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How to Transfer Video to DVD with Best Free Video Transfer Software on Windows (10) PC

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Valentine's Day is coming soon and I'm thinking of making a personalized DVD as a special gift for her. I have some video clips of our wonderful times. But how can I transfer video to DVD? Is there a free video transfer software delivering an easy solution of video to DVD transferring?

Why People Think of Transferring Video to DVD

Possible reasons are listed as below:

1. Holiday is approaching and you don't have a thoughtful gift in mind yet. Transferring video to DVD will deliver your loved ones a unique and meaningful present that takes just minutes to create.
* See how to create DVD with DVD burner

2. People may want to transfer video to DVD for playing favorite movies of different video formats on home DVD player and better enjoy it on the widescreen TV.

3. To put your video files in order and prevent data loss, a good way is to transfer videos to DVD with chapter menu indicating the contents.

4. After years of recording of the good old days, you may want to transfer video clips to DVD for saving and savoring every sweet moment easily.
*See how to transfer HD camcorder video to DVD

5. Enthusiast of DVD collection of videos. Video transfer software seems to be indispensible during the video to DVD transferring process on PC.

Want to free transfer video to DVD or transfer movies and camcorder videos etc. to DVD? Get yourself a FREE video transfer software here...

How to Free Transfer Video to DVD on Windows (10) PC with Video Transfer Software

If you are looking for an easy-to-use and professional video transfer software to author and create your own DVD, WinX DVD Author is recommended here. This video to DVD transfer burner based on Windows (fully supporting Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP) is compelling for us all not only because it is multifunctional as a video converter, complier and DVD burner, more importantly, it's totally FREE. Whether you want to transfer video of popular formats like AVI, MP4, M2TS, MKV and DivX to DVD or transfer and burn YouTube videos to DVD, this free video transfer tool can make it for you perfectly.

To free transfer video to DVD on PC, get yourself a WinX DVD Author (Download here). Follow this guide and you will find an easy way of video to DVD transferring on PC.

Step 1: After downloading WinX DVD Author, insert a blank DVD disc and click to run the video transfer software. Then click button "Video DVD Author" to do the next.

Note: "DVD Author" enables you to free transfer video to DVD fast and easily. Besides, 4 other options are available for you as well to transfer video to Vob for future use, transfer existing Vob files to DVD, burn DVD folder and Vob files to DVD disc and download transfer YouTube videos.

Free Video Transfer Software

Step 2: Click button "+" to add video files for transferring.

Note: You can add and transfer several video clips to DVD simultaneously based on your need. Right click on the source list and you can find thoughtful designs of adding, deleting, and moving up and down of your video files.

Free Video Transfer Software

Step 3: Click the arrow button "Next Step" at the bottom to go on the video to DVD transferring and follow the wizard to set background picture and music, add DVD chapter menu, choose the output video folder and format, and then click button "Start" to free transfer your video to DVD.

Note: Clear data of the video transferring process will be shown on the interface. Few minutes later, you will be surprised by yourself of creating such cool things by transferring video clips to DVD on PC for free.

Free Video Transfer Software

People find shortcut to create meaningful gift thanks to the power of video transfer software. For those who want a free yet professional tool to transfer video to DVD, WinX DVD Author would be the one for you.

There no reason not to try amazing video transfer software for free. Just give it a shot!

Still have trouble about how to free transfer video to DVD disc on Windows (10) PC? Please feel free to Email Us >>

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