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Space Settlers Newbie Guide, Strategy, Tips and Walkthrough

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If you are a new or a potential player of Space Settlers, the best free iPhone game of this year, you are at the right place to get the game strategy guide tips. This is an easy access to make breakthrough and passing the levels in playing Space Settlers and is the biggest and best newbie strategy guide that's available for Space Settlers.

Guide for Space Settlers Beginners – How to Start:

Before getting everything started, please go to iTunes Store to free download Space Settlers.

Step 1: Create an account and log in;

Step 2: Get familiar with the main content of game UI;

Step 3: Complete all must-do New Player Tasks, like infrastructure construction, tech study, resource harvesting, and so on;

Step 4: Enter the planetary fort battlefield;

Step 5: Optionally join in a legion for starfight.

Space Settlers Online Game Strategy Tips for Newbie - in Beginning Phase:

Though seemingly assembling StarCraft at the very beginning, Space settlers will give you a totally different feeling later on. It is quite easy to win in white planets. But there are some game strategy tips for novice also:

1. Click on "War Factory" and select "Refitting Factory". For new player with few accessories, please pick up Heavy Cannon #1, High-efficiency Energy Generator #1 and Composite Armor #1;

Space Settlers Newbie Guide

Space Settlers Guide for New Player

2. Enter the planet fort and designate one white or red planet to fight. Red Planets means the ones fought by other players, so it is recommended to choose the white planet;

Space Settlers Newbie Guide

Space Settlers Guide for New Player

3. After entering the fort, fight the headmost towers slowly one by one. Run out of the fire ring under your chariot if any as fast as you can;

Space Settlers Newbie Guide

Space Settlers Guide for New Player

4. Pick up all effective resources (and small airplanes) on the right to enhance the firepower. Launch your attack from upside to left. If all towers have been cleared, you may then go to attack the Fort Center;

5. After winning, do not forget to build towers, some of which are free for new players.

Guide in Newbie Task Phase of Space Settlers

First of all, you should do the tasks one by one following the instructions (Dialogue) of Terra, a NPC (Non Player Character), in about 5 minutes. But please pay attention to the last task – fort occupation.

You may feel it slightly difficult when first entering this task. Most players at this stage have occupied the majority or even all (12x12) of the planets. It means the warship you built following the system’s instruction is no fighting match for the enemy’s defense turrets. Under such circumstances, some players simply delete the game by pressing Home key, or take the advantage of VIP or Forerunner chariot in the store to grind. But most players are believed to ask other player for help or ignore this task temporarily and get back after certain upgrades in base and tech.

If you are a normal player, you are suggested to try the following game tips for playing Space Settler to pass the last novice task:

* Go around in every coordinate to see whether you are lucky enough to encounter one planet with only one defense tower. But it takes time.

* Team up with friends or other players before confirming the coordinates of each other.

Still have trouble about how to play Space Settlers? Please feel free to Email Us or go to Space Settlers Forum.

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