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How to Play YouTube Video | Full YouTube Help

A Detailed Guide on How to Play YouTube Video Faster or Offline & Resolutions to YouTube Videos Not Playing

Problems to play YouTube video never stop. Suffering YouTube black screen? YouTube keeps crashing or the YouTube video not playing at all?

The problems result from 2 reasons, keep reading this hands-on YouTube help to play H.264, MP4 and WEBM YouTube videos. Plus the guides to help you with frequent YouTube video won't play issues, a sturdy YouTube downloader and player is recommended in text which, proves to the the most resilient one to handle YouTube frequent updates.

Play YouTube Videos with The Best Media Player - 5KPlayer

Experience a new way to play YouTube videos that makes you forget about the web browsing: rendering every YouTube video format, skip the ads, no black screen, no paid subscription. 5KPlayer constantly makes YouTube playback unbelievably soothing and refreshing.

YouTube Not Playing

1. YouTube Videos Not Playing in Web Bowser? [Solved]—Get YouTube Downloader and Player

YouTube going black screen halfway the video? Or even the whole browser crashing and the movies just freeze there, destroying your interest to watch YouTube videos at all. No worries, here's the solution.

Why YouTube Videos Won't Play in My Firefox/IE/Chrome?
Browsers including Chrome, IE, Firefox, Opera and Safari, take HTML5 as the preferred player when they play YouTube videos, while HTML5 player confirms to support only 4 YouTube video formats: Theora, H.264, VP8 and VP9, that's the reason for YouTube videos not playing even when the browser is lately updated.

A Free YouTube player that Makes You in Control.

A free YouTube video downloader and player that plays YouTube videos in every format is worth considering:
For one thing, no video fromat worries from now on, because 5KPlayer intuitively entails YouTube video playback in *.mp4, *.mkv, *.flv, *webm, etc.
For another, it places you in control of YouTube videos: skip the ads, play YouTube videos on repeat, watch the whole YouTube play list uninterruptedly or even loop the YouTube videos as you like.

After a hands-on trial of this sturdy YouTube downloader and player, you'll find it hard to believe that you've been confined to the browser-way of watching YouTube videos for years!

2. Which is the Best Free YouTube Video Player and Downloader? VLC, 5KPlayer, or SMPlayer?

How to Choose the Best YouTube Video Player

VLC Won't Play YouTube Videos After Upgrade [Solved]
Earlier versions of VLC Player has built-in support to play YouTube videos, which really helped with endless reinstalling Adobe Flash Player Plugin everytime you watch a YouTube video in web browser.

But can you rely on it for long? YouTube has been updating in order for YouTube videos not to be identified by VLC streaming,you know, to keep traffic, that's why VLC have unstable utility to rely on.

Best Alternative to Watch YouTube Videos on Mac
Perhaps you have ran into SMPlayer for YouTube live stream videos before, which also works fine in solving the browser-like YouTube video playback problems. But SMPlayer is compatible with only Windows and Linux platform. To make the best of your iMac 5K Retina display, 5KPlayer is the best free YouTube video music player and downloader.

Summary: The best free YouTube video player software not only bears ample vitality in playing .mkv, .mp4, .webm format YouTube video clips, it also holds fine control to 3D movies, 2D videos. Configuring pleasing capabilities to 4K 5K 1080P UHD videos while at the same time seamlessly substituting VLC, SMPlayer in playing YouTube online videos.

3. Need a New Style to Play YouTube?

Play YouTube Videos with Screen Off Audio Only
Sure enough, in YouTube movies is but a part. If you listen to music videos on YouTube with screen off as much as on Spotify and Pandora , here's a brilliant trick that 90% of YouTube users have not yet discovered: By saving YouTube movies in local media rig, you're free to convert YouTube movies to MP3/ring tone via 3 mouse clicks.

iPhone Android Play YouTube Video in background
Bet you often mutilate a YouTube clip to a Twitter chat, why not chat on and play YouTube videos in background? Afterall the only thing you need is a freeware and some foolproof mouse clicks!

Through this best free YouTube downloader and player, you can AirPlay YouTube video to a nearby device, be it Mac or PC, and treat another App screen simultaneously. With the movie clip blasting on a bigger screen with higher resolution, you can hardly miss a single dialogue or a small stunt!

Get Your Control and Play YouTube Videos as You Like

Instructions on how to play Bad Blood YouTube video are specified below and you can also refer to how to play YouTube Game of Thrones 5.

Step 1. Download 5KPlayer for free on your Mac/PC.

Step 2. Get the Bad Blood Taylor Swift YouTube video to download, cut the video clip URL.

Play YouTube Video in Background

Note: Tap the YouTube button on the main interface of this free YouTube downloader and player, click paste and analyze.

Step 3. Choose the format and resolution of Bad Blood Taylor Swift before you click download to play YouTube video.
Get More Control in Playing YouTube Videos

Step 4. Download and Play the Bad Blood YouTube video.

Note: Click download to get the YouTube video clip. You are free to save the YouTube clip as MP4, WEBM, or MKV videos. After downloading, Bad Blood YouTube video can be found in the YouTube Tab.

Step 5. Play YouTube Video in background

Despite the frequent updates YouTube releases to prevent third-party software sharing too much of its traffic, this agile YouTube video downloader and player grows adversely stronger. In the wake of its adding media-player control to YouTube video playback effect, the AirPlay streaming comes exactly in the place to play YouTube video in background. There's so much more for you to explore in YouTube tank. But, follow 5KPlayer and look further, because there're more than 300 sites except for YouTube to play videos superfast.

Please feel free to share this tutorial if you think it is helpful!

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