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Windows 10 Mobile vs iOS 9 vs Android M – Winner of Mobile OS Battle?

Windows 10 Mobile vs iOS 9 vs Android M

Mobile OS Battle: Windows 10 Mobile vs iOS 9 vs Android M

This announcement of Windows 10's arrival to Lumia 950/950 XL at Microsoft October hardware event seemingly indicates an official release of Windows 10 Mobile which indeed happens to be the big rival of iOS 9 and Android 6.0 Marshmallow (codenamed Android M). As a matter of fact, operation system is one of the most important factors for customers to determine which device to buy. When all the big 3 mobile OS are coming to you, which one is the right choice? Here, we round up a full comparison list of Windows 10 Mobile vs iOS 9 vs Android M to see if there is a system superior to others.


OS Windows 10 Mobile iOS 9 Android M
Release Date November 20 2015 with Lumia 950/950 XL September 16, 2015 October 5, 2015

Windows 10 Mobile vs iOS 9 vs Android M – Interface

Windows 10 Mobile: It remains live tile UI but designs to support transparent tile background so that the wallpaper can follow you without being distracted from the content in front. Notification center arranges contents based on category and more useful shortcuts can be accessed.

iOS 9: There is no major changes of iOS 9 interface with the purpose of maintaining the familiarity. But small advances also come, like a more elegant system font, clean and expanded typography.

Android M: The Material Design look inherits from Android Lollipop. New improved app drawer presented in vertical scrolling method shows a more intuitive app list which brings more conveniences when users requires to jump to wanted app.

Review: Windows 10 Mobile, iOS 9 and Android M all follow the historical style on interface but all give improvements to bring better user experience.

Windows 10 Mobile vs iOS 9 vs Android M – Features

Windows 10 Mobile: Mirroring Windows 10 on desktop, Windows 10 Mobile is also arriving with Universal Apps, a new upgraded Cortana which are originally introduced on Windows Phone 8.1, and Microsoft Edge browser. >> See Windows 10 Features…

In order to establish a tight connection of desktop and device, all data on Windows 10 Mobile can be automatically synced to your PC/laptop with the same logged Microsoft account. OneDrive app on Windows 10 Mobile also help you stream photos, documents to devices and desktops. Thanks to Universal Apps, the full version of Office (World, Excel, PowerPoint) and entertainment apps like Movies & TV, Groove music, go into the same operation as on desktop.

The other competitive feature of Windows 10 Mobile is the compatibility with Android and iOS app, which will solicit more developers for publishing creative and interesting apps on Windows 10 Mobile as well as help users get loved Android and iOS app on their devices running on Windows 10 Mobile.

iOS 9: Abundant built-in apps are attached with iOS 9, from essential ones, mail, messages, notes, browsers, maps to new added Apple Music, Apple Pay. In addition, iOS 9 cuts its size to be much more that users have more space to install desired third-party apps.

The Intelligent assistant Siri becomes a smarter reminder and knowledge library embracing a wider range of topics and answers. Ask something and Siri can give you a good suggestion quickly. On the other hand, the new iOS 9 to iPad convinces that multitasking runs more efficiently due to the three modes: Slide Over, Split View and Picture in Picture. iOS 9 also embeds fresh keyboard to iPad named QuickType offering a convenient way to format shortcuts, cut/paste content and select text with Multi-Touch gestures. >> Cortana vs Siri

Speaking of battery life, iOS 9 makes a reality to cut battery usage and adds the new Low Power mode to extend your battery power 1 hour of additional time before charging. >> Save battery power on iPhone 6/6s (Plus)

Android M: This next-generation Android operation system rolls out a context-sensitive Now on Tap feature based on Google Search. Long press the Home button or use to voice command to obtain information card listing contents what you need.

Android has never stopped searching a way to improve battery life. Doze, new technology joined in Android M, can automatically lead the phone to sleep mode at device rest time, while also activates your alarm in the morning and push key notifications. In addition, App Standby protects battery life from draining due to seldom used apps.

Besides, other new features, such as updated Google volume controls, easier text control like selecting, cutting and pasting, highlighting, Chrome Custom Tabs, improved memory manager drive Android M to be a more user-friendly mobile OS.

Review: Although all three mobile OS have some similar features, like intelligent assistant, battery life enhancement, plenty of useful apps, Windows 10 Mobile presents its difference with concentration on cross-platform supporting between desktop and devices. On the other hand, the multitasking of iOS 9 seems to be very attractive but it is a little upset for the only support on iPad.

Windows 10 Mobile vs iOS 9 vs Android M – Security

Windows 10 Mobile: Universal Apps enables users to install third-party apps to solidify mobile security while the original elements from Windows Phone, firmware, data encryption etc, also prevent devices from attacking.

iOS 9: Besides the similar security elements as Windows 10 Mobile, iOS 9 strengthens passcode to increase difficulties for other to access to your Apple ID account and personal information on devices.

Android M: App permission has a bit changed on Android M allowing you to agree an app to access your camera or others once or forever. Fingerprint gives an alternative to use password to unlock your phone, which also allows you to sign in/checkout on Android Pay, Google Play Store or even in apps.

Review: Obviously, Windows 10 Mobile trusts its security features on the previous versions but absence of TouchID drags it behind. On the other hand, both iOS 9 and Android M bring little but great enhancement on mobile protection.

Windows 10 Mobile vs iOS 9 vs Android M - Conclusion

We can think that Windows 10 Mobile is a more mobile-friendly Windows 10 absorbing tempted features of its desktop version but there is no explicit data about its battery and security. iOS 9 does a good job on apps, like maps, notes and more bringing better experience of mobile life. However, someone thinks Siri is not as useful as announced. Android 6.0 Marshmallow pays more attention on ease of use, battery life and security, but the test shows that it is a little behind iOS 9 performance. In fact, every Mobile OS has its weakness and strengths and it is arbitrary to say which one is best. Loyal fans opt for holding the habits while early adopters may prefer to switch to something new. All depend on you!

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