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A Full-featured YouTube Video Editor You Should Free Download for PC/Mac - Best YouTube Video Editor Alternative

Besides editing videos for YouTube, this YouTube Video Editor alternative can also edit videos downloaded off YouTube

Almost all YouTubers have gone through video editing. Sometimes we need to edit videos for later uploading to YouTube, while sometimes we would like to edit videos downloaded from YouTube website for special purpose. Editing always involves 'crop', 'trim', 'merge', and others. To execute these video processing jobs, we have to rely on a video editing program. Previously, we could make use of YouTube's web video editor to make tweaks to our video projects. However, this tool, along with Photo Slideshows, got the axe on September 20, 2017, because of limited usage. So now, we need to find out an alternative to online YouTube Video Editor. Well, which is the best video editor for YouTube? The answer has been provided below. In addition, here we will walk you through how to edit video for YouTube uploading as well as how to edit videos downloaded from YouTube with the recommended software.

YouTube Video Editor

Best YouTube Video Editor Alternative - WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe

Google already killed YouTube's built-in Video Editor, you have to find an alternative now!

- It comes with options to crop, expand, trim, merge, and convert videos for YouTube uploading. Certainly, its editing features are not limited to the above mentioned. Meanwhile, it is available to edit YouTube videos you downloaded.
- Almost all videos can be accepted for further editing. You can input 8K, 4K, HD, SD videos in MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV, HEVC (H.265), AVCHD, M2TS, VOB, and others.
- It is designed to be compatible with Windows OS (Windows 10 included). Plus, it has a Mac version, supporting from OS X 10.6 to OS X 10.13.

How to Edit Video for YouTube Uploading?

After downloading and installing the best video editing software for YouTube, you can launch it and jump to the following steps to edit a video for uploading to your YouTube channel.

Step 1. Click "+ Video" button to import one or multiple videos you want to edit for uploading to YouTube.

Step 2. From the auto pop-up Output Profile panel, specify a format under YouTube Video.

According to YouTube supported upload formats, the developer of this video editor software has premade three optimized YouTube output profiles, namely, MP4 (codec: h264 + aac), MPEG 4 (codec: mpeg4 + aac) and FLV (codec: h264 + mp3). You can choose any one you like.

Step 3. Edit the video(s) for YouTube.

Edit Videos for YouTube Steps

Click "Edit" button, and then you can:
● Click "General" tab to tick "Adjust Audio Volume" and drag the volume bar if you think the output audio volume is too low.
● Press "Subtitle" tab, and then you can turn on/off subtitle, specify a different subtitle track, or add extra subtitle.
● Go to "Crop & Expand", and then you can crop off unwanted area by dragging the frame or set details via provided options. >> See how to crop a YouTube video
● Move to "Trim", and then you can trim off unwanted video footage by dragging the bars or setting star time and end time point. Trimming and cropping are also good ways to reduce file size.

Additionally, under the preview window of main interface, you can tick "Merge" to join multiple video clips into a single video file, and check "Deintelacing" to change your interlaced video scanning to progressive scanning.

Besides, this YouTube Video Editor replacement allows users to tune video audio parameters, including video/audio codec, bit rate, frame rate, sample rate, resolution and more.

If you want to know the best file size, best video resolution for YouTube, and are curious about how to export high quality YouTube video, please get answers from article "The Best Size for YouTube Video Uploading".

Step 4. When all settings are done, simply hit the blue "RUN" button located at the bottom right corner of this YouTube video editor to begin video processing instantly.

How to Edit YouTube Videos You Downloaded?

Apart from editing videos for YouTube uploading, WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe can edit videos downloaded from YouTube. And this job can be finished in 4 steps as well.

1. Input the YouTube video(s);
2. Specify an output;
3. Edit the YouTube video(s) by cropping, trimming, merging, etc;
4. Tap RUN to deliver output.

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This YouTube Video Editor Alternative Can Do More Than You Think

Aside from above mentioned features, WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe can free download videos from YouTube and other 300+ sites, convert videos among virtually all video formats, make photo slideshow with background music. And its Mac edition can record videos on or before screen for sharing to YouTube or other purposes.

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