My DVD Is Scratched and Won't Play, How to Fix?

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How to Copy DVD to DVD Windows 10

How to fix a scratched DVD that won't play.

Q 1: My disc won't play. What should I do?
Q 2: How to repair a DVD disc that won't play back?
Q 3: Why is my DVD disc not reading by DVD player? How do you fix a DVD that is not reading?

DVD discs are fragile and easily scratched. If a DVD disc is really important to you, but it can't play on your DVD player, for example, it gives no picture but sound only or looks pixelated, even if you change another disc drive, your DVD disc may be scratched.

Assuming that your DVD drive is not damaged, and you want to fix the scratched disc that won't play, you may try the 6 tricks in this post. If you want digital or physical copies of the DVD, this post also provide feasible solutions for you to rip and copy DVD content to computer, or burn DVD to a new blank rewritable disc.

Try Getting Digital Copies of Your Scratched DVD Disc

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6 Tricks to Fix or Repair a Scratched DVD That Won't Play

For small surface scratches of DVD disc, you may use these 6 rumored tricks listed below to see if they can bring your DVD into life again.

#1: Fix scratched DVD with toothpaste

Some people claim that using some toothpaste may work in fixing light scratches on the DVD disc. You can apply some toothpaste to rub the disc gently in a straight motion from the center to the outer edges, and then wash it with warm water. Using baking soda toothpaste is probably more effective.

#2: Fix scratched DVD with peanut butter

The oil in peanut butter helps gently polish the disc and the peanut butter may fill in any scratches in disc. You can use one or two teaspoons of peanut butter to gently buff the DVD from the center to the edge. Then clean all the peanut butter using wash cloth and dry the disc.

#3: Fix scratched DVD with banana

It's also rumored that wiping the cut banana on the DVD from the inside out may work. You can then use a soft lint-free rag and plain water to remove the banana from DVD. This may sometimes work in fixing scratches on DVD.

#4: Fix scratched DVD with Vaseline

You can carefully apply a thin layer of Vaseline on the shiny surface of DVD, and then use a clean, soft, lint-free rag to wipe it off the disc.

#5: Fix scratched DVD with Windows cleaner

You may also spray some windows cleaner like Windex to clean the DVD from the inside to outside. The DVD may work if you are lucky.

#6: Fix scratched DVD with Brasso metal polish

If you have a severely scratched DVD to fix, you may try this way. But it's not recommended for DVDs with slight scratches, because the result can't be guaranteed.

Notice: The above rumored measures may work, but conversely it may also disappoint you and damage your DVD more severely. All the tricks are temporary solution. So if they do work and your scratched DVD can play now, you'd better backup the DVD data to computer or another blank disc immediately.

Still Can't Fix the Scratched DVD? Try Third-party Software to Copy/Burn DVD

If you have tried the above tricks, but find that the scratched DVD disc can't be fixed. Since the DVD may contain important memories or information you don't want to lose forever, we also offer the two solutions below trying to help you rip and copy the scratched DVD data to computer. You can also try to burn the scratched DVD to a new blank DVD disc. Check how to copy DVD content to computer and how to burn DVD to DVD.

How to Rip and Copy Scratched DVD Content to Computer

There are many ways out there to rip DVD to digital video file, but it's hard to say if those tools can support scratched DVDs. In fact, damaged DVDs not ripping is common for most if not all DVD rippers. To get digital copies of the any lightly or severely scratched DVD disc, WinX DVD Ripper Platinum comes to the first place. It's clean, fast, extremely easy-to-use, and support scratched DVD.

Talking about WinX DVD Ripper Platinum, many of users are impressed by its lossless output quality, fast speed in DVD conversion (up to 5 minutes. Nvidia/Intel/AMD hardware acceleration is perfectly supported in decoding and encoding), 1:1 DVD backup modes, unique support for intractable DVDs (incl. scratched DVDs, 99-title DVDs), vast output formats and device profiles.

