WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

The easiest and fastest DVD to MP4 converter.

  • World's No.1 fast speed - rip a full DVD in 5 minutes.
  • Support any DVDs, incl. old/new/99-title/workout DVD, etc.
  • Rip DVD to MP4, HEVC, H.264, AVI, etc with no quality loss.
  • Level-3 hardware acceleration technology supported.

What Is the Best DVD to MP4 Converter?

A good DVD to MP4 ripper should be easy to use yet professional, and speedy. It should not only be able to handle all kinds of DVDs, such as the newly relased DVDs, the damaged DVDs and even the intractable 99-title DVDs from Disney or so, but also convert DVD to MP4 and other formats as fast as possible, with high quality reserved.

Top 3 Free DVD to MP4 Rippers in 2020
This post lists 3 free DVD to MP4 rippers and compares them side by side in terms of converting DVD to digital MP4 formats. All the three freeware are compatible with Windows (10, 8.1, 7, etc.) and Mac (10.15, 10.14, 10.13, etc.). Plus, the pros and cons are shared for your consideration.

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Free Download the Best DVD Ripper Software

If you want to rip DVD to any format with best quality and size, try WinX DVD Ripper, a 100% free and safe tool you can rely on.

[Tutorial] How to Convert DVD to MP4 with Fast Speed

Ripping DVD to MP4 is best for playing on various platforms. But what is the best tool for good quality, fast speed and small size? Here is the answer.

What Is the Best Free DVD Ripper for Protected DVD

Many free DVD rippers cannot cope with encrypted DVDs and result in various errors, but you can rip protected DVDs here without a hassle.

How to Rip DVD to Computer Hard Drive for Storage

To protect your DVD investment from damage or scratch, you'd better rip DVD discs to your computer hard drive for better storage.

Reviews and Tests on DVD to MP4 Conversion

Convert ISO Image to MP4 Format [Tutorial]
Do you know how to extract video from ISO image and save it in MP4 format? In this post, here is a full introduction and tutorial on how to use the best DVD ripper to convert ISO image to MP4 format with ease.
Matthew Palmer Feb 5, 2021 ISO
3 Steps to Convert Video_TS Folder to MP4 on Windows (10) or Mac for Free
Free download WinX DVD Ripper to convert Video_TS folder, DVD, ISO Image to MP4 for free in 3 simple steps.
Donna Peng Mar 23, 2020 Video_TS

People also ask

What is the best DVD to MP4 ripper?
1. WinX DVD Ripper Platinum
2. Handbrake
3. MakeMKV
4. Freemake Video Converter
5. DVDFab HD Decrypter
More items... Jun 24, 2019
Best DVD to MP4 Converting Software | Pick the No.3
How do I rip a DVD to MP4 with VLC?
Step 1: Open VLC
Step 2: Select Convert/Save under the Media on menu bar.
Step 3: Click on the Disc tab
Step 4: Choose the DVD option and set title and chapter you wish to rip to MP4.
Step 5: Choose the DVD Drive location
Step 6: Click Convert/Save and select the codec under Profile.
[VLC Tutorial] Full Steps to Convert DVD to MP4 with VLC
Can you rip a DVD with Windows Media Player?
Windows Media Player only offers the way to play DVDs that contain video files, if a compatible DVD decoder is installed. But it lucks the ability to rip DVD directly with Windows Media Player. You can try third-party DVD ripper such as WinX DVD Ripper to do the job.
How to Rip DVD to MP4 with Windows Media Player
How do you convert a DVD to MP4?
Step 1. Load the DVD movie.
Step 2. Choose MP4 as the target format.
Step 3. Click RUN button to begin converting DVD to MP4 foramt for free.
How to Convert DVD to MP4 for Free [100% Safe]

Reviews on Different DVD to MP4 Converting Software and Guides

Handbrake Tutorial: Convert DVD to MP4 with Handbrake
Handbrake is a free DVD ripper software that is able to convert DVD to MP4 format. If you encounter any errors during DVD to MP4 ripping, follow the Handbrake tutorail and find the best alternative here.
Donna Peng Apr 26, 2020 Handbrake tutorial
Handbrake for Mac Tutorial: How to Convert DVD to MP4 on Mac for Free
Handbrake for Mac makes it easy to rip DVD to MP4 foramt on macOS. But you will encounter errors when ripping some commercial DVDs, especially when there is not libdvdcss installed. Fix the issue here in the post.
Donna Peng Sep 24, 2019 Handbrak for Mac
Handbrake Seting for DVD to MP4 Conversion
Do you know the best settings for DVD to MP4 conversion in Handbrake? Follow the Handbrake guide to rip DVD to MP4 with best settings for playback on Plex, Roku, iPhone, and more.
Estrella H. June 17, 2019 Handbrake
Why Handbrake Saves DVD to M4V Not MP4
This guide answers why HandBrake rips DVD to M4V, but not MP4 file format and suggests the best solution to cope with this HandBrake wrong DVD to MP4 converting issue.
Kistent Waung Nov 28, 2018 Handbrake
Review: DVD to MP4 Ripper for Windows 8
Download DVD to MP4 ripper for Windows 8 and freely convert DVD to digital MP4 format on Windows 8.
Nicole Moore Apr 11, 2019 Windows 8
Online Solution - Convert DVD to MP4 without Desktop Software
Can you convert DVD to MP4 online for free just as you convert digital videos online? Here's the answer. Besides, we've shared the best free way to rip DVD to MP4 with high quality.
Donna Peng Nov 21, 2018 Online Tool
How to Backup DVD Alice in Wonderland to MP4 Format
Learn the best way to rip and convert DVD Alice in Wonderland to MP4/MPEG or any other video format which can be supported by iPohne, iPod, iPad, Apple TV, Android, Netflix, Plex, etc.
Matthew Palmer Nov 13, 2018 DVD to Mp4
How to Copy the Newly Released DVD to MP4
6 out of 10 DVD rippers will go wrong when ripping the new DVDs with 99 titles, because they are encoded with protection schemes. You can get the best solution to rip the latest DVD to MP4 without error.
Nicole Moore Apr 29, 2019 Latest DVD
How to Rip Walt Disney DVD to MP4 Successfully
Walt Disney DVDs are encrypted with Disney X-project DRM. Common DVD rippers will encounter errors such as no title found, large file size, software crash, and so on. But you can find the best way to rip Walt Disney DVD to MP4 format without any error.
Nicole Moore Apr 29, 2019 Disney DVD

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