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The Bluray m2ts format allows for two types of on-screen overlays that can be used for subtitles. One is based on text but as for now I've seen no BluRay using this one for subs. The other one is the PGS (Presentation Grapic Stream) and consists in bitmaps (and the timeframes on which they have to be displayed). That second stream is by far the most commonly used by BluRays. As we'll see below, tools exist to extract that stream to .sup files. It's not the same format as .sup files that some tools extract from DVDs.

Note that HD DVD have also a .sup format which is slightly different from the BluRay one. As far as the PCH is not (yet) able to display PGS, the only way to get subs for ts or m2ts material is to use a side text file (.srt) containing the subs.

Extract PGS Subtitle from Bluray

You need following tools:
You can find them on Google.


Open a cmd window (Run : cmd)

Be sure eac3to is accessible in your path (For instance if eac3to is installed in the C:\Program Files\eac3to\ folder) :
"set PATH=%PATH%;E:\Program Files\eac3to"

Go to the folder that contains your m2ts file,

Make eac3to tell you what streams are inside your m2ts,
eac3to 1)

Sample Output :
M2TS, 1 video track, 1 audio track, 3 subtitle tracks, 2:08:45, 24p /1.001
1: Chapters, 37 chapters
2: h264/AVC, 1080p24 /1.001 (16:9)
3: DTS Master Audio, English, 5.1 channels, 24 bits, 48khz
(core: DTS, 5.1 channels, 24 bits, 1509kbps, 48khz)
4: Subtitle (PGS), English
5: Subtitle (PGS), French
6: Subtitle (PGS), French

If your folder contains multiple m2ts files, execute eac3to without argument first, it will display all the files available in the form : 1) 00000.mpls, 00001.m2ts, 2:08:45 / 2) 00001.mpls ..., then choose the number [1) 2) ...] you want to explore.

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