that the downloaded 4K videos are not in real 4K 3840x2160 or 4000x3000 resolution. Instead, they come to your desktop with 1080p HD resolution. Why? Causes are:

1. The 4K video footage you download probably is an upscaled version of 1080p or 2K video, which is usually called fake 4K. Therefore, it's not the 4K video downloader to blame, but the video source. Check to know more detailed difference between real native 4K and fake upscaled 4K.
2. To download 4K videos from Vimeo, please upgrade your membership to Pro or Plus level. Only Pro and Plus members can successfully get real 4K video downloaded from Vimeo. As for the free membership users, what you save is the 1080p HD version.

If you find any error in 4K video playback after downloading, please don't rush to reach conclusion on the 4K content downloading failure.
It might be the 4K video format issue. Convert 4K video codec from VP9 to H264/HEVC and change video format from MKV/WebM to MP4 for better compatibility. In case this still doesn't work, then you need to check if your hardware configurations meet the minimum requirements for 4K playback.

Part 4 - 4K Video Downloader Software vs Browser Extension vs Online Service

All roads lead to Rome. On top of downloading 4K footages using downloader software, more options are available like Chome extension, online download service. Yet, which one is the most suitable one for you? Draw a conclusion after reading the below side-by-side comparison.

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe
Flash Video Downloader
(Chrome Extension)
Supported Video Sites YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Vevo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Instagram, twitter...1000+ video sites.

Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc.
(YouTube & Facebook not supported)

YouTube, Vevo,etc
(Dailymotion & Bilibili not supported)

Supported Video Resolution Any resolution SD, HD, 4K & 8K Most of videos that are successfully parsed are up to 1080p full HD. Up to 720p for online download service.
(asked to download 4K Video Downloader for 4K quality).
Supported Video Formats Any video format/codec, including MP4, MKV, WebM, FLV, AVI, H264, HEVC, VP9/8... MP4, MOV, FLV, WebM MP4, MKV, FLV
Strength 1. Easy to use
2. Up to 1000+ sites supported
3. Flawlessly download 4K/8K video without limits
4. Download any video format in any codec.
5. Convert video format for better compatibility.
1. Fast and convenient
2. Simple to use
1. Simple to operate
2. Fast to finish the video analysis
Weakness 1. Not so much convenient as the others
2. Currently don't support cross-platform. One version only works on one OS (PC or Mac).
1. YouTube video is not allowed to be downloaded by the Chrome extension.
2.Nothing to download, try to play video when downloading Facebook 4K video.
3. The chance to download 4K video is quite slim.
1. Unable to download real 4K video in 2160p unless you download its 4K video downloader program.
2. Some video sites like bilibili, Dailymotion can't be parsed with notice "clip is not available in USA or age restricted".

The intention of this comparison is not so much to declare a winner as to clarify the differences and the pros/cons of each. The ultimate aim is to help you make a decision grounded on what matters in your 4K UHD video downloading procedure. If you have used even better 4K video downloader programs & services or have any suggestion, please don't hesitate to contact us and share with us.

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