2019 Travel Guides & Tips on Hanami Sakura Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan

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Hanami Sakura Cherry Blossom Festival Travel Tips

Go ahead to know travel guides & tips on Hanami Sakura Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan.

Everyone cannot help loving the pink and white cherry blossoming trees in Japan to feel the purity and romantic atmosphere. Hanami[1] festival has become popular all over the world, different from National Cherry Blossom Festival[2] in Washington D.C. If you lack sufficient experience in such kind of travelling, please do not hesitate to read the following guides and tips on how to prepare a special and memorable Sakura festival in Japan.

Flower Viewing Tip 1: Do your homework well

Before you take action to view Japanese Cherry trees on vacation, you should have the basic knowledge of the cherry tree travelling, such as the flowering phase, weather and regional distribution. Japan's traditional Sakura Festival formally begins from the end of March to early May, during which the cherry flowers are expected to be in full bloom. This year (2019) however, the bloom period would be earlier and advanced. So just make good timing and seize the chance. Before booking airline ticket, you are suggested to check the weather conditions and changes by referring to cherry blossom (Sakura) weather map in each area.

Flower Viewing Tip 2: Plan a reasonable route

Cherry flowers are to blossom from Kyushu to Shikoku, to Kinki, central Japan, Kanto to Hokkaido, successively from south to north. Please make your own travel plan according to your time and schedule. If you are not allowed to view Cherry blossoms in very region one by one, just choose your favorite one or two by using Google Streetview or online images.

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Flower Viewing Tip 3: Take all necessary supplies with you

Prepare all the travel essentials with you, including emergency food, water, medical kit, cell phone and camera chargers, etc. Sufficient preparation of things may avoid communication problem due to Language barrier and the fact that over-priced charging in tourist attractions.

The Most Important Tip: Back up Hanami Travel Videos

- Don't let your precious memory fade away.

Hanami (Cherry Blossom Festival) is held once a year only, the flowering phase lasting for a very short period. Making a plenty of video recording is indispensable. You are certain to record all the memorable Sakura flower viewing moments in your HD Camcorder; if not, you may have captured those wonderful times with your portable devices like iPad and cell phones. But DO REMEMBER to back up all the cherry blossom videos so that you can share Hanami videos with your family and friends after getting back home. If you preserve the videos properly, you may even recall the memories years later. Then how to back up videos properly in flexible ways?

Method 1: Convert HD Videos of Cherry Blossom Festival

The high definition videos taken by HD camcorders are always in M2TS/MTS formats. Except some powerful audio video playing software such as 5KPlayer, there are seldom players can play M2TS or MOD videos perfectly. But you can make it easier by converting M2TS to (HD) MP4, AVI, WMV, MPEG, MOV, etc. Although there are many programs on the internet that support different kinds of video format conversion, not all are of high quality and complete function.

You might give VideoProc a try. It is a very useful video converter software that supports not only HD and SD video conversion, but also DVD burning. You will have no problem in converting and burning MTS/M2TS videos recorded by your Sony, Canon, JVC or Panasonic HD camcorders.

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Method 2: Free Burn Cherry Blossom Videos (M2TS) to DVD

Burning M2TS video to DVD is a good way to make video backup. You may choose some freeware like WinX DVD Author which supports batch video to DVD burning. It is a good way to prevent data loss. After burning, you may even give the Cherry Blossom video DVD to your friends as precious gifts.

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[1]:Hanami - Japanese traditional custom of enjoying the beauty of cherry blossoms ("sakura") or plum blossoms ("ume") from the end of March to early May...

[2]:National Cherry Blossom Festival - Spring celebration in Washington, D.C., commemorating the March 27, 1912, gift of Japanese cherry trees...

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