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What to Do with Old DVDs? 5 Ways to Dispose Useless and Useful Old DVD Discs

Think before you decide to throw your old DVDs. There should be better ways than tossing them in the trash.

"I have hundreds of old DVDs, some of which I have never touched for several years. What to do with those old DVDs? What has everyone done with their old DVDs? Just throw them out?"

The way to watch movies at home has been changed from DVD to digital streaming for years. However, you may still have a mountain of old DVDs sitting somewhere in your closet, bookshelf, drawer or other places around your house, right? So, what to do with our old DVDs? Simply drag the boxes of DVDs to the dump? That's definitely the easiest way, but I guess no one would reject a way that can make old DVDs valuable. Here we've list 5 ways below to deal with old DVDs, hoping to help you make a smarter decision.

1. Digitize those old DVDs that are still useful for you

As everyone knows, DVD discs are cumbersome to manage, vulnerable to damage, and take up space. If we can turn our old DVDs into new digital files, we can save the files into cloud, computer hard drive or other devices and then ditch discs, thus expanding the use space of our house. Moreover, watching DVD videos becomes more freely. We can play back the content ripped from DVD on iPhone, iPad, Android, and other gadgets whenever and wherever.

You're highly recommended to try hardware-accelerated WinX DVD Ripper Platinum to convert DVD disc to digital, because it supports fast ripping nearly any kind of DVD, including but not limited to home-made and store-bought protected movie, TV shows, music, workout DVD, to any popular file formats like MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, ISO file, and MP3. Even if your old DVDs are slightly scratched, there's a big chance for this ripper to get back data from damaged DVDs.

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2. Sell old DVDs for cash through local or online services

Most of us spend a lot on DVD collections. The good news is that we can expect some return on our investment by selling old DVDs. There're many good places that will buy your used DVDs. You can sell your old DVDs to local record shops, Declutter, Amazon Trade-In, SecondSpin, CashForCDs, Momox, Facebook's new Marketplace, and so on. Instead of paying you cash, Amazon will give you a gift card.

3. Give away old DVDs to your friends, libraries, etc.

Some DVDs have no value to you, but may be still valuable to others. So, you can give them away as gifts to your friends, or donate them to libraries, charities, or other organizations that are in need of those physical media.

4. Find a reliable service to keep old DVDs for you

Even if we have bought digital movies and music from iTunes Store, Netflix, Amazon and the like, we don't actually "own" them. So there're still some people hanging onto DVDs. If you're one of them but need to make some room in your closet for other things, you can ask a storage company like MakeSpace for help. To store old DVDs to MakeSpace, you just need to schedule a pickup, pack your old DVDs and let MakeSpace do the rest. Its staff will go and take your discs, preserve them to their storage facility, and create an online photo catalog of your stuff so you can remember what you stored and get back when necessary.

5. Make great crafts with old DVDs

Even if your DVDs are too scratched to play, you can still make use of them to create some terrific things. You can get many creative DIY ideas, and also many tutorials in the form of text or video online to walk you through recycling old useless DVDs into beautiful and useful stuff.

If you need to convert old or new DVD to MP4 or other digital format, give WinX DVD Ripper Platinum a try. The operation is easy as pie: load target old DVD -> choose output format -> start ripping. A DVD ripping can be done within 5 minutes - the fastest speed in this field!


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