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What are the Most Anticipated Gadgets of 2013?

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Among the ongoing trend of hundreds of electronic products coming out every day every month, what are the most anticipated gadgets of 2013 or the smartphones worth your buying?

Demands will bring corresponding supplies. So device designers are beating a path to create bumper things to cope with picky consumers. Apple, Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, LG and many other global famous electronics companies will hope to grab the world’s attention on new televisions, phones, and computers and so on. Just in January 2013, Samsung already released its newest product - Galaxy S 2 Plus. Huawei and ZTE in China also desire to crowd in Western market. What else will come to us in the following months? Please just take the following lists of most anticipted 2013 gadgets for reference.

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Top 10 New Gadgets from 2013 CES

Consumer Electronics Show presented us with 55” Super OLED Smart TV produced by Samsung, Blast Chiller by LG, HP Envy 14 Spectre, Sony Xperia S, Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga, Blue Spark Digital, Zik Parrot by Starck, Fujifilm X-Pro 1, Razer Project Fiona, and Blue Spark Digital.

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New Gadget of 2013

Most of them are for the amusement of people, say, playing music, videos and games.

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Best Upcoming Gadgets of 2013

CES opened in January 2013 featured over 3,000 tech companies around the world and unveiled the latest devices and services. Let’s talk about giant companies first. It is expected that Apple Inc. will launch iPad Mini Gen-2, iPhone 5S and iTV, and Samsung to release Galaxy Note 8.0, Galaxy S4, and bla bla bla… The most expected and awaited devices of 2013 are:

Google (&Vuzix): Project Glass

Augmented Reality Glasses coproduced by Google and Vuzix are not only traditional glasses, but also a headset, designed to project a small color image in front of eyes. You can see text messages, emails or map directions through eyes, through the Bluetooth connected to your phone. It runs on Android OS. What would it be like if they have developed into a built-in contact lens and become popular? I cannot help thinking of the scenes in Sci-Fi films frequently, especially in non-human characters.

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Google Project Glass

Microsoft: Xbox 720

After Xbox 360, Microsoft finally decided to put the successor on the stage, which is said to able to support 3D gaming, live TV recording, etc. It will possibly apply T3 and motion detection technology, 8GB RAM and a quad-core processor with augmented reality 3D images on walls. It requires Wi-Fi-enabled 3D glasses, and supports Blu-ray.


Nest is a smart and money-saving house heating device designed by two former Apple employees. This new generation thermostat is able to heat and adjust the temperature of your house based on your habits learned by it automatically even if you are not home.

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Apple: iTV:

Possibly featuring Siri and iSight, Apple iTV will be likely to recognize voice and face and be controlled by iPhone and iPad. We will soon see in person: what the different between Apple TV and Apple iTV?

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Amazon: Phone

Compared with 4K TV, wearable glasses, gadgets for fitness, the mobile phone remains the key controller for all of them. Amazon is going to distribute a cheap but multipurpose revenue-generating device, more than a simply phone.

More Technologies for the Upcoming Gadgets of 2013

2013 is supposed to be a revolutionary year with many inventions and gizmos, with manufactures trying every effort to save the time in everybody's life. Things are becoming smarter and more and more intelligent.

If you don't want to expect too much on hardware, the software will bring different surprises for you. You can take advantages of them to work well with some of the upcoming 2013 gadgets, for example:

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Gadget - A small tool such as a machine that has a particular function, but is often thought of as a novelty. Gadgets are sometimes referred to as gizmos....

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