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4K H.264 Video Processing: Resize a 4K H.264 Video at Highest Quality

[4K H.264 Video Processing] Resize, Crop, Cut, Merge 4K H.264 Video at Highest Possible Quality

H.264 Itself Is a Good Encoder for 4K Videos

H.264, also known as Advanced Video Coding (MPEG-4 AVC) or MPEG-4 Part 10, is one of the best standards for 4K video compression (and also for HD video compression) in widespread use. Compared with MPEG-2, the bitrates used by H.264 are 50% lower, in the same image quality after compression. It means that it can save storage space and network transmission time / bandwidth to a great extent. And compared with H.263+ coding algorithm, it can reconstruct image better than H.263+ intra-frame codec at the same compression ratio.

H.264 1-pass encoding has obvious advantage over CPU transcoding in speed, and H.264 2-pass encoding delivers the best image quality, although the speed is at the inferiority position. It uses intra-frame compression and inter-frame compression to reduce the file size of your 4K H.264 video.

h.264 video
Process H.264 Video

We Need Hardware Acceleration in 4K H.264 Video Encoding/Decoding/Resizing

As we said above, H.264 is a good encoder for 4K videos, then why we need hardware acceleration for 4K H.264 video processing? The reasons: H.264 has been the codec used by most of YouTube's video streams for quite a long time. It is the most popular network video encoding standard, but its algorithm is much complex than the previous standard, say H.263 (MPEG Part 4). Therefore, it will have tougher requirement on the performance of processor. H.264/AVC is slow without hardware-accelerated processing. If your computer is not high-end enough to resize 4K H.264 video with giant file size, it may stop working or crash from time to time.

How to Process/Resize 4K H.264 Video Fast without Sacrificing Quality?

"Process" here refers to many things: convert video formats or encoding method, change video file size, edit videos, crop, trim, cut, merge, etc. Quality and speed are both counted into consideration of this topic. But they are decided by many factors. Specifically, the output video quality is decided by bitrate, sample rate, aspect ratio, original video quality, output video format, and so on, while video conversion and transcoding speed is decided by CPU's threads, main frequency, core numbers, GPU performance, HDD speed, and more. As you can see, the video conversion and processing speed mainly depends on CPU and GPU. Therefore, a video converter that is accelerated by both CPU and GPU is needed.

Best Hardware-accelerated 4K HEVC/H.265, H.264/AVC Video Converter for Windows (10) and Mac

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is a computer-based video processing application that supports software and hardware encoding and decoding. It takes the ultimate advantage of multi-core CPU (up to 8 cores), Intel and NVDIA graphic cards with the assistance of Quick Sync Video, CUDA and NVENC to convert 4K H.264/AVC or H.265/HEVC videos. Uniquely with level-3 hardware acceleration, the 4K video conversion is advanced by 16 times. Please download the software and follow our suggestions on maxing the speed and quality.

Step 1. Convert 4K H.264 to 4K HEVC.

*Background Knowledge:
we suggest you convert 4K H.264/AVC to 4K H.265/HEVC as the most effective way to improve the video quality while reduce the output file size (at the same bitrate). Compression ratio is an indicator for the level of a Codec, besides speed. HEVC can reach twice compression ratio of H.264/MPEG-4 AVC at the same video quality. It supports 4K to 8K resolution (8192x4320).

Install WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe on your PC -> Click +Video -> Input the source H.264 4K video file(s) -> Output Profile -> Common Video Profile -> PC General Video -> HEVC Video.

4K H264 to 4K H265 Video Converter
Convert Video to HEVC Format

Step 2. Make settings to keep balance between file size and quality.

1. Click Edit button: you can crop the brims of or expand the image of video while keeping original aspect ratio or changing it (e.g. you can resize a video image to 16:9; 4:3; 1:1). You can trim/cut/shorten the video length by the start and/or the end to resize 4K H.264 video without changing quality.

2. Click Settings (wheel-shaped) button: you can change Bitrate (raise kbps for higher quality), Aspect Ratio of the 4K video, or set the Audio Codec, Channel and Sample Rate to set the video audio quality level needed.

*Background Knowledge:
Sample rate: the number of samples of audio carried per second. In theory, the higher the sample rate is, the higher the video quality will be. Here the sample rate number "44100" is recommended, because it has the best universality that most players and devices are supportive.
Aspect ratio: different from resolution, it means the ratio of width to height. For example, if the resolution of a video is 600x400, its aspect ratio is 3:2.

Step 3. Use advanced technologies made for high quality of video.

Please select "Use High Quality Engine" and "Deinterlacing" for high video quality.

* High Quality Engine: our unique technology that keeps raw image sensor data and keeps original color saturation maximally.

* Deinterlacing: suitable for the interlaced video source. It can change the interlacing scanning video to progressive scanning video.

But they two may cause longer process (equal to slower speed) in converting and resizing 4K H.264/H.265 videos, please see how to balance between quality and speed >>

4K H264 to 4K H265 Video Converter
Make High Quality Settings

Step 4. Enable hardware accelerator.

Check Intel and nVIDIA next to Hardware Accelerator item on the right of the API. This 4K video converter supports Intel QSV and nVIDA NVENC and CUDA for GPU encoding and decoding.

Step 5. Start compressing and converting.

When referring to video decoding and conversion, the compression actually takes effect. Without compression, the output video file will be extremely large. But don't take it too seriously, deeming that compression leads to quality deterioration. Just as we said, a good compression ratio is an umbrella, and WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe utilizes IBP encoding pattern, a coding algorithm that can compress video by the method of combining inter-frame compression and intra-frame compression.

By the steps above, you are close to the highest possible video quality when resizing and compressing a 4K X264 video. With interest, you can test the fidelity through PSNR and MSE.

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe - More than a Hardware Accelerated 4K H.264 Video Converter

* Fast convert/compress H.264 to HEVC, H.265 to H.264, 2K to 4K, 8K/4K to 1080p, etc.
* Convert any video formats; support HEVC, MKV, AVCHD, MOD, MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, FLV, etc.
* Perfectly support Max Intel QSV, Nvidia CUDA/NVENC GPU hardware acceleration.
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