You can download this 100% clean program on your Windows 10/8/7 PC or Mac computer by clicking the button below. And then follow the 3 simple steps to easily convert your scratched DVD to digital MP4 file or any other format stored onto computer.

Step 1. Load your Scratched DVD

Insert your DVD to DVD drive. Open WinX DVD Ripper Platinum and click DVD Disc icon to load the DVD content. This smart DVD ripper has selected the right DVD main title for you.

Step 2. Choose output profile

In the pop-up Output Profile window, you can select MP4 or any other preferred format as output.
Then you may choose a preferred audio and subtitle track.

Step 3. Copy DVD content to digital video file

Finally click RUN to start converting your scratched DVD to digital video file saved into computer.

Copy DVD Disc to Digital in MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, etc.

How to Burn Scratched DVD to New Black DVD Disc

To burn the scratched DVD to new rewritable DVD disc, you need a DVD burning tool which has strong support for tackling scratched DVD discs. You may try WinX DVD Copy Pro to see if you can burn the scratched DVD data to a new blank disc.

WinX DVD Copy Pro features reading and copying DVD sector-by-sector. When copying scratched DVDs, it will try best to recover bad sectors in your scratched disc, if can't, it will jump those bad sectors and smoothly copying your entire DVD with no freezes. Need to mention that this will lose some data when meeting those bad sectors in disc, but you can keep the most content of your scratched DVD.

Bypass DVD Protections and Jump Bad Sectors

For your information, WinX DVD Copy Pro provides 9 DVD copy modes. Aside from cloning DVD to DVD, you can also use this program to 1:1 copy DVD to ISO or Video_TS folder, backup DVD to a single MPEG2 file, copy DVD chapter, extract video or audio only, burn ISO to DVD, mount ISO to create a virtual disc drive.

To burn your scratched DVD to new blank disc, you can first download WinX DVD Copy Pro on your Windows 10/8/7 computer. It's a clean program, and the whole download and installation process only cost a few seconds.

Step 1. Insert DVD and choose "Clone DVD to DVD" mode

Firstly, you can insert the scratched DVD to DVD drive, and run WinX DVD Copy Pro, then click Clone DVD to DVD option on the left column.

Step 2. Select source DVD, target DVD burner and preset temp folder

Next you can select the source DVD, choose the target DVD burner. If you only use one DVD drive, you need to click Browse to choose a computer Temp Folder to store the copied DVD content temporarily. Since the DVD may be 9GB, please make sure that the Temp Folder has 9GB free space.

Copy DVD to DVD on Windows 10

Step 3. Start burning DVD to new rewritable disc

Then you can hit RUN to start the DVD burning process.

If you only have a single DVD drive, then after the DVD data is copied to computer folder, the software will ask you to insert another new rewritable blank DVD disc to the DVD drive. Do it and click Burn button to start burning DVD data to new disc.

Copy DVD to new blank DVD disc with a single DVD drive

If you use two rewritable DVD drives, just click Burn button in the pop up window to directly copy DVD data to the new DVD disc you inserted beforehand.

Copy DVD to new DVD disc with two rewritable drives

As you can see, if your DVD is scratched, it's very hard to recover, or even can't be fixed at all. And even if you use your DVD disc very carefully, the possible scratches are inevitable.

Therefore, it's strongly recommended that you follow the guide above to make a copy, be it a digital copy or physical copy, of your precious DVD disc, in case the DVD is scratched and won't play anymore.

Notice: Not all scratched DVDs can be backed up to computer or new blank DVD disc by using WinX DVD Ripper Platinum or WinX DVD Copy Pro. If your DVD is severely scratched and can't be successfully read by DVD drive, the two programs also can't help you. You may send your scratched DVD disc to commercial disc repair or DVD rental store to see if they can help fixing and repairing the badly scratched DVD. If nothing helps, you may buy a new DVD.

Disclaimer: Digiarty Software does not advocate ripping/copying copy-protected DVDs for any commercial purpose and suggests referring to the DVD copyright laws in your countries before doing so.

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