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How to Unblock Torrent Sites/Torrent Download Easily

Troubled by Blocked Torrent Sites Download? Learn How to Unblock The Pirate Bay, Kickass, etc.

Well, this is the plan: we start with the distinguishing of blocked torrent sites and blocked torrent download, and go on with the analysis of how do ISPs detect and block P2P (torrent) file sharing traffic, followed by solutions of how to unblock and access torrent sites, such as The Pirate Bay, Kickass, etc easily, and then end with alternative ways to watch movies offline instead of torrent download, for most torrent sites are facing shutdown threats.

Access Blocked Torrent Sites or Bypass Torrent Download Blocking

Q1 - "My ISP has blocked all the P2P torrent downloads. Is there any way I can bypass them? My ISP has given me access to all torrent sites but movie torrent downloads just can't be started on any torrent Clients. So please help me with this?"
Analysis: The problem revealed above is about how to bypass ISP blocking torrent download.

Q2 - "Does anyone know of any torrent sites that are not blocked currently? Or how to access torrent sites even if it is blocked in my country? In my office someone has blocked all torrent websites. I am not technically smart so I don't know how to access the blocked torrent sites."
Analysis: This is about how to unblock torrent websites.

Dailymotion video download

Alternative Way to Download Watch Movie Offline

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How Do ISPs Detect and Block P2P File Sharing Traffic?

Apparently, there are two kinds of torrent blocking: blocked torrent sites and ISP blocked torrent downloads. So figure this out first and check out the reasons and methods of torrent sites/download blocking next. Normally, ISPs do torrent blocking through port or domains. But it is said that there are specific in-line P2P blocking devices nowadays, which use DPI (deep packet inspection) techniques to detect the traffic type. And once it ascertains there is torrent download traffic, your torrent download will be blocked or slowed down, etc.

How to Unblock Torrent Sites or Torrent Downloads

1. If the site has been shut down forever, then there is no way to access blocked torrent site, let alone download torrent movies on it, such as YIFY. And you can turn to YIFY alternatives to continue with app/music/movie torrent download or download movie videos with free online video downloader safely.

2. If the torrent sites or download blocking is caused by ISP, then you can unblock torrent sites download by by using online unblock torrent sites or installing a VPN proxy.
Step 1: Do a google search of unblock torrent sites, choose one of them, such as
Step 2: copy and paste your blocked torrent website address
Step 3: click "UNBLOCK" and you are able to access the blocked torrent site.

Step 1: Download and install a VPN. Search online and you will get a pile of it.
Step 2: Follow its setup wizards. Normally it goes like this: create a virtual network adapter, change your IP address.
Step 3: And all torrent sites and downloads should be unblocked.
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Download YouTube Movie Video

Alternative: Free Download Movies from YouTube, Facebook, etc

As we said before, most torrent sites, including famous The Pirate Bay, Kickass, YIFY, etc, are shut down or facing such threats. Instead of racking your brains to find a way of unblocking torrent sites, you can freely download movies online at ease with a free HD video downloader software – WinX YouTube Downloader.

Tutorial: How to Download Full Movies from YouTube

Here take downloading YouTube movies as an example. Install the downloader first, and:
Step 1: Go to YouTube and do a search of any movie video you want to download.
Step 2: Open the downloader software, click "+", copy, paste and analyze the video URL.
Step 3: Next choose your desired title, resolution, file size, etc.
Step 4: Tap button "Download" and start downloading YouTube full movie video.

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Instead of unblocking torrent sites download, you can freely download and convert any movie videos online with WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe

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